Angela Harris named Port of Edmonds Commission president for 2021

Angela Harris

The Edmonds Port Commission unanimously elected its new slate of officers, with Angela Harris selected as new port commission president for 2021, David Preston as commission vice president, and Steve Johnston as commission secretary.

All three assumed their positions on Jan. 1.

Harris has been serving on the commission since January 1, 2018. This will be her first year-long term as commission president.

The five-member Port of Edmonds Commission — elected by voters of the Port District — oversee Executive Director Bob McChesney who leads a staff of 26. Port staff are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Port of Edmonds marina and the Harbor Square Business Complex, as well as other major projects focused on community benefit, environmental stewardship, economic development, and infrastructure maintenance.

A major focus for 2021 and subsequent years will be implementing public access improvement plans. Such upgrades will include safety enhancements and improved lighting on the Portwalk, a popular waterfront walkway.


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  1. Congratulations; Angela. I just learned that you are only the second woman to serve on the Port Commission. Before you, Mary Lou Block served for fourteen year. I wish you a long tenure on the Commission. Your selection as Port Commission President shows that you have earned the trust and respect of your fellow Comissioners. And this was during your fist elected term. Good job Angela.


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