Edmonds Fishing Pier could close unless more people mask up

This sign is posted in multiple languages.

The City of Edmonds said Friday that unless more people comply with the state’s mask-wearing directive, it will have no choice but to close the Edmonds Fishing Pier to all visitors.

After receiving reports from concerned residents that few people are wearing face coverings on the fishing pier, the city on Friday launched a week-long outreach campaign to increase the number of masked visitors.

“We have significant concern for the community’s safety,” said Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Angie Feser. “There needs to be a much higher compliance rate of wearing masks while within 6 feet of another person. We see too many people standing too closely together without masks. We know some use the pier for subsistence fishing, so we want to get the word out to everyone in as many languages as possible.”

Starting Friday, visitors will see more signs in more languages that outline the real consequences of no mask: wear a face covering or close the pier. A decision on whether to keep the pier open will be made within the next 10 days.

Edmonds is not the first government organization to consider this. The State of Washington, King County Parks and some cities have closed facilities due to low mask compliance rates.

“We don’t want to have to close the pier,” said Feser. “We know how much people love and use the pier. We need folks to love it enough to mask up when they use it.”


10 Replies to “Edmonds Fishing Pier could close unless more people mask up”

  1. If people are so concerned about getting COVID by going on the fishing pier, maybe they should consider walking on the boardwalk instead Of the pier.


  2. I love the Edmonds Fishing Pier. The views, the possibility of a whale swimming by, staring down through clear water to see anemones and sea stars and moon jellyfish, checking out people’s plastic buckets to see if they were lucky enough to catch something, the convivial atmosphere…

    But I haven’t walked on the pier for months. Too many people too close together, many without face masks. If folks won’t comply with simple (and easy!) public health measures, close the pier down.


  3. Maybe limiting the number of people makes more sense. You’re outside, in a breeze. It seems fairly safe to me.


  4. Right now is some of the best Coho salmon fishing of the year is in front of Edmonds and squid, that usually show up in the the fall are being caught now. Today is the last day of sport crabbing for the summer season and there has been a huge effort on the pier to catch crabs since it opened in July. The fishing pier gives anglers who do not have boats an opportunity to fish. in Puget Sound.


  5. Closing it down hurts many who feed their families with their catch. Would much rather see signs Due to pandemic – PIER RESTRICTED TO Only those fishing. Add a simple illustration for those who cannot read English. But knowing the culture in Edmonds, this would create hissy fits.


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