Edmonds scenics: Friday wildfire sunset and a sunrise view too

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  1. Trying to say this as factually as possible so it isn’t censored.

    Arson appears to be a bigger component of the wildfires


    …than coronavirus is a component of coronavirus deaths:


    There have been three people arrested just in WA for deliberately setting wildfires just here in WA. Jeffrey Acord is suspected of setting two fires just by himself.


    1. According to my reading of your links (quoting story):
      But Acord was arrested and booked on a charge of second-degree reckless burning.
      “Ultimately it was determined is that they had probable cause to believe that gentleman had started that fire,” said Captain Jason Visnaw with Puyallup Police.

      Later in the story, it notes the other crime he is charged with was burglary unrelated to the fire.
      So it was one fire, not two.


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