Reminder: U.S. Rep. Jayapal to address legislative priorities during March 30 Edmonds Rotary meeting

U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal

U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal will speak remotely to the Edmonds Rotary Club and participate in a live Q&A session at 1 p.m. Tuesday, March 30. 

Jayapal represents the 8th Congressional District, which includes most of Seattle along with Edmonds, Shoreline, Vashon Island, Lake Forest Park and parts of Burien and Normandy Park.

The event is open to the public. Contact Edmonds Rotary at for a Zoom invitation/ID.

A former Washington State Senator, Jayapal was recently re-elected to Congress for a third term. She is a lifelong organizer for immigrant, civil, worker and human rights. 

In 2016, Jayapal became the first South Asian American woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. At age 16, she came to the U.S. alone, and today she is one of 14 immigrants serving in Congress.

As the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Jayapal is the lead sponsor of the Medicare for All Act, the College for All Act, the Housing is a Human Right Act, and the Roadmap to Freedom immigration resolution. She currently serves on the Judiciary, Budget, and Education and Labor committees. She lives in West Seattle with her husband Steve.



  1. I used to think being represented by “Baghdad” Jim McDermott was about as bad as it could get. Then the Freeattle voters elect this hard line socialist bent on killing America as designed by the founders and our Constitution. Jayapal is an existential threat to our liberty and should not be re-elected in 2022, but sadly, she will probably be in D.C. for decades.

    1. I’ve been to Rep. Jayapal’s Town Hall’s and in my opinion she is one of many good people in Congress today, whatever label you feel the need to give her, she is a fighter for what is right and fair for the people.

    2. When I was teaching English I used to insist that students back up opinions with facts and examples, avoid name calling, and avoid broad assertions. Most 7th Graders got the idea and learned how to frame logical, convincing arguments to “prove” their points.

    1. Anyone who is a capitalist is also a Socialist. Capitalism doesn’t work without the socialist roads, schools, and police that allow it to function.

      The key is how much socialism is needed. If you pick zero. than our economy would not function, if you pick 100%, than innovation and personal freedoms would suffer. The whole Socialism smear is a waste in what could otherwise be an informative and substantive discussion.

      You can’t just take Socialism as a whole and expect it to be bad. Even a small amount of review would find that to be false. I know that many major media opinion personalities portray socialism as a overall bad thing without analyzing the specifics since it is easier to paint a broad brush, but that misses the most important issues in the discussion.

      1. Thank goodness! A rational remark. Thanks you. Buzz words and blanket assertions do not further sensible discussion.

      2. Roads are a leading cause of death and pollution. The US spends more per capita than any other country on K-12 Education and has 2nd world education standards. Police? I like them but 2020 just called and wants the 2019 democrat’s 2019 opinion on police back. The 2008 bank bailouts were my favorite form of socialism (FDIC/TARP), socialized losses. That’s not’s capitalism. It’s socialism.

  2. Research her bio before you espouse her deeds. Her campaign was largely fiunded by George Sorors and has become one his many sycophants. Clearly someone that the current Edmonds leadership looks to for advancing there left-wing agenda. Scary times! Bruce Green

  3. There are a lot of positive and negative aspects to Jayapal, this speech and Q&A is a good chance to dig into the most important aspects for our area. She definitely is a very smart person and has asked some excellent questions in committees.

    Here is what I would like to ask her:

    Nationwide the defund movement has led to a massive increase in murders. Right now, Seattle is going through a large crime increase largely due to the lax prosecuting attorney policies as well as the reduced financial and political support for the police department. Well qualified and trained police officers have been leaving the SPD in large numbers due to the hostile city council, and the citizens of Seattle have been suffering because of that.

    You stated that in a July 16th interview that “It is completely reasonable for us to shift significant resources from law enforcement and investing in people.” In general many of the reform ideas are well intentioned, but most of the defund ideas are unproven and hypothetical, while the affects of a reduced police presence and the subsequent increases in crime and murders are well documented and known.

    If the reforms were researched and proven out without a reduction in police forces until their affects were known, that would allow for reform ideas to be reviewed without unnecessarily killing people through the increased crime from a reduced police force in the process.

    How would you plan to balance reforms, while making sure that your representatives are not being unnecessarily harmed or killed in the process? If the cuts to the police dept. in Seattle start to cause an increase in crime and murders, what steps will you take to protect the people of your distract?

    1. Why try to reason with a person of her ideology ? Everything she stands for is wrapped around collectivism. Better to vote her out and hopefully end up with someone who, at least, does not hate America as designed.

      1. There is no point in trying to reason with anyone who espouses an extreme ideology of any stripe. “America as designed” in the historical sense was a bastion of freedom for relatively wealthy men only who owned land. Slaves, Native Americans, Indentured Servants and Women in general need not apply as they would not be accepted as citizens with full rights and privileges. If that’s the” America as designed” that someone wants us to go back to, personally I’ll pass on it.

        As far as the founders designing a country ideologically opposed to “Collectivism” or Socialism, that would have been a neat trick, since those concepts of governance weren’t even conceptualized until the late 1800’s. The “ism” that the founders were revolting against, was Colonialism and, to a great extent, Royalty and the divine right of Kings in the area of laws and taxation.

        As the civil war and today’s extreme political polarization would indicate, we have never really decided what America is from the ideological viewpoint. It’s definitely a place where people from other cultures see a chance to succeed and prosper. Other than the native people we took the land from, we are all immigrants of some sort based on ancestry.

  4. My hope is our elected folks “try” to represent all those in their district. This also goes for local elected folks. Nathaniel’s point about backing up one’s arguments with fast is so important. But the facts for an argument should not be cherry picked to “prove” a position advanced. By using all the facts on an issue we would get better solutions.
    On two occasions I tried to respond to a “survey” she sent but the link would not allow me to make added inputs. One survey was about the notion of $15/hr minimum wage. I was trying to show her that in Edmonds (part of her district) $15/hr is too low and would not provide income sufficient for some to live here. I was trying to suggest other less costly ways of increase income for working people and her survey would not allow any input.

    On another issue, Medicare for All, I tried to responds to ask if her position on MFA included the provider side of health care. My point to her was many providers will not provide necessary treatments and accept the Medicare payment for same. All the facts should be considered for issues not just one folks would like to hear.

    Good Government starts with identifying what is the problem(s) we are trying to solve and then crafting ideas from all stakeholders to create workable, measurable, adjustable solutions that will address the problem. Communications from our elected should seek to gather All viewpoints, facts, and ideas should be considered before just trying to “sell” a single viewpoint. The facts I have suggest my congress person does not want to gather my input before making a decision.

  5. But you’ve got it all wrong! If we went back to “America as designed,” all the gun people would be using flintlocks, so there’s be far fewer people shot. We’d rely on horses for our fastest transportation, thus eliminating exhaust pollution (and supporting hay-gowning farmers); and we’d get rid of 37 states, which would solve the Southern problem and give California back to Spain – so a whole lot of other problems gone.

    America as designed! No Facebook, no junk mail, Philly as capitol, and no selfies (unless you got a mirror and knew how to paint).

    Sounds good, don’t you think?

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