City to present design recommendations for Edmonds bike lane project June 2

Project map of proposed bicycle lanes.

City of Edmonds staff are hosting an online public meeting Wednesday, June 2 from 6-7 p.m. to present the design recommendations for the citywide bicycle lanes project.

According to the city, the project’s design team used ideas and feedback collected from the public during meeting in late February to develop design recommendations aimed at providing a balanced approach for placing bike lanes on the existing streets.  Those design recommendations were presented to the Edmonds City Council May 4; you can read more in our story here and can also access the presentation at

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Parking will be maintained on the west side of 9th/100th
  • Parking will be maintained on the north side of Walnut/Bowdoin
  • Bicycle lanes will be installed on both sides of Bowdoin
  • A northbound bike lane will be installed through the Westgate intersection.  In the interest of balancing all modes of travel through this intersection southbound lanes will get both shared-lane markings, or “sharrows” along with off-ramps for cyclists to get on to the sidewalk and walk their bikes through if they find that a more comfortable option to get through the intersection.
  • The intersection at 220th and 9th/1ooth will be set up differently to mitigate current amount of lane shift for northbound motorists.
  • Pedestrian crossings will be enhanced on Bowdoin, 9th and 100th.

City staff will recap this presentation and open the floor to residents who want to ask questions or provide comment.  A link to the zoom meeting can be found at the project website:

Contact Ryan Hague at 425-771-0220 or by email at if you have questions about the project or if you are unable to access the online information or attend the online public meeting. If you want the project information in another language, you may request, free of charge, language assistance services for this project information.

Si tiene problemas para comprender el inglés, puede pedir, sin costo, servicios de ayuda lingüística, para la información de este proyecto, poniéndose en contacto con Mr. Ryan Hague a ryan.hague@edmondswa.govo llamando al 425-771-0220.

  1. We need parking on both sides of Bowdoin. That is ridiculous. Many homes and Apts all of it there. Where are THEIR guests supposed to park. If you do two lanes and take out all of their parking too. Or too much of it…not good. Leave the parking alone. The Bikes will be just fine…..This is ridiculous as is only allowing parking on the South side of 9th…again. taking citizens parking. Closing our town center and opposing a parking garage. And take some more parking…think that will keep your Edmonds non bowl citizens out. Well we will just see about that. You are now to the point you are going to drive away people you hope will come and buy….They aren’t going to put up with it. Infact they will probably laugh at you.
    During Oct thru Dec. Is prime time for retail…So you think with the rain we Will have…they are going to walk 10 blocks to shop in Edmonds…don’t think so. So you by doing this have alienated your citizens of Edmonds and the citizens from other towns in the area. The merchants should be picketing. Maybe we all should. Maybe we will.

  2. Will the scope of this work as it is defined in this presentation, be totally paid for by the money that was bestowed by the governing agencies that distribute tax payer money? It is baffling to me, that there is no evidence that there is a financial statement that insures that this process will guarantee to improve the community and not the ego of those who feel that everything can happen because there is money promised to do it. Regardless of the mode of transportation, there should be effective research that confirms that the purpose is to improve the community with the effectiveness of bicycle lanes… but what about during winter; rain, snow and ice? Will the city take on the responsibility of usage of these bicycle lanes? Anytime of weather, anytime of day, headlights required? Should bicyclists have a permit to use the roads? Should they be required to have the same tests that drivers of cars have?

  3. Several years ago there was a major project putting bike lanes on both sides of 76th St. from Perrinville on up past the high school. I drive this on most days. I have yet to see anyone using those bike lanes.

  4. Yes, you are correct. I live in 5 corners. Since those lanes were put in that area I have seen maybe 3. 2 pulled out and swerved out of lane…almost getting themselves squashed. I have lived here 29 years. I see about everything around here.
    There first are not many bicyclists at all. I mean pretty much zero zip on 80th. Occasionally we will see a couple little children in the street or on sidewalk. Having family fun….but this too is very seldom. The reality Is we don’t even need these bike lanes at all. But if they want them on a busy place like 100th and 220th fine. But no parking removal there either.
    Also, I see few bicyclists going E or W on 220th.
    I understand that the 212 th is very steep….WE all get that. This along with it is a mile to the bowl…we can’t walk it. They can’t bike it, so let’s just disrupt a whole neighborhood for a couple of bicycles. Helps no one . But is easier for the bicycle probably. To be honest if you are that good at it you should be able to go down and pull up 212th. I know people who can and do ride much more difficult roads. Up mountains. Ragbri, Iron man, all of them could pull that hill.
    So maybe another look at this is in order. I know many on Boidoin are not pleased at all about this. Drive thru there Edmonds residents see what you think. Think how you would feel….Enough. Maybe a zip line could be put in on 212th for all of us to come to Edmonds…Just kidding. Also remember this is a nice summer. It’s icy here in these shaded streets. You will see even less bicyclists for most months out of the year…Thanks for at least thinking about this situation in Edmonds. And yes, we do have a situation.

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