Reminder: Edmonds mayor to host virtual State of City address Jan. 21

Mayor Mike Nelson

All are invited to join Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson for a virtual State of the City address this Thursday, Jan. 21, at 6:30 p.m.

The event will be broadcast via Zoom Webinar at (webinar ID 923 1242 5935 or listen in by phone 1-253-215-8782).

You may also view the broadcast live on one of the following cable channels: Comcast channel 21 or Ziply channel 39.


6 Replies to “Reminder: Edmonds mayor to host virtual State of City address Jan. 21”

  1. I am personally looking forward to this! I hope that we see some definitions of success for the upcoming year with some measurable, quantifiable, and cost based metrics. Let’s look forward to the state of Edmonds & real plans, with real goals, with real metrics, with real budgets, and real expectations that the folks can hold the Administration accountable for. (I know they want to exceed our wildest dreams in success – because their success fiscally and metrics is our success).

    Is the Mayor willing to take questions that are pre-submitted?


  2. Commenting again to keep this at the top of list. I encourage everyone to join in and participate – having active participation is a great way to create unity in the community!


  3. It has been a very rough first year for the Mayor. Not all of it has been his fault, but certainly there has been a lot that was self inflicted. Having the mayor refuse to communicate and perform some of his most basic duties that resulted in the Edmonds Communication Director resign, is a prime example in some of the toxic dysfunction in the Mayor’s office right now.

    I hope that there will be some effort to address a Performance Improvement Plan for the Mayor in his problems with accountability, dishonesty, messaging, and transparency for the Mayor throughout 2021.


    1. Evan, there will be no Performance Improvement Plan for the Mayor for two major reasons. First, there is no provision for any such plan in city code, state law or anywhere else. Second, the Mayor obviously does not see any need for his own improvement because everything has been his constituent’s fault for not perceiving the need for and the rightness of his plans for the city. The man has almost unlimited authority and say over his department heads and a $100,000 blank check for implementing studies and hiring outside help at his whim. Even the appointed City Attorney thinks he works for the Mayor and the Mayor’s agenda based on much of his recent advice. The only control you and I have over any Mayor is at the ballot box. That is how the system works or doesn’t work depending on how you look at it. Accept it or change it; that is the only choice available to us and the Mayor is acutely aware of that fact.



  4. From my experiences in other cities, the only way to hold the mayor accountable is by being the squeaky wheel. That is done by showing up at every council meeting and “squeaking.”

    Written communication can be ignored and I highly doubt he reads MEN, based upon the groupthink about him.

    I was at the meeting on Tuesday night and there was only one public comment? I’m wondering if some people only want to complain “about” him rather than direct confrontation? There were plenty of people willing to talk about Lawless in previous council meetings. Where are those people now?

    Has there been any public protests near the mayor’s office? Just curious about what is being done other than comments on MEN or recall efforts? Both of those seem to be ineffective.


    1. I drove around the block and honked my horn. I would do it every week but unsure there is anybody there. I wouldn’t do it at homes as some protesters have done in recent memory. That goes to far. I would ask the mayor some questions but have my doubts of being chosen or responded to.


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