Oct. 15: Five Corners/Chase Lake neighborhood Zoom meeting with Mayor Nelson

Mayor Mike Nelson

Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson is hosting a series of neighborhood meetings, initially via Zoom, to listen to residents, share information about city projects, programs and goals, and deliver updates unique to each Edmonds neighborhood. This first virtual meeting, via Zoom, will be focused on the Five Corners/Chase Lake area and will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 15. The Zoom link is https://zoom.us/j/97991621922.

“I want to listen to what is happening in your neighborhood and share with you the steps we are taking to move our city to a brighter future,” Nelson said. “As your mayor, one of my greatest desires is to connect with you in person. Since March, we haven’t been able to meet, and that’s been really difficult. My hope is that through a regular schedule of neighborhood meetings — initially via Zoom — we will be able to reconnect and get a two-way conversation going again.”

Nelson also said he would like to hold in-person meetings in areas around the city, as soon as it’s possible.

Edmonds neighborhoods on the mayor’s list include:

  • 5 Corners/Chase Lake
  • Highway 99/Ballinger
  • Firdale/Southwest Edmonds
  • Westgate
  • Perrinville/Northwest Edmonds/Olympic View Drive
  • Seaview/Emerald Hills
  • Meadowdale
  • Pine Ridge/Maplewood Park
  • The Bowl/Point Edwards.

While he has not yet determined the order, Nelson said he will connect with every neighborhood via Zoom or in-person when possible.

According to a city announcement, the mayor plans to share “updates and ideas on big-picture issues like COVID, economic recovery, the budget, crime and safety, and equity and social justice.” He will also open the floor to community comments and questions. Department directors may join Nelson to provide updates and information about neighborhood-specific issues.

To get the conversation going, the city is asking residents in the Five Corners/Chase Lake area to submit questions in advance, especially if they may require staff research. Submit questions to Public Information Officer Jamie Holter at Jamie.holter@edmondswa.gov.

While neighborhood meetings are designed to connect with specific neighborhoods, residents from across Edmonds are welcome to attend any of the meetings, the announcement said.

All neighborhood meeting information – including Zoom links – will be listed on the city’s Communications page at www.edmondswa.gov/communications.

6 Replies to “Oct. 15: Five Corners/Chase Lake neighborhood Zoom meeting with Mayor Nelson”

  1. Walking along 84th Avenue heading south from 5 corners is quite hazardous in a number of places, with no sidewalks and very little if any shoulder in some areas. Traffic can come dangerously close In these sections. Is there any plans to add sidewalks, or improve the safety for walkers in that area?


  2. Thank you for your question Sue. We will share that with our public works department and have an answer at the community meeting.


  3. When will the Housing Commissioners hold Zoom meetings for our neighborhoods? I understand there’s a deadline coming up for information to the City.


  4. Echoing what Sue said, on 80th heading south walking, very narrow sidewalks..
    and also walking Easbound on 218th from 84th to 76th….very few sidewalks. Especially bad is the section from 84th to 76th on 218th…one has to go off onto the grass, yard, ditch…whatever to get out of the way of oncoming traffic. (Most motorist are considerate and move over to the other lane) which is also dangerous for them.

    But…Public Works did an excellent job of re-surfacing our street!


  5. The City plans to offer some neighborhood zoom meetings in late November. We will provide notice, once this gets worked out. Meanwhile, people from all neighborhoods have been welcome to participate in citywide zoom meetings.


  6. Kudos to Mayor Mike for this possible good start to putting the city on the road to representation by district or neighborhood instead of, or in addition to, at large. I Invision a district meeting with fellow neighbor council person, routinely, before the weekly full council meetings.


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