Snohomish County Vaccine Taskforce opens new indoor mass vaccination site

Inside the newly-opened Everett Activity Center vaccination site, launched by the Snohomish County Vaccination Task Force in partnership with Boeing. (Photos courtesy Boeing/Snohomish County Vaccination Taskforce)

A new indoor mass vaccination site opened at the Boeing Everett Activity Center Wednesday. It is the first indoor site to open as part of the Snohomish County Vaccine Taskforce efforts.

Like the drive-thru locations, the site — at 6400 36th Ave. W. in Everett — is by appointment only for those who are eligible under the current phase of vaccination. Information on who is eligible and links to register are available at under the “COVID-19 Vaccine” button. Those with limited or no internet access, or who need language support, can call the COVID-19 call center at 425-339-5278.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to expand access to COVID vaccines for people who live and work in Snohomish County,” said Shawn Frederick, administrative officer for the Snohomish Health District. “It will take a tremendous amount of work to vaccinate everyone in our community who wants to be vaccinated. Our ability to get it done is greatly improved by partners like Boeing. The Snohomish County Vaccine Taskforce looks forward to more opportunities to work with industry leaders in our community on safe, efficient access to vaccination.”

The Moderna vaccine is being administered at the Boeing site by nurses with the Seattle Visiting Nurse Association. Exact capacity for the site will vary based on vaccine supply. With enough supply, the location is capable of doing approximately 10,000 shots per week.

“The pandemic has had a profound effect on every facet of life for people locally and around the world, and we must all work together to fight COVID-19,” said Stan Deal, president and chief executive officer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “Boeing is pleased to partner with the Snohomish County Vaccine Taskforce on this important effort. We are also in discussions with state and county health officials in other locations where Boeing has facilities to see if there are additional ways for us to assist with vaccinations.”

Faread Khalili receives the COVID-19 vaccine at the Everett Activity Center vaccination site.

Operations at the former Paine Field location have been suspended and resources reallocated to the Boeing Activity Center. People who received their first dose at the Paine Field site will have their second dose appointment at the Boeing site.

Planning continues for additional mass vaccination sites in the county. The timeline for opening more locations largely depends upon vaccine supply, but plans are underway for at least seven sites total. These would be located in different areas to serve as much of the population as possible, and details on locations will be announced as they are ready to begin vaccinating.

Since the first mass vaccination site opened on Jan. 6, more than 21,700 vaccinations have been completed at those sites. Countywide, as of Jan. 31, more than 53,700 people have received at least one dose of vaccine, and more than 8,400 have completed both doses. Vaccine numbers are updated weekly on Tuesdays at

“One of the major reasons we have been able to stand up our mass vaccination sites so quickly is because of the partnerships we have across Snohomish County and the willingness of businesses to lend a hand to save lives,” said Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers. “We are grateful for The Boeing Company’s partnership and continued support for the community and region by offering to host a max vaccination site. We know that tens of thousands of residents will be able to get their vaccine because Boeing stepped forward to help.”

The taskforce also is moving forward with mobile vaccination clinics. EMS staff with the Snohomish County Fire Taskforce this week began administering vaccines at adult family homes. On Monday, they vaccinated 88 staff and residents at 16 adult family homes as well as 203 staff and residents with the Everett Housing Authority. By the end of the week, they plan to administer vaccines at 35 more adult family homes and to vaccinate approximately 200 more residents at Everett Housing Authority properties. Coordination is ongoing to provide mobile clinics for underserved and historically marginalized communities, as well.

From the health district announcement:

Vaccine supply is still limited, and the number of people in Snohomish County who are eligible and eager to get vaccinated far exceeds the number of doses currently available. Appointments have been booking up rapidly. While more will be added as vaccine is available, we are not able to schedule far in advance until we have a steadier supply of vaccine.

Information on which vaccine is administered at each location is noted online with the registration links. Patients should save the vaccination card they are given when they receive their first dose, and it’s a good idea to take a photo on their phone in case the card is lost or damaged. They should receive two doses of Moderna vaccine about 28 days apart. The second dose should be as close to the recommended interval as possible, but may be up to six weeks after the first. Even if the second dose is delayed somewhat beyond that, the first dose does not need to be repeated.

Even after being vaccinated, people should continue to wear a mask in shared spaces, avoid large gatherings, stay home if they feel ill, wash their hands, and clean and sanitize surfaces. It is important to keep up with preventive measures while work continues to vaccinate more people.

The taskforce brings together public health, emergency management, law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services, human services, transit, public works, and other partners within Snohomish County.

  1. Continued good news. Being ready for the influx of vaccines, when they come is the first step. Glad to see the table being set!

    1. Why don’t we know of this? Trying for more than a month to get an appointment anywhere. Why is Snohomish county so far behind King and Pierce counties?

  2. I followed the link you provided in your article for registering at the vaccination site at Boeing Activity Center in Everett. The link took me to the all-too-familiar Snohomish County page where the county vaccination sites are listed – and there was NOT any listing for this new site in Everett. Needless to say, there’s no vaccine available at any of the sites that do appear on Snohomish County’s list. I used Google in an effort to track down a link that would take me to this new site vaccination at Boeing, but every link I could find led to a dead-end. If anyone knows of a link that actually permits registration at this new location, would you please make it public?

    1. its the typical response we get from our agencies of responsibilities.
      the people we put in charge to figure these things out and place competent people in charge never fail us in dropping the ball and place the blame somewhere else.
      all this done as they speak in their appointed diplomatic political speech languages.
      i get so tired of it.
      maybe that’s because i stay up late worrying about how i can take care of my wife and family while wasting my time chasing someone else’s tail.
      all that being done as the majority of those we entrusted with the solving of these solutions go home after their 8 hours of strenuous work making excuses and passing on the tasks to someone else under their LEADERSHIP.
      Wasn’t done this way in the past, but the future looks anything but NORMAL.
      Just watch as the ENABLING of our lives becomes a even wider of the
      I’m not afraid of dying, Ive accepted that as inevitable.
      Its just frustrating to know everyday it seems to become more and more do to our chosen REPRESENTATIVES
      Those we trusted to and who gave an oath to serve US WHO DO NOT HAVE ” THAT HONOR”
      of serving others.

  3. Accessing these appointments is a daily grind of 2 – 3 hours of work online as well as disconnected phone calls after 1 – 2 hours on hold. I have yet been able to secure appointments for either myself or my spouse. The SVNA sites have had no appointment listings that I have found for over 10 days. The other sites in SnoCo through the DOH website also produce no available appointments. Someone, somewhere in SnoCo Public Health needs to set up a wait list process via a phone call that does not disconnect you. Other states are doing this – I do not understand why WA State cannot do the same. Instead, one must depend on knowing someone connected to knowledge of when appointment “dumps” will happen, word of mouth from friends and family, or giving greater than $ 10,000 to a healthcare organization in order to be able to access the vaccine appointment. I have also discovered that on some days, Apple Safari does not work for the search process and on other days Bing, Edge, and Microsoft Explorer do not work.

    1. If you have a regular medical doctor, they could expedite an appointment for a covid vaccine. Pharmacies are also giving the vaccines. and presumably, if you have a reoccurring prescription, they could set an appointment for you at your local pharmacy too. To get my appointment, I paid my med bill over the phone, then asked to be forwarded to get my appointed reservation for covid vaccines. Currently, they are waiting for another batch of the vaccine. On a good list Jilllryan

  4. Calling seemed a good idea, so we just tried it. After about 45 minutes on hold, a woman finally answered the phone. She said no appointments were available at the public sites, but she could refer us to a private clinic that had some vaccine, though she didn’t name this clinic. The catch was that this private clinic would take only those over 70, and my husband is 69.75 years old. So, no dice. She advised us to be patient and keep trying. And keep trying. And keep trying. And keep trying.

  5. the site and the phone number are no help.
    We tried both, over and over.
    I wish they wouldn’t make these grand announcements , when they know they don’t have the vaccine nor the staff to support their site or their phone lines.

    1. Thank you for the post & link! It is all pure luck and I was able to get my 91 y/o father in law an appointment for today at 1:30 because of your info!! Feeling bless … ❤️

      1. You are so welcome, I contacted everyone in my circle who is eligible and they all were able to get appointments at Arlington Airport.

  6. The site for Snohomish is a waste of time, and made more difficult to use than it needs to be. The SVNA sites have had no appointments open for weeks and if something appears for the fairgrounds, it is already full. There is no link for Boeing. Someone, in SnoCo Public Health needs to set up a wait list process via a phone call that does not disconnect you. Other states are doing this, why not WA? knowledge of when appointments “dump” is word of mouth from friends, or giving greater than $ 10,000 to a healthcare organization in order to be able to access the vaccine appointment. Asked my Dr. and they can not help. Checked all pharmacies in the area and all say no vaccine. This seems a hap-hazard approach and unfair for seniors trying to work the overcomplicated system. Please fix this!

  7. The Arlington Airport site had dates for appointments for the last three days on the Snohomish Co. vaccine site. It says that they release dates and times around 2pm. Got our appointments yesterday for the afternoon. More dates were released for today. I kept the site open on my computer and refreshed it when I thought about it and there they were. Persistence pays.

  8. Me and my husband are 68 and 69. We have no way to get to shots, so we decided we can’t get them. They need to come up with coming to homes with shut in’s. Not all seniors can go out to get them. I have Type 1 diabetes, Asthma, and high blood pressure.
    Thank you

  9. My husband and I live in Lago De Plata Villa. It’s a place where 55 and older people can buy a trailer house and retire. My husband has lung problems in which he’s on oxygen 24/7, he’s also is low on iron so he gets infusions, and he’s type 2 diabetic. It’s hard for him to walk. Now me. I’m high blood pressure ( and trying to find this vaccine sure doesn’t help that) I also have Asthma. I don’t understand why we can’t have help like other retirement homes. the only difference we live in our own trailer in a park. I’m sure our managers would be okay with someone from Snoh. Health Department coming in to offer us older and sick people the vaccine. Thank you

  10. Kathryn Arvidson to Connie, I know how you feel. We just live in a rental Home, so we do not live in a park. If only they could hire people to help, and go to homes to give shots, because like I said above, some of us seniors are shut ins, and can’t get out. We just don’t have a way to get there to get the shots, so we have to do without. We can’t even get our blood test and other things, and doctors visits. I have Type1 diabetes, Asthma, High blood pressure, and I can’t walk, My husband has health issues also. We live in Everett WA.
    Prayers to you both
    I pray someone hears us, because we want our shots also. Thank you

  11. No one really answers these post… they???? I have sent two, and I get no response. Now the teachers, and others are going forward to get theirs. Which I feel is very much needed, but I still have not been able to get mine, or my husband. We are 68, and 69. I know I said I have no way to get to our shots, but I did ask about if there is a way for someone to come to homes of those of us that are shut ins, but I got no answers. Someone else asked the same question. Are we that are shut ins not cared about???? Does that mean we cannot get our shots????

    1. Hi Kathryn — we can’t address vaccine questions here. I hope you are addressing them to the health district.

      1. I have asked the health dept, Twice and CDC Twice. Im getting no answers anywhere. I even wrote the Governor, and got nothing. If you ask me this is not getting run very well. Im about ready to give up. I guess us over 65 people are not very important. Especially Shut in’s.

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