City council April 6 set to discuss Walkable Main Street, grocery workers’ hazard pay

The relaunch of Walkable Main Street this summer and a proposal by Mayor Mike Nelson to require Edmonds grocery stores to offer their workers hazard pay are among the items on the Tuesday, April 6, Edmonds City Council agenda.

According to the council agenda, the city administration intends to proceed with Walkable Main Street this summer, “but in advance of any firm decisions regarding timing, extent of closures, enhancements, amenities, etc., we have reached out to the community, the merchants, and now to city council.” The program closed Main Street between 3rd and 6th Avenues to vehicles last summer, running on Saturdays and Sundays from June 20-Oct. 11.

A Walkable Main Street survey conducted in March garnered responses from 1,332 people and there were 629 individual comments, of which “88% expressed support for Walkable Main Street,” the council agenda said. You can see the survey results in this link to the council agenda.

Under the mayor’s proposal, Edmonds grocery stores that employ 500 or more workers statewide would be required to pay their employees an extra $4 an hour in hazard pay until the COVID-19 emergency subsides.

In addition, the council is scheduled to discuss a procedural-related resolution related to the code of conduct for the mayor and members of city boards, commissions and work groups, plus a draft set of rules aimed at providing “greater clarity and understanding about the roles, rights, and responsibilities of city councilmembers.”

The council is also set to hear the annual report from Edmonds Citizens’ Tree Board.

The council meeting will be held virtually using the Zoom meeting platform. To join, comment, view or listen to the Edmonds City Council Meeting in its entirety, paste the following into a web browser using a computer or smart phone: Or join by phone: US: +1 253 215 8782 Webinar ID: 957 9848 4261

Persons who want to provide audience comments using a computer or smart phone can raise a virtual hand to be recognized. Persons wishing to provide audience comments by dial-up phone are instructed to press *9 to raise a hand. When prompted, press *6 to unmute.

In addition to Zoom, regular council meetings beginning at 7 p.m. are streamed live on the council meeting webpage, Comcast cable channel 21 and Ziply channel 39.

  1. Who are in the city council, to think it’s their business to tell grocery stores how to run their business and force them to offer hazard pay? Is that even legal? Is this another lost law suit the tax payers will have to pay? Butt out and let the grocery or any store run there own business. This is insanity. Mike Nelson has to go.

  2. So the City Council is out-of-bounds once again. Just where in the City Charter is is stated the council has the authority to dictate the wages and conditions of workers of a private company. This should not even be a Council Agenda item! Are you seeking another law suite to settle out of court? Businesses operate in a free market, capitalist economic system in our country. They suceed and make a profit if they mangage their business well, they fail if they make poor decisions and sometimes fail through no fault of their causing but economic conditions they cannot control. So now our City Council proposes to add another burden on a business group. This looks very much like another step toward socialism. So are they next to propse a “hazard” pay for solon workers, auto mechanics, and other retail stores in the City? Such additional wage requirements will most certainly be passed on the customers, some of whom have already lost employment due to COVID 19 pandemic impacts. Dont expect a “walkable Main Street” if Edmonds businesses can’t suceed due to a forced pay increase. To the Council and Mayor: You were elected to administer and manage basic community services to residents of Edmonds. Many residents do not want, desire nor do you have authority to press your pet social programs through forced local legislation. Don’t let your head be overwhelmed by your own self engrandizement. You serve the people as a whole within the bounds of the City Charter and the State Constitution.

  3. Sorry to see the City passed giving grocery workers higher pay. I have been in the business 44 years and I believe that retailers should be the one’s introducing this type of pay, not local goverments

  4. Thank you, Mayor Nelson and several of the city council members, for listening and voting to give grocery store workers a better life in the Edmonds city limits. Grocery store workers make between $13.79 (brand new, starting out) and $22.00/hour (if they’ve worked at least 7 years). But something people don’t realize about grocery store workers, they work between 12 and 36 hours per week, hardly ever 40, and usually it’s somewhere in between. So for all of those out there working full time jobs, remember, these people, who have had to take the worst of the public during COVID 19, usually working on average, 20-24 hours per week, actually make about $10.00/hour. I challenge anyone out there who thinks they can live on their wages, and home school their children and try to stay healthy during these times. It is not because they don’t want more hours. But the point is that these large companies have made 200-300% more in 2020 than ever before. It is the right thing to recognize these workers, so thank you, City of Edmonds!

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