Latest Walkable Edmonds survey asks about Sunday-only option; response deadline April 26

Photo courtesy Edmonds Downtown Alliance

The City of Edmonds has launched a new survey asking residents and business owners for their opinion on various options for holding a second year of Walkable Main Street, which involves closing a portion of Main Street in downtown Edmonds to allow for outdoor dining and shopping.

The deadline to respond is April 26.

The latest survey asks respondents whether they would prefer the event be held all day Saturday and Sunday as it was last year, limiting it to either all day Saturday or all day Sunday, or not holding it at all.

It also asks respondents how far they would be willing to park and walk to the event.

Edmonds launched the Walkable Main Street program in June last year to provide an economic boost to downtown restaurants and businesses after COVID restrictions forced many to shut doors and lay off staff. Traffic was closed on Main Street between 6th and 3rd Avenues each weekend from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, creating a pedestrian-only zone that would encourage people to return to downtown in a COVID-safe manner.

But some downtown merchants said they were hurt by the closures as customers stayed away due to the street closure. So earlier this month, downtown business owners and citizens launched Save Our Saturdays (SOS). The movement advocates boosting local businesses by limiting the Walkable Main Street street closure to Sundays only.

You can take the survey at


  1. Thank you for the reminder. I hope that the mayor adopts the Save Our Saturday idea from the downtown Edmonds merchants. It is a great compromise for all.

    In the idea section of the survey when asked for ways to enhance the event, I said that we should have an Edmonds booth to store shopping purchases or bags.

    Ideally a booth that has info maps, flyers, and also sells Edmonds branded bags, shirts, and gift cards for all local stores/restaurants. This would help local businesses, and would encourage people to shop without having to carry bags around. Maybe staffed by volunteers.

    I liked the walkable Edmonds last summer, and hope we can do it again with modifications to support everyone.

    1. That a good idea. It will encourage more shopping. And if you see something very large…you can drive to the store and they can slip it in your trunk. This is another good reason for having streets open on Sat. Until 6 p m. Good idea.

  2. I am glad a survey is being done. It would be nice if there was a longer time frame for completion, and if there was some way to include those outside of Edmonds who make up a large proportion of those visiting downtown on weekends.

    1. We just heard about the survey yesterday — city says they sent out a postcard to residents and also publicized on social media. No news release though so we didn’t get the memo 🙂

  3. 1) It seems to be misleading in that it is more appropriate to call it Main Street Eatables rather than Walkable Main Street. The reason is to close off sidewalk and street space for restaurant capacity. 2) If the “survey” is requesting residents for feedback, Edmonds is missing the tourists. If the tourists cannot find a place to park, they will most likely move on down the road, and they are the ones who would have meandered into the boutiques. 3) Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Departments, along with Downtown Associations are usually on top of these issues.

    1. Out of towners aren’t going to drive back here if they come and can’t park…New comers to Edmonds who are just too far to walk and that is about 2-3 blocks tops and leaves you with no car.. SO they too may go someplace else. Edmonds has changed. WE have many new people, from different places all over the country. We are in WA state I think on the TOP 4 list of places people are moving to. We know they are moving NORTH if they work in Seattle many are moving North. SO, this is our market now… different. BE happy about it. I say if you are going to go go big… We have money here and we have many who will profit here from doing this. They too probably have an interest in bringing in even more business. I think we have enough restaurants now.. What a 100 did I read?? That is nice. BUT I think we need a bit more on the boutique end here…I can think of a mine mall right where BOA was with all those extra things we like. I don’t want to give my money to the internet I would much prefer to give it to Edmonds. For instance…make up…Lingerie, purses, I could go on forever but they are smart and I only get this certain amount of words.. Difficult for me hahaha. THANKS for listening. Teasing here at the end.. Deb.

  4. … Retailers – Join them outside? Another comment on a different site has triggered an idea. Perhaps, the retail shops that have an inventory of interest to the Edmonds’ residents would be best off by bringing the most timely, attractive sales on to the streets. I realize this is more work, and another employee or two, but it may be the only way to get the business during Walkable Main St. I don’t know if it is worthwhile, due to the extra employee cost. Perhaps brainstorm.

  5. Good luck with weekend parking parking when the movie theater is back in business full time and Rick Steves is bringing in those travel seminar folks again

    1. We NEED a parking garage. This is very obvious. I think the man who said maybe in the BOA spot we could do an underground parking lot. Enter from 6th exit onto 6th. Then have that whole huge space for something else. Add a couple restrooms..That is something the public always needs when shopping. We could do who know how much with that large of a piece of real estate. The Skys the limit. YOU want people from other towns you NEED parking or yes they will go on… Mill Creek is building… But we have the water and a very unique little city here. Much more intimate for dining, shopping etc. If we want this hotel?? WE will have even more people. WE NEED THIS parking garage. There is really no way around it. I think. Its just sensible and it isn’t going to get any less expensive to wait. Just my thoughts. XO Deb.

      1. Good luck with the parking garage too. This city administration can’t even figure out how to get their Edmonds Welcome Sign put up years after the fact

        1. Now now Brian…You are acting like me. Hahaha. Calm down. We will get our parking garage…because we are going to not only save OUR city but enhance it as we diversify. I just know there are wealthy, reasonable men and women with money and power around here. They mostly didn’t get that way being stupid. They know if they hope to be safe, have their children and grandchildren able to live here, make money in this entire city….lots of it…that something has to give. We’ve gone too far to ever go back…and that’s OK. Welcome to a new, beautiful, diversified, overflowing with Art, fun, entertainment…Kind of Edmonds. I don’t think we can get that all on the sign though Brian. . Peace buddy. I know…patience…breathe deep, come for coffee….I will talk you off the cliff. Xo

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