Edmonds police conducting traffic safety emphasis now through Feb. 7

Edmonds police are conducting both education and enforcement during a traffic safety emphasis now through Feb. 7, with a focus on areas of vehicle-vs.-pedestrian collisions on 2020.

The emphasis will also include well-known problem areas such as the Highway 99 and Highway 104 corridors and a five-block radius of 5th Avenue and Main Street, police said.

In 2020, Edmonds police investigated 18 incidents involving vehicles and pedestrians/bicyclists, with 14 of those in the first four months of the year. A large number of these occurred when vehicles were in or exiting parking lots, and pedestrians/bicyclists were crossing the exit. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or serious injuries in any of the incidents, police said.

“We know there are many other areas that are of concern to our community,” Edmonds police spokesperson Josh McClure said. “We are starting here with a focus on education and making our roads safer.”

On Sunday, Jan. 24, officers issued 16 tickets and gave 17 warnings in the downtown emphasis area, McClure said.

5 Replies to “Edmonds police conducting traffic safety emphasis now through Feb. 7”

  1. I wholly agree with this! Thank you Edmonds Police. It is very frustrating to drive, even during COVID, as pedestrians walk or jog into traffic because someone is on the sidewalk. Please have focus on 3rd by City Park and on Walnut Street near 5th. Keep up the great work!!


    1. I agree that bicyclists need to obey all traffic laws but starting October 1st bicyclists are allowed to treat stop signs as yield signs.


  2. I have never seen or heard of bicyclists being ticketed for anything. They always blow thru stop signs here. Always. 28 years of always.
    I don’t care. But maybe they want to arrest all the little children who ride their bikes in our cul d sacs. They ride around in circles. UP and down…Again I don’t care, although if a car roars around a stop signless corner..and they do…those kids will be smashed. In our neighborhood we all watch out for them. If we are in our front yards. I tell them when they are too close to that corner and or stop sign. I tell them why too. I tell them…people can be careless…they might accidentally hit you and your bike. I let them turn around in my driveway…they know now its cool.
    Older adult ‍♂️ should know the rules. I believe the rule is stop like everone else…I have seen them drive right down the middle of their lane…to hold up traffic…Now why do you suppose this is?
    Is it because they want a bike lane everywhere?
    Do they pay for a license?
    Is it because, they only ride bicycles and would prefer that for everyone? Therfore another form of protest. A quite dangerous form.


  3. Good for you. At last!
    It should be emphasized to walkers and drivers to make eye contact. Often we drivers see dog walkers or small groups standing almost on the curb. Then all of a sudden they step into the street. No prior indication that they intend to do so. Also at the round a bout on fifth and main drivers will follow one car and then the next two don’t stop or look, they don’t seem to know it is a four way stop. I see this happen daily.
    Another thing is please remind walkers that when they wear dark clothing at night especially in the rain it is very hard to see them.


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