EPIC Poetry Group: Poet’s Corner — Dark Ages Diary, Dowsing, Dendrochronology

Here is the latest installment of Poet’s Corner, presented by the Edmonds-based EPIC Poetry Group


Dark Ages Diary

Burned as a witch again
this time at the grocery store
the clerk saw my purchases drifting
dangerously down the conveyor-belt

Drew the obvious conclusion:

I am Maid of Wood
Gather angelica and licorice
Brew heady concoctions of
sugar and sassafras

They built my pyre in the produce section
between apples and bananas
avocados and garlic
The celery and carrots said nothing

Made no move to save me
I heard the rumblings of voices in the crowd as
the fire began to crackle and hiss

“She was always so strange”

“Getting what’s coming to her”

“She was kind to me”

Impotent words
like the comment section of an internet thread
Ignorant of their own power to
cast a magic spell

Cynthia Hénon

~ ~ ~


The opposite of self-loathing
Is a long hot bath
Steam rising from the surface
Laced with lavender salts and luxury

The body, brushed and oiled slips in
Transformed  by heat and water
Into something prehistoric
The innocence of earth’s first life

And doubts are scrubbed away by pumice stone
Diluted, destroyed, and down the drain
As a new self emerges
Baptized by soap suds, anointed with love

Cynthia Hénon

~ ~ ~ ~


It’s in the element of wood
Where secrets lie
Amid a solemn congregation of roots and tubers

I imagine myself a tree trunk
Cut wholly asunder by the rings of Saturn
Revealing wreaths of experience

I stood connected, fed by the light
Slow and deliberate in the wind
Exhaling the sweet breath of life

My hair falls in a crown of rose gold and silver
Autumn of life, the harvest
A bounty not to be measured in bushels and pecks

The garland of mysteries need not uncoil
But must be embraced, compassioned, held close
Carefully unearthed from the silent soil

It’s not how long we live nor what we accomplish
It is how tall we stand as ourselves
How we drop our seeds tenderly into the pond
Sending out ripples of concentric circles neverending

Cynthia Hénon

~ ~ ~ ~

Cynthia Hénon is a poet, yoga teacher, and full time Mama. She proudly participates in the monthly EPIC Poetry Group and her work can be found in their anthology, Soundings of the Salish Sea. She lives with her family in beautiful Edmonds.


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