Sunset Avenue to reopen to traffic and parking this Friday, Sept. 25

The view from Sunset Avenue, which will reopen to drivers at 7 a.m. Friday, Sept. 25. (File photo by Larry Vogel)

Sunset Avenue — closed to through traffic and parking since mid-April to accommodate social distancing — will return to its previous configuration as of 7 a.m. Friday, Sept. 25, the City of Edmonds said.

At that time on Friday, the barricades and cones used to designate the temporary wider walking pathway and the parking restrictions will be removed — and all of the marked parking that was available prior to April will be restored, the city said.

The variable message board sign will remain for at least two more weeks to remind everyone using Sunset to continue to wear masks and maintain appropriate social distances  — greater than 6 feet — in accordance with current federal, state and county health guidelines

Public Works Director Phil Williams said the city received many positive comments about the temporary expansion of the walkway, about two to one in favor. “People liked the wider pathway and felt more comfortable they could keep separated from other walkers in the larger space,” he said. “Others liked the fact it was quieter and nicer without the traffic noise.” Some citizens also expressed a desire for a permanent closure,  Williams added.

Comments from those who opposed the closure ranged from enjoying Sunset the way it was, to not liking the look of the street barricades and traffic cones, to the feeling that the closure “ruined” the atmosphere on the street, Williams said. Some also said felt sympathy for the adjacent residents because it was an eyesore and compromised their views, he added. Finally, there were concerns expressed about those who aren’t ambulatory and because of the closure were no longer able to drive to Sunset and park there to enjoy the view, Williams said.


3 Replies to “Sunset Avenue to reopen to traffic and parking this Friday, Sept. 25”

  1. I won’t get into the many reasons why I was so vehement in my opposition to the closure.
    I’m just thankful that it’s reopened.


  2. Many of us truly enjoyed the walkable Sunset Ave this summer. It was a huge success for the walking community and those wanting to enjoy the area without the fumes and noise of traffic.
    I’m one person that would fully support a permanent closure to traffic on that portion of Sunset, but at a minimum I am hopeful we’ll be able to do the same thing next summer by offering expanded walking area and restricted traffic and parking.
    Many thanks to the City for the Summer of walking by providing safety. It adds much to our community.


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