Reminder: Councilmember Olson hosting town halls on budget priorities

Councilmember Vivian Olson

As the Edmonds City Council prepares its budget priorities for the 2022 budgeting session, Councilmember Vivian Olson will be holding six town hall meetings throughout the city to hear from residents.

Choose the town hall closest to you or the one that best fits your schedule; each meeting will last approximately one hour. “I look forward to learning the people’s priorities for spending in the different parts of town, and making sure the mayor and council get that feedback in time for the 2022 budget talks and decisions,” Olson said.

The town hall gatherings will be outdoors for added safety as COVID-19 and the Delta variant remain an ongoing concern. Minimal seating will be provided; attendees are advised to bring a blanket or folding chairs and your own water and snacks. Plan to dress for drizzle or the cold as the town halls will only be rescheduled if heavy rains occur. In the coming days, should Snohomish County mandate masks for outdoor gatherings, please bring a mask.

The Town Hall Schedule:

Saturday, Sept. 18 – three locations

10:30 a.m. Pine Ridge Park – 20330 83rd Ave. W. in the parking lot

1 p.m. Mathay-Ballinger Park – 24100 78th Pl. W.

3:30 p.m. Frances Anderson Center Amphitheater – 700 Main St.

Thursday, Sept. 23

6 p.m. Haines Wharf Park – 16121 75th Pl. W.

Saturday, Sept. 25

10:30 am Seaview Park – 80th Avenue West and 186th Street Southwest

Thursday, Sept. 30

6 p.m. Hickman Park – 23700 104th Ave. W.

If you have questions, contact Vivian Olson at or 425-361-8176.


12 Replies to “Reminder: Councilmember Olson hosting town halls on budget priorities”

  1. Very good-community based feedback and communication gives the citizens a voice in these challenging, not so transparent times. Well done.


  2. I really appreciate Vivan Olsen’s love for our city and Edmonds residents. She has always been gracious to talk to me and other residents when we approach her. What a great example of a true leader, wanting to offer transparency with Edmonds residents and taking her precious time to hear from citizens of our town . As a taxpayer,, I appreciate seeing where our tax money is going.. Bravo Vivian , thank you for being a leader. Have a wonderful week! Michele G


  3. Council member Olsen has a great track record of gathering input from all sections of Edmonds. Her “walks” have been useful and informative. By shifting gears to budget priorities she will be doing her part to help implement what was the highest voted element of the Strategic Action Plan. If all council members would do things to gather information from our different geographical areas we would be a far better community. Thank you council member Olsen.


  4. I appreciate Vivian as well. She is an important part of council and at the same time, I want to remind Vivian that most TAXPAYERS are AGAINST the elimination of single family zoning. You, Will, Alicia Crank, Laura Johnson are for getting rid of our home zoning in favor of Multi-Family density in our neighborhoods.

    As I continue to hear talking points of “duplexes” as I did from Laura Johnson at a council meeting approximately 3 weeks ago (another one that has got to go!) I know that is YOUR agenda not the taxpayers. When our representatives continue to talk about multi-family in our Single Family Zoning, this is not representative of what most constituents want.

    Remember, our government has already allotted 3,300 apartment units on Highway 99 in Edmonds (builders pay no taxes for 12 years!!/absorbed by taxpayers, libraries, hospitals/like I said, the taxpayer funds all of that as well/thank Susan Paine for that).

    We will be absorbing over 8,000 more people in our community on our roads, in our schools, hospitals, our town (parking) etc. That is more than some neighborhoods in Seattle!! You have to ask yourself, “why are they pushing for elimination of Single Family Zoning to increase density in our neighborhoods after the 3,300 units??? It’s frustrating to me when council do what they want even after the people have expressed their desires. Vivian needs to remember she got in office to “represent” the needs/wants of the taxpayers who pay her salary too.
    Government officials have completely lost their way when they think they are in office to represent anything other than the desires of constituents.

    Do the right thing, Vivian and Laura- No Upzone


    1. Hi Cynthia-I know that many of the council members and candidates have weighed in with positions on the housing recommendations. I have not. I do have thoughts and questions that need answering, but I think they are better written in a stand alone article than as a comment here. I will have it out between now and Halloween.


  5. As I understand it, what Ms. Olson wants these meetings to be about is how Edmonds City Government should spend our tax dollars and what the priorities should be for running Edmonds efficiently and fairly for all of us citizens. Since I won’t be able to attend any of her welcome and much needed neighborhood meetings for listening to the people, I will just state my views here as to what the priorities should and shouldn’t be.

    We should prioritize in order:

    1. Public health and safety (i. e. police, fire and medical aid services) that we all need).

    2. Proper funding of city infrastructure and budgeting by priorities ( i.e, catching up on deferred building maintenance, equipment and new public facilities and good use of tax levies and bonding to take care of what we have and what we will need in the future).

    3. Parks and recreation needs that are of benefit to all citizens and visitors.

    4. Social service needs and policies that can and do affect the favorable living environment for everyone in town.

    My lowest priorities for spending money are:

    1. Town practices and policies that favor special interest groups and prioritize one over another.

    2. Solving issues for other agencies such as State Ferries and private companies like BNSF where we have little
    or no control over what they do; but do try to anticipate their moves and react as needed to preserve our city

    3. Trying to solve the Climate Crisis at the local level with costly draconian ordinances and policies that don’t accomplish their intended goals and just create waste and unintended consequences.

    4. Over reach policies that try to control and influence what people wish to do with their private property. Don’t waste time and money on over intrusive ordinances and policies that do little more than favor one group of citizens over another.

    Finally, Ms. Olson, thanks for attempting to do your job right, unlike some of your fellow members who seem to need to create chaos and division to advance their agendas, whatever they are.


  6. Ms. Olson’s time and effort is greatly appreciated in engaging people directly in person on this topic. She is a true asset to the citizens of Edmonds.


  7. The weather will be rough tomorrow so please dress accordingly. Warm boots/shoes, layers and rain gear. We are planning for it and will have a tent “roof”. First one is at Pine Ridge Park near the park parking lot 1030 am, Mathay Ballinger near parking lot at 1pm, and the Francis Anderson Center Ampitheater at 330.

    We will be there and are looking forward to seeing you and hearing your priorities for City spending.

    Nice weather is expected next week, so if you prefer to wait for that, look in the article for locations and times for upcoming events next Thursday and next Saturday.

    We tried to bring government to you where you live, but you are welcome to attend any of the events, near or far from where you live.


  8. Ms. Olson,

    Thank you for creating ways for Edmonds’ residents to play a greater role in the decision process of the financial investments of their collaborative funds.

    You are making it possible for a more informative guide, from the Citizens’ voices to the Council Members ears, when it comes time for voting on policy.

    Best wishes on participation, in numbers, and in meaningful participation (such as succinct priority points of highs and lows in the example by Mr. Wright).

    I look forward to your follow through, as I have watched your professional work, on reporting the information.


  9. Having attended one of the meetings today, I encourage all residents to make the effort to attend one of the gatherings.

    We have limited access to our locally elected officials right now and they are making important decisions that will impact all of us.

    Thank you Vivian for making yourself available those you’ve been elected to serve. It is greatly appreciated.


  10. I agree with Rebecca. I, too, attended one of the meetings today and so appreciated Vivian’s efforts for putting this together as well as the additional attendance of Diane and Kristiana. So refreshing to have our elected officials actually wanting to hear from and listening to their constituents.


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