Snohomish County to remain in Phase 1 of state recovery plan next week

Based on new regional data published by the Washington State Department of Health, Snohomish County will remain in Phase 1 for the week begin Jan. 18.

That’s the word from the Snohomish County Health District, which said in a Friday announcement that the Puget Sound Region continues to meet three of the four criteria laid out in the Healthy Washington: Roadmap to Recovery announced by Gov. Jay Inslee. The reported metrics for the Puget Sound Region published Jan. 15 are as follows:

– A region must have a 10 percent or greater decrease in the rate of COVID cases per 100,000 population in most recent 14-day period measured compared to the prior 14-day period. The Puget Sound Region had a 13% decrease from Dec. 20 through Jan. 2 compared to Dec. 6 through Dec. 19, meeting the target.
– There must be a 10% or greater decrease in the rate of new COVID hospital admission rates per 100,000 in most recent 14-day period measured compared to the prior 14-day period. The Puget Sound Region had a 3% decrease from Dec. 27 through Jan. 9 compared to Dec. 13 through Dec. 26, which does not meet the target.
– Test positivity should be less than 10% for the most recent seven-day period measured. The Puget Sound Region had a 7% test positivity for Dec. 20 through Dec. 26, which does meet the target.
– Total ICU occupancy within a region must be less than 90% for the most recent seven-day period measured. The Puget Sound Region continued to meet this metric with 85% occupancy for Jan. 3 through Jan. 9.

The DOH compiles updated data by region every Friday. Regions that meet all four criteria above are eligible to move to Phase 2 on the following Monday. The Snohomish Health District will publish an updated snapshot on Tuesday with data comparisons specific to Snohomish County.

The DOH and data dashboards will continue to be available online. Additional data regarding the new criteria for the Roadmap to Recovery will be provided separately for the near term. The risk assessment dashboards will be revised in the future, but there should be no break in the availability of COVID-19 data, the Snohomish Health District said.

10 Replies to “Snohomish County to remain in Phase 1 of state recovery plan next week”

  1. I have been working everyday, inside, outside, without a mask, shaking hands, and in contact with 100’s of people daily. I ask everyone of them, “Do you know anyone who’s sick?” The answer every time is “No, how about you?”. I say nope and we shake our heads. People have absolutely lost their minds over this. Globally this has affected less than one half of one percent of the population. Thats .0048. I’m smart enough to think for myself. Are you? They are not defining what a “case” is or where that data comes from.


  2. With these stringent requirements, we may never qualify in the governor’s mind. All 10 WA stste areas are in the same boat, nowhere near qualifying for the nearly impossible phase 2. Simply put, We have an out of control governor, literally a control freak, blocking our recovery.

    The vaccine is produced as demand requires. The governor is preventing the demand, so even when he gets his foot off our throat with his difficult or impossible requirements there will then be a shortage of the life saving vaccine. The vaccine will not be produced without a real demand for it. And what if the Covid variants require a new or modified vaccine, what then?

    If only this governor would get out of the way will we have a chance at being able to get control of this covid19.

    God help us.


    1. Reactions to the miracle jab are killing people. This is not a life saving vaccine. It does not prevent you from getting it, and it does not prevent you from spreading it. It is only supposed to make your symptoms less severe. The core of this is HIV 1 and it was produced in a lab. HIV took an anti-viral to get that under control. It’s time to acknowledge these facts.


      1. Joe, the reason folks are getting censored is because many are mis-stating information as fact. You stating “the core of this is HIV 1” is an excellent example:

        The “core” of the vaccines now available is not HIV 1. There is a spike protein in vaccines that one company decided to modified with amino acids derived from an HIV protein; they used this modified protein in their vaccine. While their vaccine showed antibody production against covid 19 in trial participants, some participants also produced antibodies to HIV. These people went on to have positive HIV test results; further testing proved that these positive HIV test results were false. Emphasis on “false”. That vaccine trial has been discontinued.


        1. The core, and one of the 3 main components of Sars covid 2 virus is HIV 1. It has been scientifically proven several times to be in this virus. That proves it was made in a lab. I was not referring to the vaccine. These are not my opinions. These are facts.


    1. This is from the same article you liked in:

      “Though this study’s approach did not determine any significant benefits to implementing mandatory lockdowns, others have shown that lockdowns have saved millions of lives.

      A study published by researchers at Imperial College London in June found that some 3.1 million deaths had been averted due to lockdowns across Europe early on in the pandemic, Reuters reported. Additional research found that 530 million coronavirus infections had been avoided due to early lockdowns in China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, France and the United States, according to the news outlet.

      Selective news I guess.


  3. All I know is California has the strictest Covid rules, (locked down now) and the most Covid.
    I think we would be better to get rid of the masks and wear gloves…


  4. Our first amendment rights are being squashed right before our eyes. Even by this little publication. If you have a conservative viewpoint, you will be censored. Or at the very least, “Awaiting Moderation”.


  5. I never bought into the idea that the crisis was played up to tarnish the Orange Buffoon but seeing Cuomo flip flop on lockdowns, seeing Democratic governors do their best to blame Trump for not providing enough vaccines while struggling to use the ones they have, and seeing how convinced people are that Biden will somehow change things is making me think, that at least in the United States, politics may have played a part in how decisions were made.


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