Public invited to help city develop new Edmonds Climate Action Plan

The City of Edmonds is inviting residents to join its work to develop a new Climate Action Plan for Edmonds.

The plan “would identify strategies that make sense for our community,” Development Director Shane Hope said in an email.

“We do know that the vast majority of scientists have concluded that our world’s climate is changing and that the change is largely caused by people’s activities (pollution, environmental degradation, huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, etc.,” Hope said. “Escalating climate changes will affect everyone, including the people of Edmonds. For example, Puget Sound waters will rise and may necessitate changes to nearby buildings, parks, and infrastructure. Average increases in temperature will change which animal and plant species can thrive and which we will lose. Many more likely changes are documented in other materials.

“Local residents, business owners, and local government can do things that make a difference,” Hope continued. “Of course, by ourselves, we cannot resolve the global problem—but we can do our part, while others take on their parts. That way, we create real solutions.”

Here are some ways that you can participate in development of the Edmonds Cliimate Action Plan:

  • Attend a virtual Climate workshop on March 25, 2021  Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM

            Zoom Meeting ID:   856 5719 7159
            Call-in Number:      +1 (253) 215-8782
            Passcode:               100007


  1. “But , we can do our part, while others take on their parts. That way, we create real solutions.” Small heads up; the USA is already and have been “doing our part” for decades. Until China, India, all of Africa, most of South America and S.E. Asia start doing “their part”, nothing we might do to alter how we live will change anything. “Virtue signaling ” and telling me how to live and enjoy my life is a meaningless intrusion upon my liberty. If you want to save the environment go talk to the real offenders and despoilers and convince them that they must ” get with the program. Good luck.

    1. I would like some real information on what Edmonds wants to do as it’s part with climate issues. Anyone here who can just give me some examples…the ones that effect our homes, finances. Which are options? Which are requirements by law? Thank you.
      Can’t play the g ame quickly and efficiently without the rules.

  2. Thank you Jay..well said.
    Don’t believe this feel-good exercise that will no doubt result in more government intrusion is the answer to a meaningful solution. The counties identified are the problem, not the US and certainly not little ole’ Edmonds.

  3. I agree with jay and Helen. Little edmonds let alone the state of WA will never be able to counter act anything China and developing nations do to negatively impact the planet. Just a serious waste of money.

  4. I believe individual efforts DO matter. They become family efforts, then community efforts, then regional efforts, etc. A muscular American response to the issue of climate change could change our future forever.

  5. I agree with Jay, Helen, and Nick. The little things we can do also help. But why do I feel like over-regulation is coming down the pipeline by bureaucrats and politicians?

    I think we have other issues that are more important to address such as getting kids back in the classroom, homeless off the streets, drug addicts into treatment, and those with mental health issues into an accredited hospital. These problems are sitting right in front of us. If we don’t act soon, Seattle’s problems will expand onto our doorstep.

  6. An important part about planning for climate change is not just doing a small part to reduce our impact, but plan for contingencies from the impact of it.

    Specifically we should be looking at Sea Level Rise, and analyzing how it will impact building planning. This is important for flood planning as well. The NOAA Sea level map has an incredibly detailed interactive tool for checking out sea level rises at different heights for anywhere in the world.

    There are a number of potential projects that should take this into account in planning. Specifically the potential waterfront hotels and the development at Point Wells. If we know about important factors for planning now, there is no reason for us to be caught unaware and have to address massive costly flooding in the future.

    1. Climate change is real and sea levels are rising why would Obama buy a $16 million estate at Sea level on Martha’s Vineyard?

  7. Lots of comments about what others are doing or not doing. NYTimes ran a recent story about China’s efforts; carbon neutral by 2050. I think International agreement will likely soon start linking trade tariffs to carbon emissions. I would want to be on the money making side of this issue and have our country be a leader in these new ground breaking technologies.

  8. We, the people of the U S ,and Edmonds, are a part of the problem .
    Do you drive a gasoline powered car? Do you heat your homes with natural gas ? Of so, then you are a part of the problem.
    We need to decarbonize our transportation and our buildings’ heating systems.
    Those are the two most important things we can do.
    We need to stop mining all coal in the US…shut down all coal plants.
    We should not be exporting liquefied natural gas . We should stop fracking technologies in search for natural gas.
    We should not be mining tar sands oil. We must stop the Line three pipeline that would be used to transport tar sands oil.
    We must start building smart electrical grids, massive battery storage capabilities and massive solar and wind farms; for our electricity generation
    This is an urgent and emergency situation.
    The forest fires will continue to get worse, the hurricanes are going to get worse, the droughts , the sea level rise and Ocean acidification. All are going to get worse because of the “lag time” ; that is the amont of CO2 and methane that we have ALREADY pumped into the atmospher, that remains there for 20 -30 years ..
    One thing that should immediately be done is that Edmonds should stop all new natural gas hookups to all new building/home construction in Edmonds.
    The City of Edmonds should only buy electric cars and trucks for its transportation fleet.
    The time is now.
    The hurricanes and forest fires are not going to wait for your plans.
    Thank you.

    1. Hurricanes have been relatively low. Under-growth management (policy) is why the west had fires while the east coast hasn’t. The easiest environment affect people in Edmonds can have is to forgo all the cats and dogs which are extremely terrible on the environment. I see very little residential solar panels. What’s stopping us from installing solar? What’s keeps us farming all these unnecessary comfort animals?


    Since satellite altimeter measurements starting in 1993, Global Sea Level rise has been consistently measured to be rising across the globe. Physical measurements have shown an increase in sea levels since 1910. Global Sea Levels currently is measured at an increase 3.3mm +/-0.4mm per year, 30% higher than the rate in 1992.

    Consider the accuracy of military grade GPS if you doubt the accuracy of those measurements.

    Whatever your views or knowledge of the situation is, that is just basic measured facts. It would be an unnecessary waste for Edmonds to not sufficiently prepare for what we already know is happening now.

    1. Evan, that time period you’re referencing, since the 90s, is geologically insignificant. The planet’s historical normal sea level change is extremely extreme. Wear a seat belt before listening to Randal Carlson.

  10. In this wonderful, free country, every individual can voluntarily ban all forms of energy, transportation and even pets in their lives. They just can’t ban them for everyone. As it should be.

  11. Man, from 12,000 year old ‘sky weapons’ to planes hidden in the Egyptian pyramids. I have not seen a video that went that far down the conspiracy theories hole in awhile. That dude was all over the place.

    Whether this period is “geologically insignificant” is not really the issue. We have data that shows increased flooding in specific areas in Edmonds. There is no reason why we should not adequately plan for that.

    Globally, Nationally, and Locally there are steps that can be taken to reduce environmental degradation. I am more of a fan of focusing locally, on say reducing waste runoff into our streams to improve our drinking water and the health of the wildlife in our community. There are common sense steps that we can take for immediate and long term benefits, and there really is no reason why we should not take them.

    1. It’s long-form discussion. It’s fascinating that the Sphinx is thousands of years older then the pyramids, and the reasons we know is because of extreme flooding sea-level change. Geologists look at things in the long view, where climatologists see to focus on the 2nd Industrial Revolution onward.

      If you want the basic facts, here’s a geological history of sea level:

      Also note, it’s more likely than not that the the *article was iceless* 8k years ago:

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