Edmonds Restaurant News: It’s time to double down and support local eateries

Kathy Passage

OK local restaurant supporters: It’s time for us to double down. I don’t mean in the gambling sense, although that is apropos to the situation. I’m talking about beefing up your ensemble of outerwear! Don at least two extra down layers to keep toes — and tush — warm and toasty in the coming weeks, as Gov. Jay Inslee’s latest orders require restaurants limit customers to outside dining or takeout only.

The City of Edmonds is taking a closer look at regulations governing the heating of outdoor dining spaces, so what are we — the diners — left with, one asks?  Warmer “outdoor dining attire.”For those who like to shop, it’s an exciting opportunity to stock up on the latest styles of silk and thermal long johns, wool socks, and perhaps a pair of UGG boots?

All humor side, our local restaurants need our support now more than ever. So order up on takeout meals, and consider gift cards from our local eateries as holiday gifts.

For their part, local venues are doing as much as they can to offer warm(er) spaces for outdoor dining, and since summer “streatery” structures have sprouted all over Edmonds.

FIVE offers curbside takeout

Undercover dining was spotted at Barkada on 5th Avenue South; Five Bistro invites diners into the warm covered patio at Westgate, and Salish Sea Brewing on Dayton has plans to expand into a few more parking spots.

(Publisher’s note: My Edmonds News is in the process of updating its list of restaurants that are open during this takeout/outdoor dining phase, so expect to see that soon.)

Restaurant News has noticed something else too: The support within the local community of restaurant owners and staff for each other — the friendship among people who spend a lot of time in their own kitchens offering patronage to others in the same field.

Steven Ono (of Ono Poke) posts regularly about his visits to many local eateries. Members of the team at Feed Me Hospitality have been spotted at other places, like Noodle Hut. Jeff Barnett, owner of Salish Sea, takes his family out to have breakfast at Claire’s Pantry, and Salish Sea beers are frequently on tap at many eateries in our area. These are just a few examples — and I am in awe of the camaraderie, not competition, that exists here.

Changes to those Nov. 26 dining reservations:

Turkey dinner available for takeout at Scott’s Bar and Grill.

Folks who were fortunate (and felt safe enough) to secure Thanksgiving dining reservations at the few spots that were taking indoor dining reservations are faced with a change to takeout options. I checked in with the locations that were accepting bookings on Nov. 26, to gather information on how to proceed.

Claire’s Pantry: The place that many locals count on for their annual Thanksgiving tradition, has shared updated menus for Thanksgiving Day dinners-  www.clairespantry.com

One can see the full menu on the website and order through there, or call 425-776-2333.

Claire’s takeout hours: Monday-closed; Tuesday and Wednesday — 10 a.m.-2 p.m; Thursday and Friday 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Sunday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

The Keg in Lynnwood: phone calls went unanswered, but the following comment appeared on their website:

“On Thursday, Nov. 26, enjoy our delicious 3-course Thanksgiving dinner with your choice of salad to start, traditional turkey entree, and finish with our Pumpkin Drizzled Cheesecake.

Thanksgiving takeout orders can be placed from Nov. 19-26. You can see the menu here.

Scott’s Bar and Grill

The website shows four different options for “delivery of the Thanksgiving Meal” and offers their local phone number — 425- 775-2561 as well to confirm your order details.

“From our Chef’s kitchen to yours this Thanksgiving! Serve 4-6 people with our Family Meals with all the sides.Take home family plates with sliced turkey, mashed potatoes, house-made gravy, lemon-scented green beans & carrots, chicken apple & sage sausage stuffing, cranberry & orange compote, and a pumpkin pie. Please order by 11/20/20.”

For other takeout-only options mentioned earlier — including Chef Dane Catering and local grocery stores, see our previous story here.

~ ~ ~ ~

New menus, new beverages

Thai by Day, located at Edmonds’ Salish Crossing, announces an update on its whole menu (insert menu) Street Food by Day.

I was excited to place an order for these new dishes. Note: the online menu didn’t list these new items, but staff is happy to take your order via phone.

Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya Salad is a great way to start a meal that contains lots of spices, different textures and varieties of rice, noodles, and assorted proteins. The slightly chewy texture of the long strands of papaya, tender green beans and tomatoes are accented by a tangy tart slightly sweet dressing, served over crisp greens and crowned by a crunchy, soft shell crab.


Takoyaki, an octopus appetizer: the tasty and tender little globes disappeared quickly. Decorated with Thai basil, mayo and savory sauce and topped off with feathery slivers of truffle. I confess I ran a finger through the extra sauce as I grabbed the last one.

Phad Ka Prau

Phad Ka Prau: Basil stir-fried with bell pepper, onion, carrots, mushrooms and green beans. This balanced dish’s colors entertain the eyes; fresh tastes of vegetables tantalize the tongue, and enough rice to pair with every bite. Tender tofu cutlets were our protein choice on this item.

Poo Pongali

Poo Pongali: Stir-fried crab meat contained in creamy yellow Thai  curry, with celery, eggs, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and carrots. Colorful, crisp, crunchy veggies didn’t overpower the delicate taste of the crab, and jasmine rice was the perfect accompaniment to this dish.

Sun Dried Pork and Sticky Rice

Sun Dried Pork and Sticky Rice: A lean dish, the marinated pork strips are the star attraction, lightly fried and served up with sticky rice and Sriracha sauce.


Khan-Soi: This Burmese-influenced dish is very popular in Northern Thailand. Toppings — crispy egg noodles, red onion and  thin slices of pickled veggies — added interest to the creamy yellow curry dish. We chose chicken with ours, but it would be great with shrimp, beef or tofu.

All of our menu items arrived in perfect order, accompanied by a sweetly decorated container, brimming with statements of “thanks” and shrimp chips, which are free with orders of $35 or more.

Note for parents: Shrimp chips make a wonderful crackling sound when dipped into the dressing of the papaya salad, and charmed our son immensely. He started humming the Rice Crispies song.

Thank you to the folks at Thai by Day, for amazing food and entertainment as well.

Core Hero offers a new dry cider


“Traditional extra dry hard cider is being rediscovered,” notes Steve Kaiser, trend watcher and owner of Edmonds-based Core Hero Hard Cider. “Of my three cider varieties, extra dry has become the most popular choice at the farmers markets I attend.

I touched base with Steve, who said that “so much has happened since we last met. Hard cider sales are down due to the pandemic, mostly because a distributor arrangement fell through.” But he says he’s focused on getting ready for 2021.

One can’t get any more local than the Core Hero Hard Cider: Made from apples grown in Edmonds and on Lopez Island, the product is carried at Lynnwood Whole Foods, and is featured on an end display at QFC on 100th Avenue West in Edmonds. Sprouts Farmer’s Markets is set to add the hard cider to three stores in our area.

Steve notes that savvy foodies are pairing extra dry hard cider with Thanksgiving turkey and other holiday foods. I procured a few bottles and sampled with abandon.

Unlike sugary ciders and some wines, authentic English-style, extra dry hard ciders have no added sugar, negligible residual sugar and are food friendly, thanks to their complex tannins, unique acid profile and earthiness. I enjoyed this lively cider best with foods — it was a great partner with a truffle goat cheese, hearty olive and fig crackers, and I can’t wait to pour a glass next Thursday to enjoy with my turkey dinner.

“Drinkers are pairing food with ciders the same way they do with wines,” said Steve, who adds that it’s part of a national trend that some cider enthusiasts claim started in the Seattle area. According to a May 2019 report by Grand View Research, Millennials drink less alcohol and choose healthier options across various categories, putting cider as one of the preferred drinks. Dry cider contains low sugar and carbs and is considered healthier compared to traditional beers.

“Authentic English style ciders use apple varieties that were originally developed in England during the 1700s,” he said. “I grow such apples as Golden Russet, Dabinett, Foxwhelp, Kingston Black and Yarlington Mill. They are more difficult to grow and less productive but the distinctive flavor makes it worthwhile.”

For more information about Core Hero and where to buy, including online sales, visit CoreHeroHardCider.com.

~ ~ ~ ~

Ways to keep Gallaghers’ Where U Brew going

With the latest restrictions, Gallaghers’ Where U Brew in Harbor Square sent an announcement noting they will “maintain our regular hours and safely offer our craft beers, wines and ciders to the community via curbside service.” They also suggest the following:

1. Allow us to brew a batch for you: Choose from our abundant recipes and call us to order. Then enjoy your relaxation time at home and we will have it bottled and ready for curbside pick up in about two weeks after you place the order.

2. Allow us to fill your growler: Our taps are your essential workers. We will have our rotating selection available from Wednesday to Sunday. Park out front and call for curbside service or wear a mask and pass us your growler at the doorway.

3. Become a Mug Master:  For the $100 Mug Master membership, you receive the regular benefits of the mug club and an upcoming exclusive t-shirt — and, during lockdown,we will be offering $12 growler fills to our beloved Mug Masters

4. Purchase a gift certificate.

Questions? Call 425-776-4209.

~ ~ ~ ~

Sad news: American Brewing closing

American Brewing Company in Edmonds’ Harbor Square business complex is permanently closing its doors after this Saturday, Nov. 21. In a statement posted on Facebook, ABC says: “To show you all how much we’re going to miss you, everything in the store is 50% off through end of business Saturday! That includes the following: Pints on draft, cans of hard seltzer, merchandise (very limited supply), growlers (& growler fills), kegs (full or empty).”

Call 425-774-1717 with questions. “We sincerely hope to see you all before Saturday wraps up!” the announcement said. “Seahawks game will be aired Thursday and there will be a final hurrah on Saturday to send the brewery off with a bang!

— By Kathy Passage

A specialty gourmet food broker for over 30 years, Kathy Passage has in-depth knowledge on food and the special qualities of ingredients used in the exquisite products she helped bring to market. Kathy brings this unique perspective from the “other side of the plate” to writing about the food and restaurant scene in Edmonds, Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.



  1. Thank you for sharing how locals can and need to support local business! It has been said there is no such thing as bad weather – just not enough clothes!
    Remember – this is temporary. The more we do NOW to flatten the COVID curve, the sooner we can be back inside. For now, visit friends and family outside of your home, outside.
    Thanks to all who are already doing this.
    Mask Up and Be Well.

  2. Love the updates to the menu at Thai by Day – thank you for the visual aids and enticing descriptions also 🙂

    When you update the restaurants that remain open, will you please note those that offer in-house delivery so we don’t detract from their bottom line by using delivery services?

  3. I’m a student. As much as I love eating out at Edmonds restaurants, I can’t afford to very often. The best way to support our restaurants, is to make sure Jay Inslee understands that small businesses cannot be turned off and on like light switches, and that it is time he starts to look out for people other than the technocratic corporations our state has become home to. The one study I read that suggests restaurants spread Covid came to this conclusion by correlating increased spending at restaurants with increase Covid cases, and determined that as a result, restaurants are spreading Covid. You can’t make this stuff up. Anyone who has read a single page of a logic textbook, or paid attention in 8th grade science class would know that this is absolute garbage science.

    1. Maybe you should read more than “one study” then. Even an 8th grader knows that defining your knowledge by ignorance “the one study I read”, weakens your case, it doesn’t strengthen it. Ignorance is not a virtue.

      From the CDC Study on this VERY TOPIC, “In this investigation, participants with and without COVID-19 reported generally similar community exposures, with the exception of going to locations with on-site eating and drinking options. Adults with confirmed COVID-19 (case-patients) were approximately twice as likely as were control-participants to have reported dining at a restaurant in the 14 days before becoming ill.”


      Stop being part of the problem.


      1. Jason, her point was restaurants cant just start and stop on a dine. They have fresh food ordered, in inventory etc.. let adults decide if they want to frequent a restaurant, if not.. stay home. P.s. you must bt one of the techys unaffected by the shutdown of businesses haphazardly inslee thinks he can play with like a yo-yo

        1. I have noticed three groups of people who vocally support lockdowns: White collar folks who are making more money working from home. Children aged 14-22 who do not understand how the real world works, and genuinely think we can get out of this by just printing money, or “taxing the rich”, and “blue collar” workers who have no intention of remaining in their blue collar industry, and could care less if their workplace burns to the ground as long as they aren’t stuck in the blaze. Folks like SOME retail workers and service industry workers.

      2. I find it a bit odd that the EPA is now considered a health institute but okay. The first CDC study you link says nothing about restaurants. As for the study linked by CNN and Fortune, I have to ask you a question: If Covid is not a factor in the mind of an individual, would you agree that that individual is also more likely to have no qualms about dining indoors at a restaurant? It is safe to say that such an individual likely will also be having plenty of private gatherings, where there would not be as many precautions as are taken in restaurants.

        I find the notion that because people who dine out being more likely to have Covid evidence that restaurants are spreading covid ridiculous. For this to be the case, dining in a restaurant would have to be the only variable in the study. The negative and positive groups would have to be living identical lifestyles apart from dining in restaurants indoors. Considering how long restaurants have been open, I would argue that people who do not dine outdoors are people being extra precautious with regards to Covid in general. They likely are not leaving their homes for other activities as well. It makes sense that the group who does not dine in restaurants would refrain from other activity perceived as “risky”.

        Implying that this study means restaurants spread Covid is like saying people who are gay tend to not be religious, therefore, not being religious makes you gay.

        Again, that logic textbook would do you good. I appreciate your support Pete, but I am a dude 😛

  4. question; how many of these restaurant owners and respected staff voted for inslee in this last election. there are consequences to elections. this industry is facing a potential of 100,000 jobs to be terminated due to his mandates.

    1. After listening to Mr. Culp during his campaign, I seriously doubt that he could have or would have come up with a better plan to fight the COVID virus, had he been elected governor.

  5. Culp actually won in a landslide. As soon as Rudy G. gets the national fraud situation cleared up, he’s on his way to WA. I say one party rule forever is the answer to everything that’s wrong in America and WA. State. Full disclosure: this is sarcasm. “What we need is less crappy discussion and more cool ideas.” Full disclosure 2: I stole this line from Don A. today and I couldn’t stand to wait to use it too.

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