Edmonds police recognize four officers who responded to Boo Han Market shootings

Courtesy Edmonds Police Department

The Edmonds Police Department posted a special recognition on Facebook Thursday for the four officers who initially arrived at the scene of a triple shooting Sept. 29 at Edmonds’ Boo Han Market — and their efforts to provide immediate care for the victims.

“These four officers bravely ran into the chaos that afternoon and provided critical lifesaving aid through the use of tourniquets, chest seals and well-directed direct pressure,” police said in the Facebook post. “Their response was recognized by one senior fire department member as the ‘best’ treatment of gunshot victims by police that they had seen in 30-years of experience. As a result, all three critical patients were on the way to hospitals in under 10 minutes from the time fire/aid arrived on scene.

“Officer Bobby Peck was the most experienced officer in those initial moments as a four-year veteran and a field trainer,” the post continued. “He was in the midst of training Officer Erick Martinez who was in his 8th week and brought 15 years’ experience as an Emergency Room Tech into this event.

“Officers Rheshaun Strange and Kristian Gonzalez were each working just their 4th shift as solo patrol officers after completing the field-training program. They graduated the academy earlier this year and took a department sponsored Combat First Aid course the day after they graduated.”

“This group is just a sample representation of the present and future service to our community that EPD provides. We will continue to work each day to earn and maintain your trust,” the department said.

A suspect in the case, a 27-year-old Everett man, was taken into police custody the night of the shootings but he has not yet been officially charged, according to the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office.

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  1. Very well deserved recognition; we’re lucky to have courageous and well trained officers like this to help keep us safe. Who are the nut cases that want to defund Police??


    1. Not sure “luck” has much to do with this. I”d say we are “smart” to have these well trained officers to keep us safe because we insist on hiring the “best” and “weeding” out the worst of those who want to protect and serve. I do agree defunding the police is a stupid idea. Hiring the wrong people (by some departments) is the problem; not funding of the police. Of course we need to fund the police, most of whom are great people wanting to do the right thing at all times. Very tough job.


  2. Outstanding! Thank you officers! These officers are the true representation of all the fine men and women in law enforcement who serve in our communities. They represent the 99.9% of who the police truly are.

    Those who hate the police and label them as racist and evil are irrational and they know it. Because the facts, which can be stubborn, prove that these Edmonds officers are who the vast majority of law enforcement officers are. It’s past time we all think rationally about law enforcement. These men and women live and work in our communities and put their lives on the line each and every day. They deserve our respect and appreciation for what they do, not the denigration that is so common these days.
    Blue Lives Matter!


  3. Those cops didn’t prevent this crime, they responded to it.
    Most cops don’t live in the communities they police.
    The police should be partially defunded and that money redirected to crisis intervention teams, and social services.
    In this country it is way too easy to get a gun.
    I am very glad the police provided first aid. I’ve been in way too many situations where the cops refused to provide first aid.
    We were in the neighborhood that day; we could tell they weren’t going to a traffic accident.
    I wish that young man would have seeked crisis counselling.
    I wish that young man did not have such easy access to guns.
    A horrific tragedy that could have been prevented.


  4. Bill, great ideas there. Edmonds can’t be the first to do all that, obviously. Can you please provide some city that did all this so we can have a model of those great ideas?


  5. FIRST, a big shout out for those responding officers. They are a credit to their community and to their leaders, former Chief Al Compaan and current acting Chief Jim Lawless. (Way past time to confirm Jim Lawless).

    Defunding police is a terrible idea. No crisis team of mental health folks are going to show up if they are going to be in physical danger. Wishing does not make crisis threats to public safety go away. Police must deal with the threat first and either neutralize the threat or, hopefully, arrest the person(s) causing the threat to public safety.


  6. Thanks to some really good police hiring and management practices, I think Edmonds is already on the cutting edge of how policing should be done in general. Edmonds does not have the issues that major cities like Seattle and Portland have. There the police are so busy trying to control the crazy people on both ends of the political spectrum that their attempts to become better as organizations are pretty much futile both because of time constraints due to social unrest and push back by the powerful police unions (and no, I’m not anti union; they might have some good leaders who could help).

    The crazy defunding meme from the Left is not helpful at all in this and is just more gasoline on the flames. The same is true of sending federal troops or unidentified federal agents into the fray – just more gasoline. As long as we accept chaos, we will have chaos in those urban centers. We need to identify the people on both sides of the politics who are willing to work together and get them in positions of power. The blame game has never worked and never will but we just can’t give it up to all our detriment.


  7. thank you for the efforts of these professions, however, mr phipps comments are just plain insipid and reflect the perverse anti police attitutes of blm.


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