‘Black in Edmonds: After the Verdict’ roundtable discussion set for April 24

The next segment of Black in Edmonds will focus on what’s happened in Edmonds since the death of George Floyd in May 2020 sparked worldwide protests.

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted Tuesday of murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s death.

Edmonds resident Alicia Crank will moderate the virtual discussion, with the following panelists announced:

  • Micah Tolbert: Edmonds College student
  • Mike Schindler: CEO, Operation Military Family
  • Adam Cornell: Snohomish County Prosecutor
  • Mark Davis: civil engineer
  • Darnesha Weary: owner, Black Coffee Northwest
  • Dedie Davis: wedding and event planner, City of Edmonds Equity Task Force member
  • Sally Guzmán, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, Edmonds School District

Zoom registration is limited. The event will also be live-streamed on the Alicia In Edmonds Facebook page.


    1. It’s the same basically. Sad…neither of these deaths were necessary. That is quite clear.
      However, Texas is Texas and Minneapolis is Minneapolis… Dallas, although being more blue then most of the state except Austin of course and Houston some. The rest think differently.
      I had a friend who worked in the private boxes during the big 6 week I think Rodeo inside the ARENA.
      She took me there one afternoon to get a look at the place while it was closed. As we walked thru the parking lot we (who are both white) had a black woman approaching to go the other way. I said hello and smiled. She nodded and put her head down..looked afraid. My friend and I continued and my friend told me that the reason for this was if the people who run that place see her talking to a white person she could lose her job. Apparently they felt she would be overstepping her boundaries.
      I will never forget this. I felt so bad for her, I felt bad I didn’t know how racist Houston could be. You see I lived here. My friend left Texas a few years after that.
      My point. Racists are racist. There is no logic to it I can find.

  1. Really looking forward to this. Lots to discuss. I will watch from afar. Thanks for arranging this. Deb

  2. The issue of race was never brought up at the Floyd trial? Was it? Did I miss that part? Was the officer’s views on other races ever questioned? Yes, I ask a lot of questions. Do you know why? Because the answers matter and it’s obvious nobody else cares. We’re learning nothing but division and hatred. Thanks for nothing, media.

  3. The officer exercised his 5th. Amendment Right to refuse to testify on the grounds he might possibly incriminate himself. Hence, none of his views about anything were directly questioned, which was his preference apparently. He also had the right to wave the 5th. and testify if he wanted his views in the matter known.

    The officer’s lawyers claimed that Mr. Floyd’s drug use and extreme agitation gave him super human strength which caused the officer to have to restrain him in the manner which he did because the officer thought his life was in danger and he also felt intimidated by the crowd of bystanders. The jury thought it looked more like a murder than self defense. Case closed. Any racial inferences can only be just that – inferences. We can assume some sort of racial bias here; but we can’t prove it based on this trial. The trial did seem to prove an extreme indifference to whether Mr. Floyd lived or died on the part of the officers involved, for whatever reason. The broader question is, as a society, do we want to be policed by people who seem to be indifferent to human life in general? If there is a racial bias aspect too, so much the worse, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. No we don’t. So we won’t. This needs to be discussed.
      What I love about this paper is they give no opinion. They give us a format for concerns, opinions, ideas etc. So we should just ignore the AP for awile as they too are somewhat drunk with power. We can here in Edmonds talk to each other, all colors no subject off limits. Together we decide, we figure it out and we will show how wonderful and powerful diversity really is. I’m in…

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