Sno-King Youth Club reduces staff, asks for community support

Sno-King Youth Club, which has been serving youth through sports in the Edmonds, Lynnwood, Shoreline and Mountlake Terrace communities for 40-plus years, said Monday it will be reducing its staff to address the financial hardship imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The staff of three has been cut to just one, with Executive Director Adam Quaintance remaining.

“Ryan (Camden) and Janelle (Hammer) have been excellent team members, helping continue and improve on the work the staff and leaders before them set for Sno-King Youth Club and FC Edmonds,” Quaintance said. “Their dedication to this club and the youth of the area has exceeded my expectations. I have a strong hope that we can revisit our staffing model after this pandemic ends. In the meantime, we’ll continue to provide as many opportunities as possible within the current (COVID) guidelines.”

Here are two ways you can help the club:

  1. Register for winter sports now. Although the details for Winter Soccer and Flag Football are still evolving, the club needs to have the numbers to form its leagues, pay fees and move ahead. “We acknowledge there is wariness about playing and that extensive safety measures will complicate the normal flow and feel of what we are all used to,” Quaintance said. “A strong early registration showing will help the health of our organization for this winter and beyond.”
  2. Donate and/or sponsor – Cancellation of Sno-King’s spring, summer and most of the fall programs has been a financial hit. Consider donating to keep the organization around for years to come. Sponsorship of teams is a key to the organization’s funding model.  If you want to sponsor your child’s team this winter or think a friend or relatives would be interested, email


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  1. We have an awesome community. Julie K. Keim from Compass Courses Maritime Training in Edmonds reached out with a simple question “Are there any businesses/organization who are having trouble paying their Edmonds Chamber of Commerce membership dues?”

    Earlier that same day Adam from Sno King Youth Club emailed to share that they had to lay off 2 of their 3 staff and could not continue their Chamber membership due to budget constraints. After sharing this information with Julie she quickly agreed to cover their membership dues for the year!

    We love seeing people Pay It Forward and are so encouraged by the big and little ways people are stepping up to help in the hardest of times. Thank you to Compass Courses, Julie and everyone who finds ways to help.


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