Scene in Edmonds: First ‘event’ in the Edmonds Waterfront Center

Janet Young was turning 94 and wanted to celebrate the milestone in the new Edmonds Waterfront Center.

Janet has been a member of the Edmonds Senior Center for nearly three decades. She fondly remembers, with her signature contagious laugh, the room full of friends and family and the dinosaur cake served at her 80th birthday celebration in the old building, the former Edmonds Senior Center.

Plans for the party were made before the pandemic arrived, so the Dec. 2 date seemed more than doable. Fueling her determination to make that date work was her excitement to see the new building where a room on the second floor was named for her and the Young family for their support and financial contribution to the project.

Not to be deterred by social distancing requirements and no access to the elevator (which is waiting on the final elevator inspection), she arrived on the site with her walker, hardhat, construction vest and beaming smile (beneath the mask). The guest list had been reduced to her daughter Joanne and friend Susan.

“Oh my!” was expressed at every turn as she took in the views and fine finishes of the building. “It’s overwhelming. It far exceeds my every expectation,” she said, catching her breath after summiting the three flights of stairs.

The affair featured hardhat centerpieces, cupcakes, coffee, a candle that played happy birthday, many stories, and much laughter. As we left the building, Janet turned to me and (grabbing my arm) said, “This was the best birthday I’ve ever had.” This was high praise, given that she has had 94 of them.

— By Daniel Johnson, CEO
Edmonds Waterfront Center

11 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: First ‘event’ in the Edmonds Waterfront Center”

  1. What a lovely heartwarming story, and Happy Birthday, Janet! Wow – 94 is the new 74! Her smile is infectious and her wise glow of life fills the picture. I can hardly wait till the EWC can open!


    1. I guess it’s o.k. for a man to comment here too. Having just turned 75, so happy to know 94 is the new 74. It’s places like the new center; and people like Ms. Young, Ms. Buckshnis and the other commenters here that make Edmonds such a great place to be. Bless all of you. Clint


  2. Happy Birthday Janet and I love your contagious smile! Keep on “keepin'”. Here is to many, many more. I send to you a Virtual 94th birthday hug!


  3. Happy Birthday Janet. It’s a kind of double birthday: yours and the birth of a great place in Edmonds to celebrate such milestones for generations to come! What a lovely story to brighten our day today.


  4. Happy Birthday, indeed! I can’t wait until more smiles and celebrations can finally happen at the EWC–such a beautiful new community gathering place!


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