Edmonds School District, Verdant to present series about mental health during COVID-19

In partnership with the Verdant Health Commission, the Edmonds School District will hold four short segments over the next two months aimed at promoting mental health. There will also be a live Zoom discussion on mental health Thursday, Oct. 29 from 6-7 p.m.

Each segment will be 5-10 minutes long and cover various mental health topics and provide helpful resources. Resources are also available on the district website.

A video introducing the series can be viewed here.

All community members are invited to attend. Interpretation in Spanish will be available and district staff will be able to coordinate other languages as needed. Those requiring a translator are encouraged to do so three days in advance. Registration is required here.

11 Replies to “Edmonds School District, Verdant to present series about mental health during COVID-19”

  1. I just got back from Vegas. I walked around thousands of people without a mask for days. Let’s see if I get sick. How long does it take? I can’t seem to get sick even if I try.


  2. Matt, I like you and respect your opinions. I hope you don’t get sick. Unfortunately, people such as Chris Christie have said, in retrospect, they wish they and people around them had worn masks and practiced social distancing.


    1. Dave, think about this. I guess maybe 85% of ppl who get infected wore masks. China wore masks religiously and they werent able to control it. Look at all the countries who are wearing masks. I read that hardly anyone in Sweden is wearing masks. Kamala Harris campaign got CV-19 too. They wear masks.

      The vaccine is not here and if it were it might be more dangerous than CV-19. Winter is coming.


      1. Perhaps the situation would have been even worse in countries if masks hadn’t been worn. There’s no denying that masks are at least helpful around people who are coughing.


        1. Ron, that’s almost “virgins in volcanoes” type argument. It came from China, where mask-wearing is prolific. I don’t think I’ve heard a single cough or sneeze in public in months. Joe Biden, infamously, took his mask off to cough in his hand, then returned the mask to his face.

          Masks are placebo, and I think they cause people to touch their faces more often.


      1. The “there is no downside to wearing masks” argument is the most silly. Do you sleep with one on? If there is not downside to wearing masks, no one would ever take them off. What’s the psychological impact of not seeing faces, especially on kids? Masks almost force mouth-breathing, which there are very significant long-term health affects related to mouth-breathing.


  3. The masks we are using are designed to reduce the infection from someone who is infected. In a surgical setting the medical staff wear masks so an not to “distribute their germs to the patient”. The medical folks in dealing with CV19 wear different kind of protective gear including way different safety methods to protect themselves.

    Matt, I hope you do not get sick but if you do I hope you will tell us so we can stay away from you when we see you on the street. I am guessing you will not be wearing a mask if you are sick but then we will be able to identify you easier so that may be a good thing. Stay well Matt your family needs you!


  4. Chris Christie looks like he got ran over by a Mack Truck. Sounds like his hospital stay wasn’t much fun and he regrets at least not trying the ‘ol wear a mask trick to try to avoid the disease and hospital adventure. I’m with Darrol on this one. I plan to wear a mask and stay out of bars, restaurants and coffee shops as much as possible until I get vaccinated against Covid. Have Purell; probably won’t travel any time soon. To each his own here.


    1. 1 out of 10 workers are getting CV-19 and half of them are asymptomatic.

      WHO estimates that 1 out of 10 civilians have been infected.

      10% and 10%. These numbers are proportional for some reason. I think healthcare workers should start wearing masks.


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