Letter to the editor: Councilmember Luke Distelhorst leads with empathy, compassion

Dear Editor,

To quote Mr. Bob Dylan ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’’, and Edmonds, though a bubble within a bubble, needs to be prepared for all the challenges that lie ahead of us. To avoid problems that neighborhoods in Ballard, Fremont or Magnolia are already facing, we as a community need to take our heads out of the sand, look a few years in the future and immediately address issues such as affordable housing, supporting underserved communities, public transportation, and public safety.

My family chose to live in Edmonds four years ago, after moving from the San Francisco Bay Area, and we love the charm of our downtown, our parks, beaches, thriving business community and I do not want it to change; however the only way to preserve Edmonds is to prepare for the challenges listed above, and I believe Mr. Luke Distelhorst has the vision, experience, drive, and integrity to continue to guide Edmonds forward as a City Councilmember.

In California we saw firsthand the results of poorly implemented local policies that increased homelessness and pressure on the societal safety net. Edmonds is far from this situation however according to City Council reports and articles such as myedmondsnews.com/2021/06/what-can-we-do-for-people-like-charlie there is an increased risk that some members of our community will become homeless in the near future, joining the estimated 230+ residents who already are.

Since joining the City Council Luke has already been working hard to implement activities to protect our most at-risk residents. He authored the “Housing and Relief Fund” to support Edmonds’ residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, led a group of city and community partners to produce online events and advocacy work around mental health and suicide prevention, authored resolution on banning residential evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic and supported $4/hour premium pay for local grocery workers.

I have already submitted my ballot voting for Luke Distelhorst to retain his Position 2 seat on the Edmonds City Council and would urge all Edmonds residents who want to see positive change management in our community and to ensure the continued presence of a councilmember who leads with empathy and compassion do the same for the Aug. 3 primary.


Clint Lambert

  1. In the voters guide under elected experience, distlehorst said ‘Edmonds City Council’. He was never ever elected to the council. Other candidates for other things like Lynnwood council said under elected experience ‘appointed to council’. It is misleading of distlehorst to imply he was elected when he never really was. This says alot about him.

  2. Actions to keep local citizens from being priced out of their homes? Have at it, my vote is for sale.

  3. I believe the exact opposite of this letter. Luke wants to make edmonds seattle with up zoning. Clint doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  4. The last thing I want is a council member who leads with “empathy and compassion” . I want council members who lead with critical thinking, fiscal responsibility and responsibility for the well being of Edmonds citizens, not societal dregs from points south who show up anywhere there is a free handout and a place to put up a tent or park a trashy RV. Empathy and compassion are suitable qualities for a social worker or Priest and maybe that is where Mr. Distelhorst belongs.

    1. I shudder that anyone thinks that “critical thinking, fiscal responsibility and responsibility for the well being of Edmonds citizens” and “empathy and compassion” are mutually exclusive. They are not! Luke Distelhorst and many leaders are capable of all of that and they are the great leaders. As for Mr. Demme’s fear of “societal dregs from points south” that is beyond uncompassionate. That characterization shows a failure to digest facts about who may need help, our neighbors who are “Edmonds citizens” among them.

  5. Luke Distelhorst is a rubber stamp for our dysfunctional Mayor.
    He supports whatever misguided ideas the Mayor comes up with – replacing a qualified acting police chief with a domestic violence perpetrator, upzoning the entire city of Edmonds and ending single family zoning, minimizing transparency and citizen input during covid, eliminating the salary commission so the Mayor and Council can vote themselves a big raise.
    Lead with Empathy? More like lead with underhanded behavior – NO THANK YOU!
    Distelhorst needs to be thrown out along with “Edmonds is racist” Frailey-Monillas.

  6. Bill Herzig and Frank Demme said it perfectly! Distelhorst has not served Edmonds citizens well and hopefully will be voted out.

    1. Luke is the worst choice of all candidates in my opinion. Luke lives in 5 corners. Luke knows about all the firework, speeding, beyond reckless driving, how packed we are here. He thinks Esperance or apparently Lake Ballinger is all we need…wrong. its not safe…we all know this. I wanted a playground here near the 5 corners circle area. Not a forest walking park…we have plenty of those. Just a play ground with playground equipment. This area would service many children and they can safely get there walking. All down Boidoin Way, all kids between 84th and 76th between 220th and 212th. Also N on 80th beyond 212th…that is a lot of children….Not once has Luke fought for our community…his neighbors…or mentioned improvements here. He is not a good neighbor. He is a dyed in the wool progressive who will turn this city into CA…Seattle, take your pick. Upzoning is his passion, at any cost. Now of course this is my opinion. Luke also voted against parking in Edmonds. Luke wants all of us on bicycles, rain, snow or dark if night. Luke will try and choose your cooking and heating methods. Frankly this is Socialism. And lastly he is appointed not elected. Appointed because…we all know the answer to that one…the vote Always goes with his master. He may be a friendly guy, a smiling guy…but does he truly have integrity? Depends on how you interpret it I guess. I say he wants what he wants and obviously to he’ll with his neighbors. He has only lived here a few years….he must miss CA or wherever he came from. Vote no on Luke…and any candidate who resembles his policies. That is what is necessary to save Edmonds…some moderation….Luke doesn’t understand moderation when it comes to considering all citizens, tax payers, and long time permanent residents. Sorry Luke but truth is truth.

  7. Luke’s “compassion” was absent when he supported the Mayor and Adrienne Frailey-Monillas pulling the rug out from under Assistant Chief of Police Jim Lawless who the Mayor had previously nominated to become Chief and called him the best possible candidate. He and the Mayor want to mimic far left Seattle politicians whose compassion has turned Seattle into a public cess pool. He needs to go.
    Air Force veteran and local business owner Janelle Cass has my vote for a return to sane and honest decision making in Edmonds

    1. That is right on spot and they are getting a good start on it too. First no street sleepers anywhere tent or no tent. Harsh, yes. That is how it started in Seattle exactly. First Cap hill with homless runaways, then Pioneer Square, then sleeping on streets and alcoves downtown Seattle….the rest is history.

  8. I’ve been critical of Luke’s politics, for good reason. That aside, he is an incredibly nice person. That aside too; I don’t wanna talk about Luke. Clint, you wrote one of the best Endorsement letters I’ve ever seen. Well composed and incredibly persuasive. I gingerly touch swords.

    1. What does Luke stand for? Nothing but far left agenda of Mayor Nelson and Adrienne. He needs to go bye, bye.

  9. We need council members who are leaders, not followers. Who have the courage to say “No”, not here”. Has anyone taken a look at what managing a city with “empathy” and “compassion” has done for Seattle recently? Here is a city that was so concerned about how it would be perceived, it allowed a group of radicals to take over an area of the city for one month, calling it a “summer of love”. Here is a city experiencing a public safety crisis, as the police department is being crippled by defunding, which is resulting in crime being at an all-time high. A city where homeless encampments are taking over parks, schools and playgrounds. All of this is happening because of rather than listening to its residents and business owners, and putting the safety of the community first, the Seattle city government was too concerned on how they would be viewed if they had the homeless encampments removed. So while local businesses suffered, and parents couldn’t take their children to the park to play because the playground was filled with used hypodermic needles and human waste, the Seattle city council was so very proud of themselves for being so empathetic and compassionate. A vote for Distelhorst is a vote that places our beloved Edmonds one step closer in becoming another tragedy like Seattle.

  10. Agreed, Mr. Franklin !! Clint has no idea what he is talking about. Distelhorst can’t think for himself….he is the mayor’s “Mini-me”, and he needs to go.

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