Chamber seeks volunteers, sponsors and participants for Edmonds Kind of 4th parade, fireworks

North Sound Church singers perform along the 4th of July parade route in 2017. (File photo)

The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce is working to make the Edmonds Kind of 4th of July main parade and fireworks show happen after all, but they need volunteers, participants and sponsors.

Chamber President and CEO Greg Urban confirmed last month that the chamber has applied to the City of Edmonds for permits to put on both events, given Gov. Jay Inslee’s announcement that the state is moving toward a June 30 reopening.

However, those events are not yet guaranteed to take place, with “many moving pieces” still uncertain,  the chamber said in a news release Tuesday. The chamber is still operating with reduced staff and has about one-fifth of the usual planning time for the festivities. Chamber staff — working alongside City of Edmonds departments and the Edmonds City Council — “is doing their absolute best to provide Edmonds with these beloved events.”

It is critical, the chamber said, for the community “to provide the necessary volunteer support, registrations to march in the parade, signups for the Beat Brackett 5K and for businesses who are able to sponsor an event.”

Before the parade and fireworks can occur, the city council must still review and approve safety, logistics and other issues; enough volunteer and sponsorship support must be secured and enough people and groups need to register to participate/march in the parade.

There’s also one other important piece that must fall into place: Snohomish County must move out of phase restrictions by the June 30 date that Inslee declared. “If Snohomish County is mandated to stay in Phase 3 through July 4, these events cannot happen,” the chamber said.

The chamber is asking the community’s help with the following:

Volunteer: Normally the 4th of July festivities require over 125 volunteers. This year, with city and chamber staffing shortages, the chamber needs volunteers to fill the 175 shifts needed – 50 more than in years past. Many of the positions do require lifting and carrying supplies, walking and standing for a few hours at a time, but the chamber said they “have a job for everyone.” For more information, a list of all jobs and shifts and to sign up, visit:

Register for the parade: The c hamber has opened registration for parade participants, in hopes that the event occurs. For more information about marching/ driving in the parade and to register, visit:

2021 Beat Brackett route

Sign up for the Beat Brackett 5K: The chamber will definitely be running the Beat Brackett 5K race the morning of July 4th regardless of the county’s reopening phase. Registrations are online only this year and there are no day of race registrations. The deadline to register is June 25. There is a new route for 2021 — the run starts at Edmonds City Park, winds through the Town of Woodway and finishes again at City Park. For more information and to register, visit:

As public safety measure, the Beat Brackett 1K and the Children’s Parade will not happen this year.

Fireworks over Edmonds in 2015. (File photo)

As for the fireworks, the chamber is working with new vendors in order to bring the show back this year for a public viewing at Civic Field, but it is dependent on COVID restrictions being lifted by July 4.  If those restrictions have not lifted, the show will still go on but no gathering will be allowed at Civic Field to view the firework display.

“The Edmonds Chamber wants the community to know there would not even be a chance for these events to happen if it were not for the extreme dedication from city departments in rushing applications, pushing approvals and advocating for the chamber,” the chamber press release said, pointing especially to the work by Deputy Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Shannon Burley. “Even if these events cannot happen, we hope the community joins us in thanking the city for their efforts and support.”

The chamber also offered additional thanks to the Hazel Miller Foundation, Hubbard Family Foundation, Salish Sea Brewing Company and Westgate Chapel for already pledging financial support for these events. Others who want to sponsor can contact the Edmonds Chamber office for more details at 425-670-1496 or


  1. Thank you to all of the people who are working so hard to make this happen. I love to attend all of the amazing events that the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce puts on, and I know that it does not happen magically. So much of the really hard work to get these events running goes unnoticed, but certainly not unappreciated. I hope that a lot of people (175 to be exact) step up to volunteer and help this event to happen.

    I loved this part of the story:
    “The Edmonds Chamber wants the community to know there would not even be a chance for these events to happen if it were not for the extreme dedication from city departments in rushing applications, pushing approvals and advocating for the chamber,” the chamber press release said, pointing especially to the work by Deputy Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Shannon Burley.

    As a follow up question, any word on the kids parade?

      1. Sad, we were really looking forward to the possibility of that happening. Especially since it seemed far easier than the logistics of the main parade. Thank you for the follow up information though.

  2. I just checked the numbers for our county. They are up and rising. It appears that the allowed number to move out of stage 3 are just not there…they were down before all the too eager activities began. Now after Memorial Day weekend they are probably going to increase, not decrease. I suspect due to graduation parties, Easter, Spring Break, and now Memorial Day…the Memorial day numbers are going to keep us in Stage 3.
    I am sorry . I truly am, but I wouldn’t waste a lot of time and money and exposure for something that probably won’t even happen. I just wrote this to tell all. I worked those numbers hard this morning and so hoped to see better news. I too wanted to see the Parade and Fireworks. Until we realize that we are still being irresponsible who knows how long this will go on. Many children are getting it now in the Midwest. Cases higher than ever, because of non compliance, and the UK variant….I spoke with the Dept of Health there yesterday. They said if they don’t stop they are going to have to send in the CDC.
    Let’s all help our town, our state, and our country.

    1. Deborah, no one seemed to point this out when the Mayor and Rick Steves planned their Walkable Main Street.

    2. Thank you for your comment Deborah. This pandemic has been hard on everyone, but I can say with full confidence that the stages will be going away at the end of this month, and Washington will be fully reopened by July. Until recently, we were one of only two States to not have a full Reopening plan, and there is no way that we will go back on that now. With the number of people who have been vaccinated, the worst case scenarios are over.

      This is all thanks to those who got vaccinated, and all of the tireless work from the vaccine makers, the CDC, and other members of our government who made this happen.

      There will still be those who will get sick and die, primarily from those who choose conspiracies over the safety of their families and decided to not get vaccinated. Their deaths and the pain that they unnecessarily will cause to their families will be tragic, but we cannot force them to be responsible.

      We no longer face the risk of over capacity hospitals from COVID anymore, which was always one of the primary risks. In Italy at their worst the hospitals were so full, that people with heart attacks or other life threatening conditions died without medical help. While other Countries that do not have enough vaccines will continue to suffer (cases are higher now worldwide than at this time last year), those nightmare scenarios are no longer possible in our Country for this pandemic at least. We all owe a major debt of gratitude to those who chose to put their Country first and end this pandemic for us by getting vaccinated.

      This 4th is a victory celebration for the real life heroes who put themselves and their community over deadly disinformation. Those who got vaccinated, and those who made that happen are the heroes that saved our Country.

      It’s time to take off our masks (for those who have been vaccinated) and celebrate them.

        1. Paul, Texas is average (like you said 24/50), then completely opened up and there isn’t a spike. Why are the rates nearly completely abated with so few of them getting vaccinated. New York was the most locked down state, with the highest rate according to you list. How do you explain that?

  3. Can we please just sideline some of the drama and look forward to a pleasant and (relatively) open 4th of July? These attempts to score debating points are getting a little tiresome.

    1. Agreed — I’ve closed comments on a couple of threads because we are going in circles here. It would be nice if we could treat each other with some kindness and grace.

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