Letter to the editor: Alicia Crank not my choice for Edmonds City Council


I will not be supporting Alicia Crank for Edmonds City Council.

I am a Hispanic woman and wanted to support her two years ago when she ran for Edmonds City Council. But for the same reasons I did not support her then, I cannot support her now.

According to Alicia’s website and her campaign mailer, she is currently serving on six boards, commissions, and committees. While this may look great on her resume or LinkedIn profile, it does not describe her role or work products produced as part of serving on any of these organizations. Simply being an “attendee” doesn’t cut it.

Alicia wrote an article, found in LinkedIn, when she served as Corporate Relations Officer for the YMCA Seattle/King/Snohomish, May 27, 2014. In this article she discourages folks from being on multiple boards. Alicia writes, “There is nothing wrong with being on more than one but if your (you’re) replicating non-participation, it’s not good for anyone. A few years ago I became a ‘hot commodity’ and ended up being on five non-profit boards. A few months in, I realized that I could not give as much as I wanted to or as much as they deserved. I made the decision to resign off four of them when my year was up. I didn’t want to be a name-only board member.”

So in 2014 Alicia served on five boards, commissions and committees and found that she couldn’t give them the time they deserved so she resigned from four of them. Yet, today, seven years later while running again for Edmonds City Council she is serving on six. Is she really serving our Edmonds community or simply padding her resume to present “a long history of service” as written on her campaign literature?

Today, Alicia’s own campaign website and campaign mailer lists her as presently serving on the following boards, commissions, and committees: Vice-Chair Edmonds Planning Board (2016- Present), Chair Snohomish County (Paine Field) Airport Commission (2018-Present), Hazel Miller Foundation Board (2021-Present), Project Girl Board (2021-Present), Alliance for Eastside Agencies Board (2020-Present), Snohomish County Tomorrow Steering Committee (2020-Present).

I would not have given Alicia’s impressive list of boards, commissions and committees a second thought if it were not for the enormous amount of time I spent on just one advisory group to the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission. In addition to my normal hours of work, it involved an enormous amount of research, analyzing data, writing and frequent stakeholder meetings. Comparing that experience to Alicia’s resume, there is simply no way that I could have “served” on just one more group, commission or board and produced a work product that was acceptable to the Washington State Nursing Commission, any other commission, or to myself.

Is Alicia “serving” or is she an “attendee,” in name only, to prop up her resume or Linkedin profile? Which candidate — Kristiana Johnson or Alicia Crank — has, in fact, years of proven service on her resume? Who has the experience and is more qualified and ready to serve the residents on Edmonds City Council? Look at the facts. What is real? You decide.

Alicia writes in her May 27, 2014 article, “Board service looks great on a resume or Linkedin”. I can’t deny that. However, it appears that in Alicia’s case — at this moment in time — it is just fluff, smoke and mirrors intended to divert your attention and falsely impress you. To make you think she is qualified for the elected position she isseeking. Currently serving on six boards, commissions and committees and “A history of Service” touted on campaign literature? Really?? You decide.

We need city councilmembers, like Kristiana Johnson, who are critical thinkers, who don’t pander to outside special interest groups, who look at and analyze data, bring in stakeholders, weigh the pros and cons, and then make a decision that is good for all Edmonds residents.

You decide.

Kristiana Johnson has my vote in November. Non-partisan. Ready to serve all of Edmonds. No fluff, no smoke and mirrors, just quality, grit, and proven service.

— Theresa Campa Hutchison, (Ret) Registered Nurse

  1. Thank you to this Edmonds resident for so clearly articulating all the above. I agree. You can’t be successful and making a difference on so many boards. It is impossible for Miss Alicia Crank to be effective , on so many boards .My vote goes to Kristina Johnson as well, for city council She has a long proven track record with no fluff. She is not trying to impress us with her resume of multiple boards she has served on.. She has been making a difference for years in edmonds on the city council. I met her this summer, she is passionate & articulate & knows her information regarding Edmonds . I will Vote Kristina Johnson for city council. I have thoroughly been learning about each candidate.. it is vital to know who is running our city.. Edmonds resident.

  2. This LTE would be better summed up by saying “Alicia Crank participates and engages in too many programs and community functions that make me afraid of who is engaged with her campaign that I would much rather vote for a woman who doesn’t even leave her home but only watches these MEN boards to determine what Edmonds wants/needs to ensure my privileges are guaranteed”. Shocked.

    1. That was sort of mean and not true. I spoke to her for an hour or more on the phone one day. She is engaged with the community and uses Email etc. She did have her campaign kick off long before some at Claires right in an easy area to get to and a comfortable setting. But thats been forgotten. We tend to forget with so much going on. MS Kristiana Johnson is a member of the City Council and like all of them are masking and not allowing public close to them due to covid numbers…All of them are not available to the public…They have chosen to be safe and remain healthy. I think this is wise. So should Kristiana Johnson be running all over mainly the bowl showing her self in every store and restaurant buying buying buying. Is she running for city council or is she acting as a consultant to bring people into businesses and restaurants. That is not what a city council person does. Is she Bi Partisan when she does this?? You tell me. SO yes Alicia is a very articulate, aggressive and I think a bit too back and forth for my tastes. I don’t want CA politics…do you Edmonds? Really?

  3. A little odd that a contributor who’s vocalized opposition to the concerns of Black, Brown and Muslims residents and in an myedmonds op-ed from January 17th stated that that racism in Edmonds is “patently false” , after several widely publicized instances of anti-black, anti-asian and anti-hispanic racism would say how much they oppose this candidate. And not really for any reason or opinion the candidate has, merely her existence and contributions to other political agencies. Then to vocalize support for the candidate who passively argued that confederate shouldn’t be removed. Ooof! Well, maybe it isn’t that odd. I’m definitely seeing a trend here.

    That is a very strange criticism to have. Does Ms. Hutchinson have an equal or better resume to judge from? Or is there some, very obvious, very specific attribute to Ms. Crank that invalidates anything on “her resume”?

    1. Ms Ashley Miercoles, please see my January 17, 2021 LTE to which you make reference in your reply to today’s LTE. I am also providing a link to it in MEN for those who would like to check my reproduced LTE following.

      Letter to the editor: The truth about diversity and the Edmonds Police Department. Posted January 17, 2021. 1535 Editor: I am the daughter of a Mexican immigrant who came to this country in 1925 – learned to read, write and speak English and became a U.S. citizen. In one of my many conversations surrounding the chief of police issue in our Edmonds community, the topic of just how diverse is our police force in terms of people of color, and gender has come up a number of times. A friend of mine found this article that was posted February 2020 in MEN. I totally missed it but am so glad my friend bought it my attention. You will find that what Mayor Nelson, Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, and three other city councilmembers have been telling us is completely false. They have fabricated and spread misinformation in an effort to prop themselves up as saviors of Edmonds. They had told us that Edmonds is basically a racist community, that we need a chief of police who is in tune with our community and needs to diversify our police force because we are sorely lacking. Apparently, according to Mayor Nelson’s actions in choosing a police chief, Acting Chief Lawless has failed in this area and therefore he [Mayor Nelson] needs to correct this injustice. This is patently false. The article is linked here for you to read. It was written in February 2020. – that is about a year ago. But allow me to be a bit redundant and restate what was said by Josh McClure, Edmonds Police spokesperson in this February 2020 article. He stated “As of December 2019, the department’s 58 commissioned officers include nine who are women and 13 who are non-white.
      This is continued in the following –

      1. I could not have said it better Annon. Ashley usually expresses herself in a very specific political way, just like her candidate. It will be Steady, Smart and non-political Kristiana Johnson for our family.

    2. Ashley, it seems like you are selective in your quotes and explanations. Ms. K. Johnson was talking about art when she gave her opinion about statues being removed. What she said was “I think art is meant to be thoughtful, sometimes it’s provocative but let’s save the art and preserve it from destruction.”. She doesn’t think art should be destroyed. This comment was prompted by the destruction of the “I Can’t Breathe” art piece in Edmonds.

      And then to suggest that Ms. Hutchinson wrote her opinion piece because of a “very obvious, very specific attribute to Ms. Crank”? Come on, now. Ooof.

  4. Yes! What we really need is someone who does less in our community like Kristina. On second thought, maybe we should elect a stuffed animal. It’s the only way we’ll get something that can sit on council and truly do even less. Regardless of who you vote, for the line of reasoning in this LTE is terrible.

  5. Well said Theresa: Kristiana Johnson has my vote in November. Non-partisan. Ready to serve all of Edmonds. No fluff, no smoke and mirrors, just quality, grit, and proven service.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful post. I also recall how the last election went.
    I will not be voting for Crank.

  7. Alicia Crank IS effective as a leader and will continue to be effective on the Edmonds City Council. Serving with the goal of representing every resident of our city is what we badly need today. The above letter to the editor is a clever but half-baked effort to distract voters from the real issues. I am voting for Alicia Crank.

  8. Kristiana has my vote as well. In the last election Alicia also listed several boards she was on, several were questionable, one in particular. It appears to be a lot of smoke to cloud her qualifications. Vivian Olson hasn’t used the board card and she is a mover and shaker who is making things happen in our community.

  9. continued from Theresa Campa Hutchison reply:

    That’s nearly double the number of women (five) and officers of color (six) since 2009. It was an effort championed by long-time Edmonds Police Chief Al Compann who retired in December, and is continued with the tenure of Acting Chief Jim Lawless, who is also strongly committed to the effort.”

    So the question is: Has Mayor Nelson been trying to take credit for the positive changes that had and were taking place under former Chief of Police Al Compaan and Acting Chief of Police Jim Lawless? These positive changes have been going on for many years, well before Edmonds had ever heard the name Mike Nelson, let alone Mayor Mike Nelson. Was Mayor Nelson trying to capitalize on the national unrest we are witnessing, and trying to bring national attention to himself in an effort to prop himself up and taking credit for someones else’s work and accomplishments? This would indeed by shameful and be yet another example of how he has violated the public’s trust in the handling of his foremost duty – public safety – the appointment of our chief of police.

    Theresa Campa Hutchison, Edmonds

    Here is the link where you may fact check what I have written above. https://myedmondsnews.com/2021/01/letter-to-the-editor-the-truth-about-diversity-and-the-edmonds-police-department/

    Ashley Miercoles, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.

  10. In my view there are a lot of strengths in both candidates running for this position. I was a little worried that Alicia was not specific enough when asked about policies like housing, but I have no doubt that she would be an excellent and effective leader.

    I don’t find the argument that Alicia is too involved in the community to be an effective criticism.

    I would however love to have some more follow up on the last debate. Especially since Kristiana’s closing statement would have much more useful in the middle of the debate when Alicia had the opportunity to respond. While both candidates did well, saving that comment for the end when there was not an opportunity to respond felt a little underhanded to me.

  11. In the “Progressive Voters Guide”, Alicia Crank is listed as their choice for City Council seat Position #1, they also endorsed Luke in the earlier election, If that does not say it all, how about her endorsements: Nat’l Org for Women PAC, Planned Parenthood, SEIU, UFCW 21 PAC, Wash State Democrats, Snohomish County Labor Council, …..,… These are all embraced by not just the Democrats BUT especially the Progressive part of the Democrat Party.
    Her info is attended by Blue Wave Politics and Act Blue, both Left leaning organizations. Alicia is running for a “Non-Political Council Seat”!
    The Progressive Voters Guide even falsely accuses her opponent, Kristiana Johnson, of a “racially insensitive letter”, which has proven to be false and taken out of context.
    My choice for A City Council person is someone non-political, not affiliated nor supported either by contributions nor endorsements from the left wing of the Democrat Party! This is not center Democrats, this is the “progressive” left of the party.
    My vote most definitely will be for Kristiana Johnson!

  12. Alicia Crank has received campaign cash from Council members Susan Paine and Laura Johnson who are partisans. Easy to connect the dots. If you like the business as usual partisan politics that is running the city right now then Alicia Crank is the right person for you. If you would prefer someone who is non-political and has a history of strongly contributing to Edmonds I suggest Kristiana Johnson.

    1. While connecting the dots. Alicia Crank and Adrienne Fraley-Monillas received endorsements from the 32nd District Democrats which of course is a partisan group. Each voter will have to decide whether that’s a good or bad thing.

    2. Wow..Laura Johnson and Susan Paine gave money for Alicia Cranks election fund! That is not good at all.
      This news amazes me about partisan donations, wow.

  13. Alicia is anything but nonpartisan, she is an active member and endorsed by the 32nd Legislative District Democrats and her elected endorsements are Democrats. That’s fine for her personally but that is not how someone represents the citizens of Edmonds. That’s not diversity. All citizens must be heard and represented in order to provide the best governance.
    To balance out the council Kristiana Johnson is the only one that’s actually from Edmonds and went to Edmonds High School. She has a history here and wealth of knowledge of our wonderful city.

  14. “ We need city councilmembers, like Kristiana Johnson, who are critical thinkers, who don’t pander to outside special interest groups, who look at and analyze data, bring in stakeholders, weigh the pros and cons, and then make a decision that is good for all Edmonds residents.”

    I agree. I will be voting for Kristiana Johnson and Will Chen.
    In terms of who a person who represent a large swath of our community, I believe he does.

  15. Ms. Hutchinson, you wrote a LTE title “the truth about diversity” where you criticized the notion that racism and racial bias should be considerations in hiring a police chief. You criticized protestors of color tired of watching unarmed POC being murdered by law enforcement as ” Looters and rioters have gone wild destroying anything they could get their hands on” in your March 120th 2021 LTE. You wrote this very LTE criticizing a WOC running for office in your city, and your justifications weren’t any specific stance she has, any ideology, but here mere existence and the fact that she works in several committees. I’m not criticizing Ms. Johnson’s campaign, though I’m sure she’s “thrilled” to have Op-Ed’s like these that will surely repel one type of moderate potential voter and work as a magnet or “maga-net” for others. She has also worked in several similar agencies, though you don’t seem to see it as a problem in your choice to support her. But if you are going to say a candidate isn’t for you, but you can’t give a specific reason why other than something that would be after a history of critique for communities of color sends crystal clear reasoning to anyone listing of “why” you actually don’t support this. She has also worked in several similar agencies, though you don’t seem to see it as a problem in your choice to support her. But if you are going to say a candidate isn’t for you, but you can’t give a specific reason why other than something that would be after a history of critique for communities of color sends crystal clear reasoning to anyone listing of “why” you actually don’t support this candidate.

  16. Mr. Annon, I’m not sure if repeating my exact comment back towards me counts as a productive and effective retort, “oof!” aside.

    Mr. Hernandez Ms. Johnson’s racially insensitive letter aimed at Asian business owners was quoted right here in MEN on July 8th, 2020. Voters can check it for themselves.

    Also free advice for those attacking Crank for being supported by Labor and Democrats, unless you are very very sure that the vast majority of Edmonds voters are die hard Maga republicans, you may want to ease up in casting the candidate you support as allied to them and their/your values. The math doesn’t fit even in Edmonds. Unless if she loses you’re just going to claim “fraud”, as we’re seeing in other places by similar aligned candidates.

  17. A non partisan city council is a bit smoke and mirrors. All candidates and current council members are on some levels aligned with one of our political parties. Does that mean they are incapable of making decisions for the city of Edmonds that isn’t aligned with their preferred political party?
    This LTE is a stretch. I am puzzled by the author feeling she has the expertise to judge another’s capabilities based on her self described singular experience. If she had backed this up with statements from Alicia’s fellow board members, then this would have carried some weight. As it stands it’s purely conjecture.

  18. This letter to the editor may explain what I experienced in trying to reach out to Ms. Crank for some advice. As a previous member of the Edmonds Citizens Housing Commission, I had an opportunity to interact with various individuals and leaders within our community for ideas, advice and counsel. On two occasions, as a Housing Commissioner, I reached out to Ms. Crank in her role as a Planning Board member for some advice. In neither case did she even acknowledge or respond to my requests. This outreach was even through the Edmonds official email accounts, not private email. A very non-professional and seemingly insincere approach to the responsibilities she assumed when she took the Planning Board position. After reading this LTE, I wonder if Ms. Crank was too busy or preoccupied with her other duties to respond. Will she devote the time necessary to be an effective City Council member or will she be preoccupied with all her other duties?

    If I compare this to my interaction with Ms. Kristiana Johnson, it’s completely different. Even as a private citizen, when I’ve reached out to Ms. Johnson in her role as a City Council member I’ve always received a response. Sometimes short, but none-the-less an acknowledgement that she heard me. That’s what I’m looking for in our elected officials. Not only does she listen, but her thoughtful perspectives on issues are a welcome departure from many on the Council. Kristiana Johnson has my vote.

  19. Overall this actually very positive for Alicia Crank. If the main criticism of Ms. Crank is that:

    ‘She is too involved and cares too much about her community.’

    Than it means there really is not much substance to oppose her on. I think there are a lot of positives about both candidates, and from what I have seen, that is what the race for Council seat #1 is about. A comparison of positives from two great candidates.

      1. Someone also asked how it’s determined when to shut down a thread. I have become more strict about that, especially during election season and/or on topics where people are clearly saying the same thing over and over. Rest assured, most topics always seems to come up again in another letter or story for people to comment again. And you can always write a letter to the editor.

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