Snohomish County drive-through vaccination clinics now open; shots going to highest-priority patients

Vaccination site at Paine Field. (Photos courtesy Snohomish Health District)

Three drive-through vaccination clinics are now open in South Snohomish County – at Paine Field in Everett, Edmonds College and the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe. Those in the highest-priority group (Group 1a, which includes health care workers, certain first responders, and workers and residents of long-term care facilities) can now make reservations to receive their first dose of coronavirus vaccine at these locations.

To help identify your priority group, the Washington Department of Health has created the “find your phase” online tool, which will ask a few short questions to determine if you are eligible now.  If you are not in the first priority group, you have the option to leave your email and/or phone number to receive an email or text informing you when you become eligible.

A patient receives a shot.

Once you become eligible, it’s easy to schedule your first shot. Just visit to set up the time and place of your appointment.

While no firm date has been set, officials anticipate advancing to the next priority group – phase 1b1, all those 70-plus years and those 50-plus years who live in multi-generational households –  by the end of this month.

The following diagram shows the various phases and who is included in each:

According to current guidelines, people arriving for their first shot need to bring photo ID, insurance information and documentation of eligibility for the current phase in the form of a voucher or employment verification.

At the site, patients will get complete information on the type of COVID vaccine being administered (at this time it is the Moderna vaccine only), and about when to receive the second dose.  After receiving the shot, patients will be required to stay on site for at least 15 minutes, in case they experience immediate side effects.

Additional details are available at the Snohomish Count COVID Vaccine Information page.

The Snohomish Health District has plans for additional vaccine clinics, but locations are still being finalized.

— By Larry Vogel


7 Replies to “Snohomish County drive-through vaccination clinics now open; shots going to highest-priority patients”

  1. To all: We have had many people post here reuesting appointments or asking to confirm appointments already made. That communication needs to be directed to the health district at the links provided in the story.
    –Thanks, Teresa


  2. I’m watching the Salt & Iron folks basically building a new restaurant outside on the parking lot. Part of me is sad because they are doing whatever it takes to stay open, even participating in the theater of all this. Another part of me imagines that they imagine that they are saving lives. Honest question here: If it’s relatively possible that just one person gets infected at your restaurant and dies, is it worth saying open at all? – let alone construct a shanty on the parking lot to feed people in? I’d close my business if it were a reasonable chance it would kill someone.


    1. If your afraid of virus then take care of yourself and stay away. From places you don’t feel safe.. We are all responsible for our own safety. Its a choice, a right of Americans to freedom. Most people aren’t being careless they are trying to survive. Im 66 and I feel safe being responsible for me.


  3. Yes, I is getting worse. Yet…it appears many just don’t care about anyone but themselves.
    Still not masked…still walking with masks with those they clearly don’t live with.
    I want that vaccine age dropped to 65. Medicare age. NOW. 70 WHY 70….I HAVE asthma, HBP, Previous pneumonia, I am 68. My husband will at 68 qualify as he has criteria THEY chose. So he will be vaccinated and not me…seems wrong and dangerous to me.
    Conettecut is 65. Checking on other places today.


    1. Are you opposed to people eating together at restaurants. Can’t eat and wear a mask. Meanwhile some states are advising people wear masks even in their own house. Other states (like New York super ironically) are calling for the opening of the economy.


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