Reminder: Edmonds outdoor anti-hate town hall scheduled for July 12

The City of Edmonds will sponsor an anti-hate town hall at 6:30 p.m. Monday, July 12 in the courtyard of Edmonds-Woodway High School.

Among those making an appearance, according to the city’s announcement, are Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson, Acting Chief of Police Michelle Bennett, Edmonds School District Superintendent Dr. Gustavo Balderas and other civic leaders.

The city notes the town hall will be “the first in-person community meeting held by the city since the onset of the pandemic emergency.”

Mayor Nelson first mentioned his plans for the town hall during an interview with KING-TV in early May, following a report of swastikas being spray-painted on the trunks of several trees at Southwest County Park, which is located in Edmonds.

“Edmonds is a welcoming city that celebrates diversity,” Nelson said. “We do not tolerate hate here. I’m looking forward to this town hall event to learn first-hand about community concerns that can help lead to meaningful action that will ensure Edmonds is a safe and inclusive place for all our residents.”

Residents are invited to share concerns, personal stories, issues and questions about their experiences in Edmonds. All are welcome, the city said.

    1. Edmonds (and the US overall) should have no tolerance for hate or discrimination based on religion, race, gender, etc, etc. We are a country whose founding principles include the belief that all people are created equal, and we need to stand for that in all our communities. Our citizens all deserve to be treated equally and fairly. Looking forward to this conversation.

      1. Everyone forgot about the swastikas’ painted on trees. Why keep giving the lowest of people the most attention, the attention they want? The mayor would be sad if there were no one doing these things.

  1. We can’t even talk about hate, without expressing hate of some sort. I disagree with Mayor Nelson about his take on Police Chief, downtown issues and the tree code business, but I certainly don’t hate him or condemn him for having this anti-hate Town Hall. Accusing someone of being glad to see signs of hate around town is just another thinly disguised form of hate against someone for some reason. If it isn’t race, it’s politics or religion. If the Mayor wants to have a conversation about hate with his fellow citizens, what is the harm done?

  2. Whom among us can determine the facts regarding discrimination? The previous election for Mayor was a shock to some and for others it was a positive event. The process of democratic voting has been degraded with opinions that may or may not have credibility. Democracy is not just having a voting process open/available to all people that are US citizens of eighteen years of age that have registered to vote. Voting matters and seeking accurate information is nececssary. Too often it is formulated by opinions from both political sides and bias has been profound. Democracy is about equality, however, the two party politics has an agenda of winning for their political party more than voting for the greater good. We weaken progress for the sake of political bias. Our perfect Union has been challenged by wars and the biases of political leadership. Whether winning as President of this country, or the Governor, or the Mayor, there should be a declaration of intent rather than degrading the opponent. Mayors can achieve many necessary resolutions IF the city council and voters focus on what will be the best solution for the community. Voters need to care, not just complain.

    1. Caring is great. Caring and feelings shut out of your own weekend events, all in the bowl…kind of effects the caring. Spending money on state of the art things in the Bowl only…is that Caring? Many including merchants lost business…You refuse to build a parking garage…you could. But no that you say costs too much…yet the cost of these event centers, ss centers, but not really…the plans for over bridges, 15 million for yet another play field.
      I could go on and on.
      I care…it just seems as if this Mayor and Council only care about the Bowl, The Charlie’s of the world. I care, but feel this too causes anger as at least 50% of the people living in Edmonds want it stopped and now. We want our streets back. We want the shanty bars gone now. We care…but this is just part of why Edmonds is so angry. When the people agreed that ok, let’s have one day. That would at least be more fair. Then, out he pops declaring, yes declaring…no it will be both days taken.
      So tell me, what is it we have to care about again?
      What is it, the rest have to look forward to? We want to care but every day it becomes more difficult.
      No hate in Edmonds is not going to happen until fairness happens.
      If the mayor wants to try a charismatic speech…fine. I wonder how many moderates and conservatives will show up?
      I guess we will see.

  3. We should all embrace this idea. There is no room for acts of hate in our community or our country.

    Please do not let the lack of faith and trust in this Mayor cloud your opinion of the message itself.
    The message of anti-hate is where we can find commonality with others in our community whose politics we may completely disagree with.
    I embrace wholeheartedly the idea of not tolerating hate in our community and country.

    Whether the Mayor is able to unite our community around an idea that is clearly shared by so many of us remains to be seen.
    He has lost my trust through his actions, statements and decisions this past year, and
    yet I still wish him success in bringing people of different political views together in support of the anti-hate message. The concept itself is pure and does not need to be politically affiliated or politically-packaged.
    The Edmonds community is a kind and caring community and we can all work together to continue to share and embrace those values with our children, our neighbors, and visitors through individual and group actions.

    I look forward to reading the transcript or record made of the event because, unfortunately, I am unable to attend.

    1. The event I’d actually making room for hate, giving it a bigger platform. Never feed trolls. This is basic stuff. Mike is elevating isolated esoteric stuff so that more of it happens. This is how self-realized prophecy work.

    2. I am convinced this Mayor doesn’t care about the average citizen in this town at all.
      Nice what you say…but he is out of control. All the let’s not hate can and I think will happen…when he stops treating most of the tax paying citizens I ALL of Edmonds equally.
      Then, I’m with you. Xo

  4. You are nice. You are optimistic. Both good. And yes no hate, no killing, no racism I sure want that too. But look around this country Look at your west coast cities…and then tell me you want to be like Seattle. I want a mayor who will stop what Durkin and Inslee won’t. Because I don’t want to be another statistic…another small city ruined. Pretty simple…We need to agree on that, both parties as this is political. We all of Edmonds need to do all we can to stop it now. If they can do this in Bellevue…we can do it here.

  5. Some people here are accusing the Mayor of using this town hall about the supposed issue of Hate in Edmonds as some sort of gimmick to take advantage of racial hatred to further whatever his political ends are. Even if that is true, which it may or may not be, this is a chance for people to state openly and publicly what their views are about racial relations in the Edmonds community. A chance to see and hear each other’s points of view. I do not think that is a bad thing, no matter what the motivation is for creating the opportunity. Sometimes some good talking can prevent some bad acting later on. Just my opinion.

    1. Well Clint. I do think that is exactly what his plan is, but it won’t work.
      The thing is I get along great with all our different folks here. I see no racism, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I detest racism. I just by acts not colors. Always have. But I don’t know about some areas. I don’t see it in 5 corners. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
      There is nothing Nelson can say that will change anything. Hate, he can help if he quits giving everything to The Bowl…you think people are ignorant and don’t notice this. I don’t. I respect them more than that.

  6. The amenities of the Bowl area are a major reason why people want to live, visit and spend money here. That would suggest to me that it is logical we might tend to spend quite a bit of our available tax and grant money to augment that area as opposed to five corners or Perrinvile for example. That’s why these areas should insist on becoming Wards with local representation on the Council. Nothing changes without peaceful protest and a demand to be heard and respected. The Town Hall tonight is about people being seen and heard, and little to do with whether Nelson is a good or bad person. People will decide that at the ballot box at some point and dwelling on it now is a waste of time and energy.

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