Edmonds Housing Commission online open house extended through Oct. 18

The City of Edmonds has extended through Sunday, Oct. 18 an online open house and community survey about its second set of housing ideas.

The open house and survey are part of community outreach by the Edmonds Housing Commission to gather and organize community input on housing policy concepts from zoning to community programs. The deadline has been extended due to unprecedented mailing delays for those to whom postcards and surveys were sent, the city said.

The online open house features videos that highlight ideas for many housing policy topics, including homelessness prevention and affordable housing incentives. It can all be found at: ECHCOpenHouse.com

The commission is scheduled to deliver policy recommendations to the Edmonds City Council in late December. The council will then decide what actions to take on the recommendations.

The city council created and staffed the commission in 2019 to develop diverse housing policy options designed to expand the range of housing available in Edmonds. The mission statement of the commission says housing options will be irrespective of age, gender, race, religious affiliation, physical disability or sexual orientation.

The commission has met 18 times, including online public meetings during the state’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order. For online meetings, the public is invited to provide written comments for the commissioners.

For this round, the commission has arrived at concepts for five policy topics:

  • Homelessness prevention
  • Affordable housing incentives
  • Housing types
  • Housing equity
  • Housing-related programs

The housing commission’s current (round two) policy ideas are still preliminary. After hearing more from the community, the Commissioners will decide whether to keep, revise, or drop the ideas. They will prepare draft recommendations for public input by late this fall.

Results will be available for anyone to review via the Housing Commission webpage. Recommendations could lead new city programs, investments, or code changes. Any and all final actions are up to the City Council.

Learn more about the Citizens Housing Commission here.


4 Replies to “Edmonds Housing Commission online open house extended through Oct. 18”

  1. Apparently someone forgot to update the survey about the extension until Oct 18th. I just got a postcard in Friday’s mail and saw this story that the deadline was extended until Oct 18th and that information is even on the website, “Please share your feedback by Sunday, October 18, 2020. ”
    but when I tried to fill out the survey, below is the response I received.

    This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance.

    And of course there is no link to an “author of this survey”


  2. I contacted one of the Commission members who made appropriate contacts to get the survey back working. Thank you to those who made the corrections, especially on a weekend. If you haven’t taken the survey, be sure to voice your opinions.


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