What’s open for takeout, delivery, inside and outside dining in Edmonds: Updated Feb. 10, 2021

With the move to phase 2 and 25% indoor dining capacity, we’ve updated our list of Edmonds-area restaurants to include what’s open for indoor, outdoor, takeout and delivery options. This directory also lives permanently our Restaurant page here, if you want to bookmark it.

5 Corners Teriyaki 8410 Main St. 425-774-5775 Takeout
85 Degree Bakery 22611 76th Ave. W. 425-670-3085 Takeout
Anthony’s Restaurant and Beach Café 456 Admiral Way 425-771-4400 Outdoor dining, takeout, curbside pickup, and UberEats
Arnie’s  300 Admiral Way 425-771-5688 Dine-in, curbside pickup, and third party delivery
Bar Dojo 8404 Bowdoin Way 425-967-7267 Dine-in by reservation, takeout, and DoorDash
Barkada 622 5th Ave. N. 425-670-2222 Dine-in, takeout, and restaurant delivery
Bistro 76 18401 76th Ave. W. 425-776-3616 Dine-in, takeout, and regular catering services
Boiling Point 22001 Highway 99 425-673-7101 Takeout by phone
Brigid’s Bottle Shop 188 Sunset Ave 425-582-8218 In-store pickup and shopping
Bucatini 9818 Edmonds Way 425-361-1487 Takeout and third party delivery
Café Ladro 8403 Main St. 425-670-1790 Drive up window, walk-in counter for take out
Café Louvre 210 5th Ave. 425-64–8188 Limited seating dine-in, takeout, and Grubhub
Calypso 109 Main St. 425-678-0652 Dine-in, takeout, and curbside pickup
Canarino Gelato 203 5th Ave. 425-243-9635 Open regular hours for takeout
Caravan Kebab 9711 Firdale Ave. 206-546-7999 Dine-in and takeout
Casa Oaxaca 8402 Bowdoin Way 425-678-8307 Takeout and restaurant delivery
Channel Marker 120 W. Dayton #1 425-275-9590 Serving inside and outside in a tent as well as takeout
Chanterelle 316 Main St. 425-774-0650 Dine-in, outdoor seating, takeout, and third party delivery
Cheesemonger’s Table 203 5th Ave. S. 425-640-8949 Takeout, curbside pickup, and online ordering
Chef Dane Catering 19515 44th Ave. W., Lynnwood 206-794-0812 Takeout by phone, restaurant delivery service, and online order
Chopsticks 23025 100th Ave. W. 425-776-1196 Dine-in, takeout, and cocktails to go
Church Key Pub 109 4th Ave. N. 425-835-0230 Dine-in, takeout, and in-store delivery
Claire’s Restaurant 301 Main St. 425-776-2332 Dine-in and takeout
Demetris Woodstone Taverna 101 Main St. 425-744-9999 Dine-in, pickup, third party delivery, outdoor seating (weather permitting)
Dick’s Drive In 21910 Hwy 99 425-775-4243 Takeout and Doordash
Dong Ting Chun 22001 Hwy 99 425-616-5616 Dine-in, takeout, pickup via online ordering, and third party delivery
Dumpling Generation 23830 Hwy 99 425-678-0806 Dine-in and pickup via online ordering
Edmonds Bakery 418 Main St. 425-778-6811 Takeout, call-in orders, and curbside pickup
Engel’s Pub 113 5th Ave. S. 425-778-2900 Indoor and outdoor seating and takeout
Epulo 190 Sunset Ave. 425-678-8680 Indoor and outdoor seating and takeout
Fat Pig Barbeque 7533 Olympic View Dr 425-361-7640 Takeout by phone and third party delivery
Fire and the Feast 526 Main St. 425-967-3272 Takeout, indoor and outdoor dining, and online ordering
Five Bistro 650 Edmonds Way 435-563-7177 Dine-in, takeout, and patio dining
Furi Chinese 546 5th Ave S 425-673-9933 Takeout and restaurant delivery
Gallagher’s Where you Brew 180 W. Dayton 425-776-4209 DIne-in and ordering via phone and online
Girardi’s Osteria 504 5th Ave 425-673-5278 Dine-in, takeout, DoorDash, and outdoor dining
Gravity Bar 610 5th Ave S 425-678-6180 Takeout
Hamburger Harry’s  610 5th Ave S 425-776-6666 Dine-in, outdoor dining, takeout, and curbside pickup
The Hook 18521 76th Ave W 425-673-0551 Dine-in, outdoor seating, and takeout
Hosoonyi Korean BBQ 23830 Hwy 99 425-775-8196 Dine-in, takeout, UberEats, and DoorDash
Ivar’s seafood bar 9910 Edmonds Way 425-672-2640 Dine-in, outdoor decks open, online ordering, takeout, and delivery
Jaiiya Cafe 10032 Edmonds Way, Ste 101 425-678-0269 Dine-in, takeout, curbside pickup and some outdoor seating available
Johnny’s Wok 19626 76th Ave. W. 425-775-3313 Dine-in, takeout, restaurant and third party delivery
Kafe Neo 21108 Hwy 99 425-672-3476 Dine-in, takeout, and third party delivery
Kebella’s Pizza 630 Edmonds Way 425-744-0284 Dine-in, takeout via phone and online ordering, third party delivery
Kelnero 545 Main St. 425-967-5697 Takeout and outdoor dining
Las Brisas 201 5th Ave. 425-672-5050 Dine-in, outdoor dining, and takeout
Leftcraft 519 Main St. 425-582-8661 Takeout, delivery and indoor and outdoor dining
Maize & Barley 525 Main St. 425-835-0868 Indoor and outdoor seating and takeout
Manna Teriyaki 23805 Hwy 99 425-672-9555 Takeout by phone and third party delivery
The Market 508 Main St. 425-967-5329 Takeout and heated patio dining
Mel and Mia’s  7530 Olympic View Dr. 425-361-7044 Outdoor dining, takeout, and Grubhub
Milkie Milkie Korean desserts 23830 Hwy 99 425-361-7696 Takeout, UberEats, and DoorDash
Noodle Hut 8418 Bowdoin Way 425-423-7718 Takeout/pickup
Ono Poke 10016 Edmonds Way 425-361-7064 Takeout, curbside pickup, and outdoor seating
Pagliacci 10200 Edmonds Way 206-726-1717 Takeout and restaurant delivery
Pancake Haus 530 5th Ave S 425-771-2545 Dine-in and takeout via ChowNow app
Panera Bread 7929 Ballinger Way 425-640-2025 Dine-in, takeout, curbside pickup, restaurant delivery, and drive-thru available
PCC Edmonds 9803 Edmonds Way 425-275-9036 Grocery delivery; senior shopping hours 7-8 am; in-store self-serve stations and seating areas closed; Instacart as curbside pickup service
PNW Catering 8401 Main St., Edmonds 206-367-0619 Walkup/to go meals available at tents
Portofino 1306 Olympic View Dr 425-771-4788 Curbside takeout and restaurant delivery
Scotty’s Food Truck Calvary Chapel parking lot located at 8330 212th St. S.W. 206-795-1615 Takeout
Red Twig 117 5th Ave. S. 425-771-1200 Indoor and outdoor seating, takeout, curbside pickup, and restaurant delivery
Revelations Frozen Yogurt 527 Main St. 425-744-6012 Takeout and online ordering
Romeo’s Restaurant 21110 76th Ave. W. 425-771-7955 Takeout, restaurant delivery, and online ordering
Rory’s  105 Main St. 425-778-3433 Indoor and outdoor dining and takeout
Rusty Pelican 107 5th Ave. N. 425-582-8250 DIne-in, takeout and curbside pickup
Sahm Gook Jih 21619 Hwy 99 425-771-9888 Takeout
Salish Sea Brewery 518 Dayton St. 425-582-8474 Indoor and outdoor dining, takeout via phone ordering, and curbside pickup
Salt and Iron 321 Main St. 425-361-1112 Indoor and outdoor seating, online ordering, and curbside pickup
San Kai Sushi 111 4th Ave N 425-412-3417 Dine-in, takeout, and restaurant delivery
Santa Fe Mexican 423 Main St. 425-245-7916 Dine-in, curbside pickup, online ordering, and restaurant delivery
Savvy Thai Cuisine 22611 76th Ave. W. 425-775-2141 Dine-in and takeout
Scott’s Bar & Grill 8115 Ballinger Way 425-775-2561 Dine-in via reservation, takeout, and third party delivery
Scratch Distillery 190 Sunset Ave. 425-673-7046 Indoor and outdoor dining, takeout via phone ordering, and curbside pickup
Seattle Deli (Banh Mi) 22618 Hwy 99 425-776-1788 Takeout and third party delivery
Spud Fish and Chips 174 Sunset Way 425-678-0984 Dine-in, pickup and third party delivery by online ordering
Starbucks 220th and Hwy 99 21920 Hwy 99 425-775-4286 Dine-in and takeout
Starbucks Main St 502 Main Street 425-778-6093 Dine-in and takeout
Starbucks Westgate 9801 Edmonds Way 425-670-2616 Drive up window service and takeout
SuRa Korean BBQ 19226 Hwy 99 425-771-2502 Dine-in, takeout, and third party delivery
Subway 7600 196th St. S.W. (425) 771-1127 Takeout and third party delivery
Sushi Moto 22618 Hwy 99 425-673-5477 Dine-in only till 2, takeout, and DoorDash
T&T Seafood 225511 Hwy 99 425-776-3832 Dine-in, takeout, and third party delivery
Taki Tiki 518 Main St. 425-778-3548 Outdoor dining, takeout, and UberEats
Tapioca Express 22315 Hwy 99 425-774-6764 Takeout and third party delivery
Taste Rice Noodle 22315 Hwy 99 425-697-2250 Dine-in, takeout, and third party delivery
Savvy Thai Cuisine 22611 76th Ave. W. 425-775-2141 Dine-in and takeout
Teriyaki Way 23632 Hwy 99 425-672-3378 Takeout
Thai By Day 182 Sunset Ave. 425-967-7181 Takeout, curbside pickup, and third party delivery, outdoor dining in greenhouse pods.
Thai Cottage 417 Main St. 425-774-2222 Dine-in, takeout, and DoorDash
Than Brothers Pho 22618 Hwy 99 425-744-0212 Dine-in, takeout, and UberEats
The Loft 515 Main St. 425-640-5000 Indoor and outdoor dining and takeout via phone or online
Top Pot 150 Sunset 425-582-2579 Takeout, drive-thru window, and third party delivery
Toshi’s Teriyaki 311 Main St. 425-670-8122 Takeout, DoorDash, and Postmates
Traditional Korean Beef Soup 22929 Hwy 99 425-977-2929 Dine-in and takeout
Venice Pizza Pasta 9695 Firdale Ave. 206-533-1280 Takeout and restaurant delivery
Walnut Coffee 410 Walnut St. 425-774-5962 Takeout
Waterfront Café (Eatery) 300 Admiral Way 425-743-9590 Open for takeout with abbreviated hours; call to order or visit walkup window
Waterfront Coffee Company 101 Main St., Edmonds 425-670-1400 Takeout
Wonton Noodle House 22315 Hwy 99 425-775-8628 Dine-in and takeout
Zeeks Pizza 4309 196th St. S.W. 425-893-8646 Outdoor dining, takeout, restaurant and third party delivery
Zuri’s Donutz 7600 196th St. S.W. 425-582-8803 Takeout and third party delivery


Please leave corrections/additions in the comments below and we will do our best to update in a timely manner.


  1. I ordered delivery from Furi Chinese. Not long thereafter some person or persons used my card number for hundreds of dollars worth of Uber rides and gas in San Francisco. Furi was the only non-familiar use of my card for several months, so although the food was excellent and I in no way blame the staff, I don’t trust their security.

  2. Robyn I don’t think its fair to blame Furi Chinese when you don’t know who did this. Furi, like many restaurants, is struggling to survive the pandemic. I have used there delivery service many times over the past year and have not had any trouble. The food and quality of service are excellent.

  3. Doug, I clearly said I don’t blame the staff, and I also said that the food was excellent. However, I do doubt the restaurant’s security since that was the only “new” use of my card for months. Every other transaction was with a long-term and trusted supplier. Perhaps this was a one-off lapse. I hope so, and wish them well while encouraging them to be more cautious with credit card numbers.

    1. There was a recent mass information breach in various local utilities’ billing partners. If you are on an autopay schedule with one of them your information could have been grabbed there.

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