Edmonds woman launches petition asking council to return to in-person meetings

An Edmonds woman has launched a petition asking for the Edmonds City Council to return to in-person meetings as soon as possible.

Rebecca Anderson said she was inspired by a recent My Edmonds News letter to the editor, written by Lynne and Craig Chelius. The letter points to “issues facing Edmonds that could change our city forever,” including proposals from the Edmonds Citizens Housing Commission, and adds that moving to in-person meetings would “help eliminate the feelings many in Edmonds have that council and the mayor are not listening to the citizens.”

The Chelius’ letter “resonates with many in Edmonds who know how important it is for residents to participate in the business of their city by being able to attend meetings in person,” Anderson said. “I doubt the rally regarding the (Waterfront) Connector would have had the same results if it had been facilitated on a Zoom call instead of in council chambers.”

Residents of Edmonds, she added, “are listed at the top of the city’s organizational chart, but it doesn’t seem like the majority of our elected officials acknowledge that. If they did, perhaps they would take a pause on these issues or extend policy deadlines during this unprecedented time of lockdown.”

City of Edmonds spokesperson Kelsey Foster said that the city is currently planning to reopen City Hall, and that “in-person council meetings will likely coincide with that date/plan.” While no date has been announced, Foster did say that Gov. Jay Inslee’s plan to reopen the state June 30 “is a big factor in the plans allowing for in-person meetings.”