Lions Club members come through for Edmonds Food Bank

Every year, the Edmonds Lions Club sells raffle tickets for gift certificates donated by local businesses, with all proceeds to benefit the Edmonds Food Bank. That wasn’t possible this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the club put “Plan B” into action: They asked members — and members’ friends and neighbors — to donate food instead.

The resulting donations — totaling 1,062 pounds of food and $575 in cash — were collected Saturday and delivered to the food bank.

Among those helping to unload were new Lions Club members Dave and Karla Sullivan and Tim Briggs. The Sullivans said they live across from the City of Edmonds’ Sierra Park — and decided to join the club after watching Lions Club volunteers doing their monthly maintenance work there.

Edmonds Lions created the Sierra Park Path for the Blind 40 years ago — and those with visual impairments can enjoy paved walking trails and braille signs along the trails identifying trees donated by the Lions Club. The park is owned by the City of Edmonds, and Edmonds Lions work in cooperation with the city to maintain the trails and signs.

Briggs, meanwhile, said he joined the Lions Club so he could participate in regular volunteer opportunities that the club offers.

The three are examples of a younger generation of Lions Club members, and they are thinking about news ways to create volunteer opportunities, said longtime Lions Club member Jim Forgey. Coming soon: A Lions Club GoFundMe page for the food bank. (We’ll provide more information on that as soon as the details are worked out.)

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