Scene in Edmonds: Salmon are back

Members of the Students Saving Salmon Club from Edmonds-Woodway High School started their annual fall surveys along Shell Creek for salmon last weekend.

Acording to club advisor Joe Scordino, students observed three salmon last weekend and four salmon so far this weekend. Salmon predators (such as raccons and river otters) are also aware of returning salmon as evidenced by one salmon skin and tail left behind Saturday by a predator, Scordino said.

Students will be continuing their weekend surveys through December in order to get spawning data on both coho and chum salmon that return to Shell and Lunds Gulch Creeks each year. The public is asked to report salmon sightings to

Students Saving Salmon will be presenting their annual report on stream monitoring since 2015 and their salmon stewardship activities during the Tuesday, Oct. 20 Edmonds City Council meeting.

8 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: Salmon are back”

  1. This is an amazing program for students! Between doing stream work and their volunteering at Willow Creek Hatchery, the are definitely proving to be our earth stewards in the future. Good job!


    1. Thank you, Joe for your continued dedication to this program, our students and educating many on environmental concerns facing our City. The Annual report Is once again informative and helpful in providing us the status of our streams and Marsh.


      1. Well put Diane. The Salish Sea and it’s tributaries are a local and regional treasure and this teacher and his students are local heroes who deserve great recognition by influential people like yourself. Thanks to all of you.


  2. You keep on giving hope to these curious students, Joe!
    I wonder if the salmon are smiling too. Lucky all of us.


  3. Kudos to these students. The younger generation is, once again, volunteering their time, talent and energy toward the important, and urgent, issues of our times. This baby boomer is thankful.


  4. Joe Scordino, the students and their teachers, and the salmon are making life much more hopeful during these stressful times. Thanks to all of you for your dedication and hard work!


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