Residents pack city council chambers to speak their minds about housing, traffic safety and hate reporting

Residents wait for the Edmonds City Council meeting to start Tuesday night.

For more than two hours Tuesday night, Edmonds city councilmembers got an earful from dozens of residents who filled the council chambers to speak their minds on issues ranging from housing density to traffic safety to the city’s reporting system for incidents of bias, discrimination and hate.

It was the second in-person meeting in two weeks for the council, which until last week had been meeting remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, meetings are offered in a hybrid format that accommodates participants either in the council chambers or remotely via Zoom. However, technical difficulties Tuesday night delayed the meeting’s start approximately 40 minutes. And with an estimated 75 people in the council chambers and dozens signed up to speak, the council didn’t get through all of its agenda.

A good portion of the comments were related to traffic safety concerns in the 700 and 800 blocks of Dayton Street, which according to residents has become a speedway of sorts for those looking for the fastest route from 9th Avenue to downtown. Dayton Avenue resident Tom Snyder was among several who told the council that the speeding vehicles — including heavy trucks and  Community Transit buses — pose a risk to the children attending preschool and day care at the city-owned Frances Anderson Center (the drop-off and pick-up point is on Dayton) as well as patrons using the Edmonds Library. He and others suggested that the city install stop signs at both 7th and 8th Avenues to slow down drivers.

“Please note that the 700 and 800 block of Dayton Street are unlike any other area in the city,” Snyder said. “It is both a residential street and a pathway for pedestrians to and from our city’s only library and our city’s only community center.” As such, he said, it “requires unique solutions.”

Those attending Tuesday night’s meeting also expressed concerns about housing density in light of recent recommendations from the Edmonds Citizens Housing Commission that include cluster/cottage housing and detached accessory dwelling units. (The council has just started exploring these recommendation to determine next steps,)

“Single-family homeowners have overwhelmingly opposed any up-zoning although their participation has been kept to an absolute minimum in this entire (Housing Commission recommendation) process, ” said Edmonds resident Eric Soll, who urged councilmembers to remember that they were elected to repreent the will of the city’s residents — and not those who would benefit from increasing density, including the construction industry and real estate developers.

“We need to honor Edmonds and protect it from developers and the destruction of our neighborhoods and open space,” added Edmonds resident Kathy Brewer. “We need to preserve our old-fashioned charm and small-town feel and keep Edmonds a tranquil, peaceful place.”

The other topic that generated numerous comments was Edmonds’ new online portal, which the city announced last week would be available to report “non-criminal issues of concern” related to bias, discrimination and hate.

Among those commenting on the portal was resident Judy Hardesty, who described it as “blatant government overreach — a practice you would see in a communist country that infringes on Edmonds citizens’ First Amendment rights.” Such a system could result in defamation of character, leading to lawsuits against the city, she added, and will “raise distrust of city government and neighbors. Instead of uniting the city it will create division.”

Resident Eric Dubbery then read a comment on behalf of Rod Schick, who had to leave the meeting early. Stating that the portal “would create more problems than it will solve,” Schick asked who in the city would define or decide “what bias, discrimination or hate are when incidents are reported?”

During the comments Tuesday night about the new portal, several people were critical of two councilmembers in particular: Luke Distelhorst, the council’s liaison to the Diversity Commission, which had first discussed the idea of having such a reporting tool, and Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, who said in December 2020 TV interview that then-police chief candidate Sherman Pruitt, who is Black, would be a good pick given “all the racism in Edmonds.”

Immediately after that interview, Fraley-Monillas stressed that she was not stating that Edmonds residents were racist but that the city had experienced incidents of racism over the years. After those TV interview statements were brought up again Tuesday night, Fraley-Monillas addressed the issue during council comments, noting that during the interview  “I was asked whether we had racism in Edmonds and we do. Edmonds has racism, every city has levels of racism. It’s not unique to Edmonds.”

Then Fraley-Monillas, who along with Distelhorst is running for election this year, said she believed that much of what was said Tuesday night “has to do with politics.”

Despite the lateness of the hour, the council did end up holding two public hearings — one to make permanent an interim ordinance regarding outdoor dining spaces on existing commercial property and the other to allow unit lot subdivisions in downtown business zones. But since many people had left the meeting and time was short, the council agreed to extend both hearings to a later date so additional public comment could be gathered. The council also postponed a discussion about Edmonds Municipal Court reorganization.

In other business, Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson announced that starting Wednesday, all city employees will again be required to wear masks — regardless of vaccination status — to comply with recent health guidance aimed at addressing the latest wave of COVID-19 infections.

— Story and photo by Teresa Wippel




  1. Thank you Eric Soll and others who continue to speak up against damaging changes to the ADU code already on the books in our SFR neighborhoods. Please do a through background check on the folks you may Vote for, find out what their position is and are they connected to a Industry that will profit or their families from the decisions that are made. ADU’s are already legal to do in SFR but only under very strick conditions and should stay that way.

  2. I do not support the city’s reporting system for incidents of bias, discrimination and hate.

    Our community is more diverse than folks might think and I do not for one second believe that Edmonds is a racist community. In fact, I believe our community is not only welcoming and full of genuinely good-hearted people, it is a community that is rich with culture and opportunity. Sure, there are isolated instances of hate and discrimination in Edmonds, just as there is in other community. This does not make our city racist. As a minority and a first-generation American myself, I have found great success and opportunity in Edmonds. This is a testament to the character of our city.

    I understand the intent of the diversity commission’s recommendation to create an online portal. However, I do not agree with any reporting tool that creates a mechanism and venue for people’s civil liberties to be infringed upon or increases government overreach. Instances of hate and discrimination should be reported to our Police Department and the other proper authorities who are trained to handle and investigate each claim using the proper investigatory methods and standards. I do not think that our city staff is prepared, nor should be expected to serve in this very sensitive role. Regardless of my feelings on the idea of the actual portal itself, I think the larger issue at play here is the complete disregard for due process and procedure.

    We cannot continue the blatant disregard of the will of the people and the opportunity for our residents to weigh in on matters of significance before they are implemented. Why do we always seem to start from a position of pushback instead of partnership? Since when do committees or commissions and even staff have legislative authority to set policy?

    I would like to acknowledge the good work done by the diversity commission and their well-intended efforts to keep Edmonds the welcoming place we know and love, an at the same time acknowledge that it is time to go back to the drawing board!

    1. Will:

      I commend you for taking a stance on this important issue. Thank you for stepping up. I do wish you could have been at the council meeting live and in person to tell Luke, the Mayor and everyone else what your thoughts are, but this is better than staying silent!!! So again, thank you!!!

    2. Thank you, Mr. Chen! As a former member of the DC I understand the interest in having this information. I always wanted more data on whatever the issue at hand was. However a website where the government collects potentially anonymous complaints from citizens about other citizens or businesses is a horrifyingly Orwellian way to do that. The atmosphere the website’s existence creates is bad enough, but consider the potential for malicious claims being filed against someone innocent on the website, and then a public records request to “out” that person. This is just waiting to be weaponized for character assassination and trial in the court of public opinion.

  3. Increased traffic and speed are not just on Dayton.
    We have noticed a significant increase in speeders on Cedar Street (several blocks over). Also, there is a huge increase in volume of ‘heavy equipment’ and delivery trucks going up and down that steep hill. These streets all have many people walking with kids and their pets. Dangerous & noisy situation.

    1. OK. I am watching the meeting right now. I am hearing all about speeding in the Bowl area. Dayton specifically. Ok I have yet to hear anyone mention the speeding all over Edmonds. There is not a night that goes by I don’t see cars or trucks and bikes going 50 -60 miles an hour. SO yes it happens in many neighborhoods. You all need to stop acting like below ninth is everything.
      However I do say this. I have no objection at all to taking out that silly circle its in the way. Second I am all for you having stop signs in your residential are that has many children, just like mine does in 5 corners. But I do think that you need to realize that it is not your typical Edmonds citizen whether uphill or downhill that matters here, the people who drive that speed on these streets are trouble makers. So I have no reason to think that putting stop signs on Dayton will stop the speeding. Why well we have the stop signs ok… And they don’t even slow down 1 mph and run thru all of them…. That is the truth. I see it every night I saw it last night. Its amazing and that doesn’t even start to cover what I hear and see on 99 and 76th… Sirens all night. It was better for awhile last night on 99. But bottom line is go ahead and give them those stop signs but residents on Dayton don’t expect that those little red signs are going to stop them. They won’t. MAYBE really big speed bumps and then they might fly into the sound… Good riddance ha. So this isn’t anything against Dayton. I don’t blame you for wanting to protect your children but I do want you to want to protect ours in 5 corners too. Thats it. Good luck. Love to All Deb.

  4. I want to address the new “snitch” portal that was just released by the city.

    I first want to say that any form of discrimination or hate is 100% unacceptable and should never be tolerated. I also want to say that I know the intent to create a portal was born out of genuine concern but this type of portal can be seen by many as a snitching site that will divide us and create more problems than it will solve. Edmonds is not a hateful & discriminatory city, so is having this portal worth it?

    Here are a few concerns I have about the new portal:

    -Who defines or decides what bias, discrimination and hate are when incidents are reported? There are obvious ones of course, but what legal entity will review each complaint and confirm that it was an act of bias, discrimination or hate or if it even happened after reviewing the evidence?

    Example I. There is a home in my neighborhood that flies the Don’t Tread on me Flag. To some, this flag is offensive but to others it is a Revolutionary War flag and a historic expression of American patriotism. With the new portal someone could say that the Don’t Tread on me Flag represents hate or discrimination. At the same time the person flying the flag could accuse those filing the complaint against the flag of bias. Where does it end? Who decides?

    Example II. Adrienne Fraley-Monilas in a Facebook Chat referred to the people who live in downtown Edmonds as “a pack of downtown rich white people” Is this Bias, Discrimination or Hate and should it be reported on the portal? If it is reported what happens next? Is the claim investigated or does it just sit out there for everyone to see?

    To be continued on next post….

    1. I totally agree with you. This could cause further division and we don’t want that. I do not think that this portal was designed for the same reason as the post reads but I will just keep that down for today. I think it is the city council doing this, so I assume the Mayor and Council will have some play in this as far as which one is Bias, which one is just rude, which one is slander, etc, etc. Knowing how divided out council is right now is not a good time to give this group that kind of decision making. Just my thought.

  5. Cont….

    -Where is the due process of the person or persons accused of bias, discrimination or hate?

    How does one clear their name once they have been accused or reported? Is an email or ticket number generated once a claim is filed so that it can be tracked and everyone can know what the outcome was and if the claims were in fact validated or just hearsay or made up? There are false claims of bias, discrimination and hate every day just as there are real events of it as well. Who decides on what is real and what is not? Does the Mayor, Luke and the Diversity Council play judge and jury on this? I ask this because in the last council meeting Luke Distelhorst praised the Mayor and the Diversity Commission for putting up the portal. Luke is also listed as the Ex Officio Commissioner of the Diversity Council. What is Luke’s role in regards to the new portal?

    -WE have laws in this country that protect all of us from Discrimination and hate and we also have a local police department where discrimination and hate can be reported and investigated. Why then do we need a portal that has no rules, or controls or due process? To me it’s just a snitch site where good people can have their lives ruined or where bad people can target someone or some entity and make false claims.

    I highly recommend you consider eliminating this portal. It’s divisive, it can ruin an innocent person’s reputation, it can be an avenue for someone to target another person they don’t like and it can open the city up to a massive civil rights law suit.

    I also want to thank Janelle Cass for showing up last night and addressing this important issue with the Mayor and Council. She was the only one running for council that was there last night. That says a lot about Janelle Cass!!!!! She cares!!!!

    1. Maybe, but it doesn’t have the one it needs. And yes Mask up. I have a bit given up on any personal distress over people getting sick if they aren’t trying everything to avoid it. After apathy sets in not good. So I have a bit of energy left there but it is leaving I can feel it… One thing about Masking is even though the fall of Edmonds economically is possible if it has to go into a total shut down mode it is plausible that many business’s and unless the FEDS can bail you out you have tapped your citizens out already and plan to even more so, those business’s won’t be back…Now any business owner in our town should encourage masking as people will still shop…many will feel more comfortable and you will have more sales the longer a person looks around. Seeing unmasked people may make your customers feel in a hurry and then just give up and leave.. So Wear your mask except on the beach on your walks a bit away…At home run through your yard free and unmasked.

  6. Deserves? You dislike Edmonds so much? That sounds like giving up, washing your hands, and walking away.

  7. Edmonds has the government they elected except for one position on Council, and that election is coming up.

    Elections matter.

    In the council meeting, I missed the latter half, and am sorry I didn’t get to hear AFM actually say that the motivation behind the portal disagreement was political. That’s sort of the pot calling the kettle.

    1. I wouldn’t vote for her but I agree with her that there is obviously political motivation behind this portal deal. That I realized this morning thanks to this wonderful paper we have and the poster who informed us of all the rest of the story… For instance the fact the diversity committee or whatever is behind it and that its leader is big time into those particular political ideals. I would say the same if it were a more conservative council member. So the person said Luke is the boss ha and the diversity committee is behind it etc and both of the people on the diversity committee are running for office with the basically same platform and ideals. So is this fair folks… I don’t think so.

  8. I attended the council meeting last night in full and was so inspired and energized by the turn out and the comments the community delivered. Taking part in the discussion and voicing concerns to our city leaders is our civic duty and is imperative. But EVERYONE needs to get involved. If you are rooting from the sidelines, you are not driving change. Get involved! Join the meetings! Speak your mind!
    At the end of the meeting during council comments there were 4 council members who acknowledged and either promised further consideration of/follow up on the concerns that they had heard.
    They were: Kristiana Johnson, Diane Buckshnis, Vivian Olsen, and Council President Paine.

    In contrast, the other 3 council members ignored or chose to redirect:
    Luke Distelhorst: did not acknowledge at all the concerns about the portal that he himself championed. WOW.
    Laura Johnson: pretty much went straight to masking indoors
    And AFM!
    AFM proceeded to reframe the concerns that her constituents brought forth as politically- motivated. She did not acknowledge or take any ownership of her comments related to racism in our City. Instead, she chose to lie, saying that she only made comments about how there was racism in Edmonds- when we all know that she said “with all of the racism in Edmonds” in the context of the discussion regarding COP candidate Pruitt. She lied.
    She also rebuked the reference to her comments on Indivisible Edmonds Facebook page (of which Mayor Nelson was listed as an Administrator at the time) when she called citizens of the Bowl “ a pack of white rich people,” saying it was taken out of context. Well I have first hand experIence and proof that her comment was not out of context and I intend to comment on this at next Tuesdays meeting. Tune in!

    AFM is a divisive and partisan individual who speaks with condescension to anyone who does not share her ideologies. She takes no accountability and must be voted off of Council in November- if we do not make sure this happens we will regret it.

    1. A very good summary. Thank you for your engagement and your description of the meeting.

      Dismissing the constituents concerns outright is definitely a problem. It is good for our council to have diverse views, but only if there is productive and mutually respectful debate.

      In a letter to the editor advocating for the re-election of Luke Distelhorst, the writer noted that we needed someone who placed a priority on “empathy and compassion.” In general that sounds great, but in practice, there has been some terribly destructive policies that have been rooted in “empathy and compassion.”

      In far left leaning cities like Seattle and Portland, policies rooted in “empathy and compassion” have led to massive increases in theft, murders, crime, and housing rental scarcity. While well intentioned, the moral certainty of their choices has caused many key decision makers to forgo considering any conflicting arguments or potential negative repercussions of their policies. They literally are creating the situation that seriously harm and murder their own citizens at an unnecessarily high rate out of a sense of “empathy and compassion.”

      As a lifelong Democrat, I potentially share many of the long-term social ideals the AFM and Distelhorst also likely share. However, as a pragmatic moderate, I have seen the continued pattern of dismissal and downplay of conflicting viewpoints from AFM and Distelhorst. Similar to habits of councilmembers in Seattle and Portland that have caused so much damage there.

      From the damage and attacks on our police department, to the housing policy that favored developers over residents, to the bias report portal, to the tree code. AFM and Distelhorst have shown a continual pattern of making decisions without considering consequences, or seriously considering constructive feedback. They appear to believe they have the moral justification to ignore anything contradictory to their views.

      I agree when you say that “AFM is a divisive and partisan individual who speaks with condescension to anyone who does not share her ideologies. She takes no accountability and must be voted off of Council in November- if we do not make sure this happens we will regret it.”

  9. I’m looking at the photo of mostly unmasked attendees at the council meeting closely packed together with alarm. With Covid numbers rising in Snohomish county with the Delta variant is this a good idea? I would hate to see a super spreader event coming from a council meeting. In close quarters like that people should be masked.

    1. Imagine telling Salt and Iron [or some other politically connected business] they are super-spreading. The side walk eateries are like a virus crop duster as people walk by. Starbucks was packed yesterday. Is it true they might be killing us just to sell us oysters and a coffee?

      1. Can you suggest a solution? Back to masking? You wrote;

        March 8, 2021 at 5:29 pm
        The abstract from this CDC study, comparing thousands of counties across the US, masks only 1.32% effective at preventing an infection that caused mortality.

        December 23, 2020 at 10:19 am
        A second “mutant” strand of the virus is found in England, in addition to the strand publicized last month. I could be convinced that mask-wearing and lockdowns are causing infections at this point. John Hoplins buries a study that indicated that the mortality rates for elderly **is not affected** by cv-19.

    2. Melissa:

      In defense of everyone there not wearing a mask, it says on the door as you enter that if you are vaccinated a mask is not required. It’s really a personal choice. There are so many important issues facing the city in this years election and mask wearing after being fully vaccinated is not one of them IMHO.

      1. On part of Evan and Nathaniel, I think there’s some “dangerous misinformation” being spread about COVID. For one, don’t assume the vaccine is 99.5% effective. Mask up. Sleep in separate rooms is sage advice. Our K9’s (dogs to the lay person) can give you COVID, so the same protocols apply. However, if you are eating the germs follow the gool rules, in that they agree not to get you if you are having oysters while people constantly walk by. And for god’s sake, do not criticize the government while mask-less. That’s like playing Marco Polo with germs, but Marco is the one with eyes open. The virus knows your politics.

        1. In May of 2021, 99.2% of COVID deaths in the US were unvaccinated, and 98.9% of hospitalizations from COVID were from unvaccinated.

          Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated

          This virus is not political, but because of deliberate steps among Conservative leaders to discourage vaccines among their followers, this disease is largely killing people in Conservative areas. This is a now a Conservative Pandemic.

          In many places including here where vaccine rates were high enough, the danger from the disease has largely gone away. It is the largely Conservative areas of the country where high percentages have bought into the anti-vax misinformation that COVID is still a problem. People dying from COVID in Arkansas begged to get the vaccine as they were dying, and were told that “it is too late.” Before they passed, they explained how they were told the virus was a hoax, or that the vaccines were not effective, or that this virus would not effect people of their skin color.

          The fact that Conservatives have largely restricted the virus to those who believe their own anti-vax falsehoods is linked to the made up facts and pretend realities that Conservatives have been pursuing for years. When they didn’t like that Trump lost the election, they pretended that he didn’t, when they didn’t like global warming, they pretended it wasn’t happening, when they didn’t like that Trump instigated an attack on the capital, they pretended it was Antifa or Pelosi. Frankly there were not many downsides to pretending that reality is what they wanted it to be until COVID hit.

          Many deaths of Conservatives in this area have been prevented because our high vaccine rate has prevented a larger spread of the disease. New mask policies are focused on protecting the unvaccinated, but it is not practical since the danger to unvaccinated will never go away.

    3. A fair question, however well over 99.5% of the deaths from COVID have been among unvaccinated people. Even with the much more infectious Delta variant, those who are vaccinated have generally seen mild symptoms.

      There is more than enough evidence to show that vaccines are safe and effective. Those that choose to risk the lives of their friends, family, and friends by not getting vaccinated are making that choice. As tragic as the continued deaths from COVID are, we cannot allow the irresponsible unvaccinated to hold the rest of us hostage.

      Engaging in this democratic activity is important for our community and society. For me seeing all of these people that showed up for this town hall is a great sign of the productive civic engagement in our community.

      This in person meeting would not even have been possible at all if so many responsible people had not gotten vaccinated. They are carrying the responsibility of helping their community to be economically productive, safe, and open. For me, this meeting with so many maskless people is a tremendous sign of progress in showing how so many of the heroic members of our community put the safety of themselves and their community first by getting vaccinated to make this happen.

      1. Effective??? All we’ve been hearing about lately is fully vaccinated people coming down with the virus? Effective??? Mask mandates for fully vaccinated people? In the day to day product development world it would be classified as a complete failure.

        1. Over 99.5% of those dying from COVID in the US are unvaccinated. That is the ultimate proof of the effectiveness of our vaccines.

          Breakthrough cases for the most part can lead to mild symptoms for the vaccinated, but it is the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated people who are for the most part voluntarily choosing to die from this disease that this is the reason that masks or other protections are even still an issue.

          Because of how many people have gotten vaccinated, this meeting was possible, the reopening of the State was possible, kids going back to school is possible. Being able to get our lives back is certainly another metric of the effectiveness of vaccines.

          I think it is great that this meeting was able to be held in person, and give thanks to all the people who made that happen.

        2. It was excellent to hear the residents of Edmonds speak from the heart last night. The frustration has been building for some time.
          It was also good to see city council candidate Janelle Cass there, speaking about these issues that are very concerning to us all! She was spot on about our civil liberties being infringed upon and for speaking out to protect our small businesses from irresponsible zoning changes.
          We people on the council that listen to the people.

    1. The first 40 minutes of this video are “technical difficulties” and include nothing intelligible. The actual City Council meeting doesn’t begin until 40 minutes into the video!

      1. I made it through the second half of the meeting last night. I find it ironic that the Councilmember that claims citizen complaints are politically motivated is endorsed by and actively seeking support from (by asking for those endorsements) major Democratic PACs and players in the Northwest.

        The political ideology that has crashed its way into a non-partisan council election cycle is disheartening. Those ideologies are better left for empty promises and double speak at the statewide and national levels.

        Sewers streets, schools, safety and services don’t need to be endorsed. Better economic development, fiscal responsibility, effective planning, and representation of the citizens is something we all can get behind.

        Edmonds is a great place to live, work, play, learn, and grow. Edmonds has challenges as welI. I suspect if the Councilmember who thinks that local outrage is politically motivated spent enough time and hought about the efforts and actions of citizens to improve our City instead of labeling us all political ideologues, we might have a little more civility and progress in and from Council.

    2. It was super easy and well worth the time. So good to see this. I think making these meetings always open to the public is the way it should be. I really do. I think this will hopefully help with all the wondering a bit. I think it will make us closer as a community, Its very refreshing to see humans speaking instead of a machine with no feelings, etc. YES. Good job Citizens of Edmonds I am so proud of you. And Council as annoying as a few of you are to me personally I too thought you did a good job of simply acting human exceeeeeeeeeeeept this time I don’t think you were Acting. I think I saw genuine wondering in your eyes. Bravo.

  10. Last night was both inspirational and incredibly disappointing.
    Inspiration came from the many Citizens of Edmonds who showed up to express their views and passion for the present and future of Edmonds. They care about our city and demonstrated that last night.
    Inspiration came from Kristiana Johnson, Diane Buckshnis, Vivian Olson and even Susan Paine – who heard the Citizens frustrations with so many outlandish moves by the Mayor and his 4 cronies (which usually includes Susan Paine – maybe she had a wake up call) expressed. They acknowledged them and agreed to pay attention to these concerns.

    The incredibly disappointing point came from the Mayor, Adrienne Frailly-Monillas, Luke Distillhorst, and Laura Johnson. They did not acknowledge the frustrations on their many failures (police chief, tree policy, fascist Hate Portal, and lack of attention to concerns of residents on Dayton Street. They did not acknowledge the serious concerns the Citizens raised over City Staff driven housing initiatives which the Mayor and Gang of Four have been pushing.
    The Mayor, Adrienne, Luke and Laura think they know what is best for Edmonds, so they just want to ram through a “Government Top Down” approach to everything.
    What was their response after all of the passionate input?
    “We need to be wearing masks”…….TONE DEAF AND INFURIATING!

    This Mayor and these Council Members need to be voted out, so that someone who actually believes that the Citizens of Edmonds are at the Top of the City Org Chart can replace them and stop this foolish effort to turn Edmonds into a smaller version of the failed policies of Downtown Seattle.

  11. It’s all beginning to unravel. The “experts” are contradicting themselves for a reason. The science and data were never behind their edicts. Do you think the inventor of mRNA might have a clue? He’s banned from social media. Masks and lockdowns to follow.

  12. I’m at work doing a System Safety Analysis right now. Assuming a restaurant is an aircraft for a moment, we’d actually have some regulations and methodology for once.

    These are some very serious questions. What is the likelihood that anyone has died from eating at a restaurant in Edmonds? Would it be considered a freak accident if someone died after getting infected? As we’re reminded by our friends in thread, we talking about an extremely dangerous virus. Is it worth having restaurants open if a single person died because of it?

  13. I missed attending the Council meeting because I have some sort of crud that I didn’t want to spread at a public meeting. Then I missed the meeting on cable because for some reason my cable now won’t transmit the meetings I used to watch fairly routinely. Anyway, I was certainly there in spirit and it sounds like lots of folks are just as fed up with this micro managing, money wasting ultra Left leaning group of 4 as I am. All I can do is keep saying the same thing. We need to give our Council people the tools they need to keep things reasonably honest and above board and let them ask the questions that need to be asked about the conduct of our Mayor and Staff persons. They should have some investigative powers built into the job. As it is now; when the he/she Mayor doesn’t like the question he/she just tells the council to shut up and mind there own business. This doesn’t work to serve the citizenry and it never will, regardless of who is or isn’t elected.

      1. People on Dayton and Walnut if your are experiencing increased traffic on week ends consider that main st is closed from 6th to 3rd who’s brainy idea was that. Oh mayor mike

        1. Our current local administration might do well to read up on the Law of Unintended Consequences.

          Walkable Main Street leads to safety hazards in surrounding blocks.

          Investment by police and traffic departments will have to be made in the Bowl.

          That money has to come from somewhere. Perhaps from a park improvement budget. It also perpetuates the argument that money is always spent in the Bowl.

          A perverse and unintended consequence that wasn’t vetted. The image of a European walkable Main Street was ideologically wonderful. The execution of the project and the Consequences, well that’s what didn’t get reviewed.

          What other unintended consequences has the current administration brought to Edmonds? What other unintended consequences has some of the actions by Council brought to Edmonds?

          I am avoiding going into the Master Builders Association’s support of the missing middle housing – (they are effectively the lobbying arm of construction), but great theory. What are the unintended consequences? None for the lobbying group. Either way they make money, they just make more on larger construction projects that lead to larger infrastructure projects. To think that is is simply a way to “increase affordable housing” is naive at best.

          Governments don’t have to worry about unintended consequences. They win either way. next election cycle, more taxes to fix self inflicted wounds, and more rhetoric to tell the citizens why they are the ones to blame for the problems in the first place.

  14. We need to consider 4 way stops on all Dayton and Mainstreet intersections. 8th. and Main is just as bad as 8th. and Dayton, especially during all the weekend activities at F.A. Center. (I’d love to know the reasoning for the stupid half roundabout at 8th. and Dayton which confuses anyone who doesn’t live here). Coming off 8th. Street, turning left on Main is a nightmare when parked large vehicles block the view up the hill and you have to wonder if someone is getting up speed coming down 9th. with no stop required but you can’t see them. Just stop all traffic and take turns. So someone loses 30 seconds on the way to Starbuck’s. Who cares?

  15. Outsiders Point-of-View after reading the above article & comments: First, I must say that I don’t live in Edmonds but visit friends there frequently. Before moving out of Shoreline (which has also changed & not for the good) I had strongly considered moving to Edmonds because of the small-town charm it once had. I’m sorry to say that I am glad I didn’t. Now, each time I visit Edmonds it brings me such sadness to see the change in the quality of life I once loved & respected. My heart goes out to its residents. It is defintely evident that real estate investors have taken over your city to fill their own pockets; forgoing the once small town coastal feel.
    I will also say that no matter what small city you live in, city council members seem to be in the pockets of big money investors and have little care for maintaining the quality of life of those that voted them in. A sad state of affairs for both small and big-city politics.
    Don’t give up Edmonds. Keep up the good fight.

  16. Ms. Swenson, I appreciate your comments greatly. I’d love to hear more about how Shoreline has changed for the worse and why you chose to leave. For example, did you leave because of the style of government and/or the quality of government services, or just because too many people were moving in and changing the look and feel? Are you aware of and did you participate in the annual government survey about it’s over all performance? If you are aware of that survey, do you think it’s legitimate or just a feel good gimmick? (The Shoreline government claims high marks on this annual survey)? How would you rate their Council/Manager form of government? I’ve asked the people I know living in Shoreline these questions and mostly I get haven’t got a clue type answers.

    1. Thanks for sharing.
      How can Edmonds take this same thoughtful and citizen -involved approach?
      Do we need a City Council member to help drive this?
      The election in November is VERY crucial in this regard.

      We need to elect:
      Janelle Cass
      Neil Tibbott

      And re-elect:
      Kristiana Johnson

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