Lynnwood police investigating reports of shots fired near James Village Safeway store Saturday

Lynnwood police were called to the James Village shopping center in the 19500 block of Highway 99 around 5:30 p.m. Saturday to investigate multiple reports of shots fired near the Safeway store/

According to Lynnwood Police Commander Sean Doty, officers arrived at the scene to find multiple spent bullet casings in the alleyway between Hopskotch Kids and Sally Beauty just north of the Safeway store.  Also located nearby, in the 6200 block of 194th Street Southwest, police found a vehicle that had just been involved in a collision. The vehicle — a 2009 Mercedes C300 sedan — “was still running, had significant damage including airbag deployment, but no occupants were immediately located,” Doty said.

While police were investigating, witnesses indicated someone with a firearm may have entered the Safeway store. As a safety precaution, the Safeway was evacuated and several surrounding stores went into lockdown while officers cleared the Safeway.

A 23-year-old man, who identified himself as a security guard for the James Village property, told police “he was involved in some sort of a disturbance with a group of individuals that had fled the scene,” Doty said. A 20-year-old man associated with the crashed car, who had initially been hiding nearby when police arrived, also came forward and contacted the police.

So far, police have not made any arrests, Doty said. “Detectives are interviewing the security guard and the man associated with the crashed car to try and piece together what happened, who was involved, and who fired the shots,” he said. Detectives will be impounding the Mercedes for further investigation, and are reviewing potential surveillance footage from surrounding stores.

The initial indication, Doty said, is that the security guard and the group associated with the Mercedes may have been involved in a confrontation earlier in the day and when the group returned, that is when shots were fired. “Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries as a result of the gunfire,” he noted.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact Detective Bucholtz at 425-670-5623.  Or you can leave an anonymous tip using Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

  1. I’ve said many times~ far too many firearms in the wrong hands in today’s society. Those bullets all landed somewhere close by, and it’s only luck that (apparently) none of them contacted human flesh on their way to ground.

  2. As more and more “good guys” buy guns to protect themselves from the “bad guys” with guns, the bullets are going to fly somewhat randomly more and more often. I’m not anti second amendment, but it seems like it would be somewhat prudent to require training in the proper use and handling of firearms, perhaps in the public and private schools, before we allow people to purchase them legally. There is no way to prevent illegal purchase, short of banning them and that’s probably not a good idea. Nothing will ever stop a “good guy” from selling a gun to a “bad guy” to make a fast buck.

    1. Clinton,

      Why would a “good guy” sell a gun to a “bad guy” as then if something happens with that gun, the police will first be contacting the “good guy” as the serial number will show that the gun was sold to him. And the “bad guy” wouldn’t want that either because the “good guy” has seen what he looks like and may have some information about him if the police come looking. I don’t think most “good guys” would sell their guns like this and I don’t think “bad guys” obtain their guns this way. I think it is more likely that “bad guys” get their guns through theft, like the one that happened about a week or so ago where the “bad guys” broke into a shop and stole about 7-10 guns.

  3. The “good guys” I’m referring to include the arms manufacturers who care very little about who ends up with their product or whether they are sold at reputable dealers or gun shows or by a mostly “good guy” who is short on cash some week. My simple point was, that if we are going to arm all the “good guys” to fight off the “bad guys” (as the NRA promotes) and gun ownership is a right and almost a duty of every man and woman in America, we ought to have some sort of universal and free (if necessary) education about how to use safely, maintain in good condition, and store firearms. Sort of like how we require people to learn how to drive and prove it, before we allow them to drive.

    1. I’m sorry but this isn’t logical at all. Now I will say if you go to a known area of extreme violence etc. You can for big cash bucks maybe get a ” bad guy” to sell. Or he may just take your money and your car and leave you stranded in a world most of you only see on television. Then what? He will also take your cell phone…if you are lucky you will get home…say a cop underfunded drives by….oh yes they will take your cash and cc too.

  4. Good guys and bad guys don’t have those labels tattooed on their foreheads, so this whole story line fails. Better to require gun safety training and licensing for everyone owning or carrying a firearm. Anyone selling or transferring a firearm to an unlicensed person should get serious punishment.

    But the firearms lobby considers such safety measures to be “infringements”~ violations of the 2nd Amendment. So gun proliferation goes unabated, and shootouts more commonplace. Even here in our own community.

    1. Do you mean a license or a background check? The only time a sale doesn’t have a background check is if it is a one off private sale like from a father to a son. Other than that, all legal gun sales have to have background checks before the weapon is released to the buyer. The only license that I know of is a concealed carry license.

      If I have a gun, legally purchased with a background check, kept in a safe in my home for protection, and I have taken several safety courses, why do I need a license?

      It is also illegal to shoot someone and “bad guys” do that regularly. What makes you think that a law that requires them to have a license and safety training would stop them if the law says it’s illegal to shoot someone doesn’t?

    2. The Taliban is currently confiscating guns from Afghan civilians claiming that it’s unsafe for them to be armed and that the Taliban will provide safety and security to citizens. You guys are just anti-gun. It’s naïve.

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