You can help the state name the next new ferry  

Construction of a new, hybrid electric Olympic Class ferry is expected to start in 2022. The new 144-car vessel will need a name and the Washington State Transportation Commission has initiated its process to do so by seeking naming proposals from the public. But it takes a little more work than just suggesting a name, the commission said.

Sponsors of naming proposals will need to keep in mind the following:

  • Names should carry statewide or regional significance and represent our state’s image and culture.
  • Names should represent such things as state-adopted symbols, tribal names, names of bodies of water, geographic locations, cities, counties, relate to nautical heritage, etc.
  • Consideration will be given for consistency with existing WSF fleet names.
  • Names should have broad familiarity, be non-offensive, and meet ethical standards.
  • Names with commercial overtones or names honoring or commemorating individuals should generally be avoided, but will be considered upon very careful review.  In these cases, the following guidelines will apply:
    • Individuals must be deceased for at least 20 years.
    • They must have enduring distinction and have played a significant historical role in the region and/or state.

Naming proposals submitted to the commission must identify how they conform to the above guidelines; provide background on the proposed name, making a case for the proposal; and provide evidence of public support for the name.

How to submit name proposals

Naming proposals must be received by 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 1, and must be provided in both hard copy and electronic form as follows:

  • Hard copies are to be mailed to:

Washington State Transportation Commission

PO Box 47308

Olympia, WA 98504-7308

  • Electronic copies are to be emailed to:, indicating “Ferry Naming Proposal” in the subject line.

Washington State Ferries has 21 vessels in its fleet. Many have names reflecting the state’s tribal heritage. The current Olympic Class vessels are named Chimacum, Samish, Suquamish, and Tokitae, keeping with that tradition.

Additional information on ferry naming can be found on the commission’s website at


  1. About half the vessels in our ferry fleet are named after Washington cities large and small. I suggest this new boat be named the Edmonds, or the M/V Edmonds in proper nautical parlance.
    Looking at all the differences of opinion around here and our sometimes noisy disagreements, this strikes me as something the entire city could get behind. Maybe we even get City Council to pass a resolution recommending the M/V Edmonds name, perhaps unanimously rather than the usual 4-3 vote.

  2. Soon to be followed by the M/V’s Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline, Lake Forrest Park and Woodway. The Woodway would be a special model with no engines (i.e a barge) that carries only 50 cars separated by large areas of open deck space featuring large potted trees with no on board concessions or business area. The Woodway would always be tied to and towed by the M/V Edmonds. Cars on the Woodway would only be charged half of the usual boarding fees for the Edmonds.

    1. Clinton, What do you have against Woodway residents? I believe they contract with Edmonds for police and pay for it. If a town chooses to not have businesses, that is their decision. Maybe their taxes are lower because they don’t waste it on pointless police chief searches and online diversity complaints, etc. That is appealing to me.

  3. If named Edmonds and put on the Clinton/Mukilteo run then we could catch the “Edmonds” ferry and to to Whidbey Island.

    1. Darrol, after a weekend on the peninsula, I’d be thrilled to ride the M/V Edmonds on my way home to Edmonds. How cool that would be!

      1. Problem is the new boat is scheduled to be added to the Clinton/Mukilteo run. It will not go to the peninsula.

        1. Over the life of such boats, they get moved around the system a lot. I’d be shocked if we never saw M/V Edmonds serving Edmonds.

  4. Mike, mostly I was just having a little fun with this one and I have nothing against Woodway residents. Roger is my friend and the M/V Edmonds is a really great idea which I support.

    Indeed, as you point out the Woodway residents are the real smart people around here. It’s us Edmonds residents that aren’t too swift most of the time. If we were smart (or more correctly, if our leaders were smart) we would tell Woodway City it has the option of annexing into Edmonds and paying for and being a real part of a real city or go beg some other real City entity to meet their needs (they contract with Shoreline for Fire for some reason). But, being the “Choose Kindness” and “It’s and Edmonds Kind of Day” good folks that we are, we don’t do that. Our leaders are so good and understanding that we let the Edmonds school district throw out our Edmonds High School Tigers tradition and history, so we can once again meet the needs or our Woodway neighbors who are smarter than we will ever hope to be. And yes, I’m a petty old coot with an ax to grind.

  5. Yes, as a 1962 graduate of EDMONDS High, I was appalled to come back to Edmonds in 2005 and see my high school was gone, and a new one named after Woodway. The school is in Edmonds, NOT Woodway, we lost the Tiger mascot, our purple and gold. The new school should have stayed Edmonds High (EHS).

  6. Amen, brother Kolb, you had a great class; I remember it well. My pals and I in ’64 thought you were the “coolest” guys we’d ever seen, when we arrived as lowly Sophomores. Howard Lagerstrom and Roger Coble threw snowballs on the school bus and G. Mason Hall, Principal, came on the bus personally to reprimand them. Then Hall reprimanded me for laughing at the whole thing as it transpired. During an assembly Lagerstrom volunteered (i.e challenged) from the crowd to have a duel with the fencing coach, Mr. Vukov, who was demonstrating the art to promote the school club. Howard fought him to a near draw with virtually no training in the art. Thanks for the memories EHS and rest in peace. Lot’s of us around here miss you!

  7. The Salish would be a great name because it would not matter what run it was on so long as it is in the Puget Sound or the Salish Sea as some call it.

  8. How about naming it the “S/V Waskowitz” after the historical environmental camp built in 1935 where generations of Washington state kids spent summers learning about the environment! The camp was named after legendary Husky Fritz Waskowitz, who had been a football hero and team captain at the University of Washington, AND a WWII Navy Hero. He was badly burned in the attack on Pearl Harbor but survived only to die on September 29, 1942 when his plane was shot down in the Pacific. Great story about his life here

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