Letter to the editor: Enjoy downtown Edmonds — even in winter

Dear Editor,

As I venture downtown on these beautiful fall days, I am again grateful for the creativity and hard work the restaurant and other business owners have done to keep Edmonds vibrant and bustling.

As Winter approaches, we can continue to enjoy downtown if we gear up and get outside for a healthful and invigorating fresh air experience. Think of outdoor seating, umbrellas, patio heaters and the soft evening lighting beckoning us to linger outdoors.

My husband and I visited Copenhagen a few years ago. Snow was softly falling and the citizenry were walking, cycling and driving as though it were a lovely spring day. I was struck by how healthy and vigorous they appeared as they embraced winter.

As restaurants continue to offer outdoor and careful indoor dining, let’s pay them back and continue our support. Hopefully, they will survive and we’ll retain our sanity.

In Germany, winter is a time to enjoy hot mulled wine at the sidewalk cafes. As Ina Garten might say,”What’s not to like about that?” Maybe our watering holes can compete for the best winter beverage.

So grab a hat, puffy coat, gloves, boots and continue to enjoy our most precious town as winter approaches.

In friendship,
Sandy Olson

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    1. Exactly right. The book store, garden store, wine store, housewares store, paper goods store, arts store, kitchen store, toy store and bakery are pretty unique businesses that totally need our support; just as much or more than the restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. I bought a housewarming gift for very special friends at the garden store a few years ago and it is one of their prized possessions now. Just can’t beat buying something from friends and giving it to friends. It’s a story a well as a gift.


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