Letter to the editor: My take on the bias/discrimination/hate portal


I’ve refrained from making a comment about the Bias/Discrimination/Hate portal until I could attempt to get several logistical questions answered.  Those questions were:

  1. Why was this a consideration in the first place?
  2. Have there been instances where residents felt as though something happened but didn’t feel comfortable going directly to the police?
  3. Who/what department would be receiving this information that would then be forwarded to the police department? Why wouldn’t it go directly there in the first place?
  4. What policy(ies) exist around this reporting tool?
  5. What procedures are in place to ensure misinformation isn’t being acted upon?

In searching out this information, Matt Richardson did reach out to me to let me know that he was going to use me in part of “testing the portal”. While I would have preferred to not be the example, the reality is that I know I can’t prevent anyone from doing this (which created another issue in itself). Seeing that several days later, the only way I knew something was reported with my name attached to it was only due to Matt’s Letter to the Editor several days later.

Here is where I’ve personally landed on this portal decision:

  1. The need or justification for this hasn’t been identified. Just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.
  2. I’m concerned about the execution of it. Not having the “why” frontloaded, rationalized or explained creates more questions than answers.
  3. The process for using the portal would not allay the fears or concerns of someone making a submission in the best of circumstances. To submit but not receive an automated message or tracking number feels as though the complaint goes into a black hole of sorts. For many persons of color or any minority/marginalized group, that contributes to not wanting to report anything in the first place: the feeling of not being heard or taken seriously.
  4. I’m concerned that if the report is indeed being forwarded to the EPD, what makes someone outside of the EPD authorized to receive potentially confidential information to then determine its validity?
  5. “Information provided here is of public record.” What happens if someone decides to abuse this process, creating issues for the person being reported against? What’s to keep an organized group from submitting several incidents about a person that are untrue or part of misinformation yet is now part of a public record? Based on Matt Richardson’s “experiment”, I’m now named in a reported incident on a public record.

I hope that until a well-explained, justified and executed portal for this information can be done, that it should no longer be in existence. It will do more harm than as is.

Alicia Crank
Candidate, Edmonds City Council, Position 1

  1. Thank you Alicia for your ability to look at issues and parse them out in a rational, logical way.

  2. All of this LTE rhetoric amounts to is – it creates more harm than good. This has already been recognized and re-affirmed repeatedly here, and does not elevate this candidate in any way, shape or form. It does however bluntly expose the limited political prowess of the specific council member who advanced this nonsense in the first place. LD is not in the right place spot.

  3. Was the portal the brainchild of Mayor Dave and his cohorts as a knee jerk reaction to some Nazi graffiti that appeared in one of our parks? While disgusting this was a one-off incident and not a pattern. This is an example of government overreaction by the current administration and, more than likely, supported by the ‘Gang of Four’.

    The Edmonds Police Department is fully capable of pursuing the scofflaws who commit acts of vandalism and hate.

    The Portal can and will be used for political reasons. History is clear re: Communism. Shut it down.

  4. I had the advantage of a public school education in Edmonds School District 15, 1st Grade through High School graduation in 1967. As a student I was required to read more books than I can count. Three come to mind here, Animal Farm, by George Orwell, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, and 1984, also by Orwell. They made enough of an impression that I still remember their messages. Perhaps they should be required reading by our Mayor and City Council.

    1. That would be great, except that the mayor and his Gang of 4, will most likely use these books as How-To manuals, not fiction.

      Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s The Social Contract would be better; JJR says that politicians are voted in to do the will of the people ( that’s part 1 of the contract). Should the politicians fail to obey the will of the people, the people have the right to throw them out ( second part of the contract)

  5. This is yet another example of Mayor Nelson’s failed leadership and he and his gang of 4 (Adrienne Frailly Monillas, Susan Paine, Luke Distillhorst, and Laura Johnson), putting national political issues and political correctness above managing the local issues they were elected to lead:
    1. Stoping speeding on Dayton as pleaded for by the residents
    2. Hiring a qualified police chief
    3. Listening to all of the merchants in downtown who reached a compromise on walkable downtown
    4. Following precedent with regard to salary management for city employees
    5. Following the Comprehensive Plan for growth
    Instead what have they done:
    1. Ignored the pleas of the residents of Dayton street
    2. Despite having a highly qualified Assistant Police Chief in Jim Lawless, threw him under the bus and tried to rush through the hiring of an unqualified (never been a chief in a town with over 300 people) person with multiple domestic abuse charges against him – why was he hired? The color of his skin…
    3. Mayor Nelson ignored the compromise on walkable downtown the businesses reached and “did it my way”
    4. Disbanded the longstanding salary commission so they can raise the salaries of Mayor and City Council
    5. Creating a Staff driven Housing Commission that ignores that we are meeting or exceeding all our growth targets and proposes to eliminate single family zoning in all of Edmonds.
    Now this ridiculous “Hate Portal”
    What’s next – sending the Gestapo to follow up on reports by anonymous sources that you were “hateful”
    Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.
    It would be a sit com if it wasn’t such a tragic failure of leadership by the Mayor and his four acolytes.
    Those five need to be booted out of office so someone will take care of the local community and serve the Citizens of Edmonds…..not some ridiculous ideological goals…..this is little Edmonds…lets cherish what we have, welcome everyone who wants to come here to work, shop or live and manage our city and our growth wisely.

    1. Bill, great comment. Basically agree with you completely. While I think Edmond’s city government has been off the rails of reality long before this group showed up, they have made things exponentially worse. There are no checks and balances in Edmonds city government, past or present, and the citizen is only heard if he/she either knows someone in power or screams bloody murder in public protest. Bad system!

  6. Sorry Alicia…. I’m not buying it. This was an ill-advised hair brain idea from day one and to wait until you see which way the political winds are flowing to weigh in is just political theater in my view, especially considering you are paying a consulting firm to work your campaign that works for and supports candidates statewide and nationwide that support this kind of Orwellian ideas and thinking.

  7. Yeah. Maybe a bit too late I think. Its pretty well set it looks like to me. I think our new council will be a breath of fresh air. Now in November we will see even more. Lets start this time with no doubts, no lies, no sneaky little things…I think I found my people for all of this. We need to reach a center of sorts or go down! Its that simple folks. So the middle and out both ways and we will have out perfect town and a great place for every one. I do think AFM should maybe be recalled?? Sorry but wow!!! Makes us look bad in my opinion.

  8. Allow me to tell you about my interaction with the portal. As an employee of the City of 23 years I have now been labeled a hate/bias/discriminatory individual. Why? because I informed a vendor at the Saturday Museum Market that he could not by law move the road closed barricades for his personal means of ease. This individual was allowed to say anything he wanted about our interaction on the portal. Some correct, some an out and out lie. All of this without any recourse or rebuttal. Now it is public record, again without any statement by me.

    I can answer some of your questions. Who monitors this? well I can tell you I was not contacted by the police about “Hateful/Bias/Discrimination”. Nope my boss was notified by the Economic Development Department. Interesting! In my opinion this is the most ridiculous thing. Any person can say whatever they want and possibly destroy the career of a city employee. What’s next ? The traffic light didn’t turn green fast enough. Label the traffic engineer as hateful/Bias/Discriminatory? Make no mistake if a complaint is made there, that is NOW your label.

    1. Just out of curiosity, did they outline a.process or corrective action or what happens next? Does it go on your employee record? It would be interesting to understand the civil pricess.

  9. The same. Yes
    George this is not the thread or the place to talk about what my boss is or is not doing for discipline
    Thank you though

  10. Sorry, in hindsight thatvwas pretty personal stuff, I was more worried about the process and how anyone can really fight that stigma. It worries me for everyone, and in these types of instances, you’re guilty until proven innocent.

  11. George no worries I too am interested in finding out how to the stigma. I’ve been told that now that it’s public record there is nothing that can be done. “At this point”.

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