Election notes: Chen hosting general election kickoff event at Hickman Park Sept. 18

Edmonds City Council Position 2 candidate Will Chen is hosting a general election kickoff and mid-autumn celebration at Edmonds’ Hickman Park from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 18. According to an announcement from the Chen campaign, the free event will feature music with “special performances by authentic Lion Dancers.”

Social distancing and mask wearing are required.

“The Lion Dancers were a huge hit with the kids during the Edmonds Fourth of July Parade, and I am excited to bring them back for this event,” Chen said.

Hickman Park is located at 23700 104th Ave.W. in Edmonds.

Our “Election Notes” feature provides brief highlights of news from local candidates running for election this fall. Candidates who want to submit announcements to us for consideration can email myedmondsnews@gmail.com.



  1. Mr. Thornton, thank you for sharing your plans for Mr. Chen’s kickoff. I, like you, was happy that Mr. Distelhorst lost his bid to continue on the city council. I’ve gone back and forth on which candidate, Chen or Cass, would get my vote in the coming election. I’ve been disturbed by the behavior/comments of a number of people who are enthusiastic supporters of Ms. Cass; your comments have given me a lot of clarity. Partially because of your comments (and also because I think Mr. Chen is a good candidate), I will be voting for Mr. Chen. Make that three votes for Mr. Chen as two of my family members will now be voting for him as well. I love it when prayers are answered so clearly!

    1. I would never decide on voting “against” a candidate because of what was said in a comments section by someone other than the candidate herself. Most of Chens financial support has come from “outside” Edmonds. So hurray for big Hispanic Families! Over a dozen votes for Janelle Cass, who speaks for herself, funded primarily by Edmonds people, and is a military veteran! Prayers? Yes we do that too!

      1. Oh Grace, there you go again. You seem to have a soft spot for me, which I take as a compliment. If you had asked, I would have gladly shared all the reasons I won’t be voting for Ms. Cass. But then I don’t think you’re interested to know.

      2. Hello Annon, nice to hear from you again. I only commented because you said you were voting for Mr. Chen because of comments from Ms. Cass’ supporters and comments from Mr Thornton. Did I miss something? I agree that both are a great replacement for Luke. We don’t have to agree; I was just surprised that your reasons that you listed seemed to be based on “comments from supporters”, and not the candidate herself.

      3. My reaction to Mr. Thornton’s comment stems from the fact that my family doesn’t go much of anywhere these days because of covid. If I get sick, who will take care of me? More importantly, who will take care of my father with dementia? If I were infected and didn’t know right away I could, and likely would, kill my dad should he become ill. Even if I tested positive and quarantined, who would care for my father for the at least 14 day quarantine period? When I read that Mr. Chen was hosting a gathering that takes mask and distancing precautions, I welcomed the thought that we might be able to attend because of those precautions. Mr. Thornton’s assertion that masking and social distancing are “silly and not backed by science”, along with his threat to attend Mr. Chen’s kick off “unmasked and very unsocially distanced”, were the final “red” flags for me from a supporter of Ms. Cass. His words and attitude are part of an unattractive pattern I’ve observed (along with Ms. Cass’ own words and behavior in a couple instances), which have given me pause. Just like people use endorsements to assist them in making a political choice, I consider who a candidate’s supporters are, along with the candidate’s words and actions.

        That said, Ms. Cass may very well be the victor in the upcoming election, and I’m okay with that. I’m sure either candidate will rise to the challenges we face and help the council become better than it has been.

      4. Fear is a powerful emotion, you are respected for your decision.
        I wish you good health and peace for yourself and your father.

  2. It seems to me that if Mr. Chen is throwing a party free to the general public he should have some right to declare what conditions are required for attending the free party that he is throwing. If you don’t like his conditions, you are equally free not to attend. If you do decide to attend not wearing a mask and invading peoples personal spaces on purpose to make a political point, most reasonable people would conclude that you were only making a pest and spectacle of yourself. I’m not attending because I’ve already decided to vote for Cass, but I do agree either candidate is better than what we had.

  3. “But Mr. Chen has absolutely no right to claim that masks and social distancing are required.” (At the free to the public party he is putting on). “I will be sure to be there unmasked and very unsocially distanced.” Exactly your words William. It all sounded pretty clear to me.

    We get it; you don’t like masks and being told what to do. The thing is, William, it’s Mr. Chen’s party and he can cry (“you have to wear masks and social distance”) if he wants to. You have the options of not attending, attending with a mask, or attending without a mask to try to make some political point or comment. It’s called freedom. In America we are free to make our own decisions even if they aren’t that smart (from someone’s point of view anyway).

  4. Kicking people when they are down?

    Council Member Luke Distelhorst was not part of the posted Chen Election Note. Luke is already out of the race, and yet there are continued derogatory remarks about Luke.

    Mr. Distelhorst has been voted out, yet salt is being poured on, in a mob mentality. Why not keep going and tar and feather him for having the courage to run for office, to be under the public eye, to stand up for his convictions? He is no longer a contender.

    If it was you, or someone you cared about, who didn’t fit in a job, or lost an election, or a community standing… would you want your name or the person you cared about repeatedly dragged into the mud, when it was already over?

    Have you ever experienced being repeatedly shamed, blamed, ridiculed, gossiped about?

    I thought I recently read about suicide awareness and prevention. Do you know what contributes to mood, apathy, stress, depression, and physical health deterioration? It’s not one person, or two… even elected officials who put on a smile and show a thick skin… showing a brave face and having a thick skin can still build a cancer.

    Who kicks a man when he is already down and out?

    Who are the examples of an Edmonds KIND of Citizen?

    Luke, for those are big enough to apologize for this one behavior, great. For those who are defensive and continue, consider the source; they often have their own (often denied) pain within them.

    Luke, keep caring, learning and contributing. It appears your heart is in human and social services.

    Mr. Will Chen, I wish you great fortune on the election.

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