Letter to the editor: What is true agenda of mayor’s homelessness task force?


The mayor of Edmonds apparently has assigned himself the responsibility of creating a task force on “homelessness in Edmonds,” with or without realizing “our” city laws don’t address how task forces are established!

The mayor’s executive duties are to oversee that our laws, codes, ordinances and regulations are enforced. He is also tasked with the duty of handling our budgets. So, what is he doing establishing a task force? That’s the role of council and there should be public hearings on this issue.

Some in government of Edmonds do what they want, when they want, regardless of what laws do exist, and they don’t address things that don’t exist like a complaint process for the ‘Code of Conduct” so that constituents can hold our electeds accountable!

They don’t listen to their constituents, they get federal monies, and they will spend it on things for various programs with no accountability for those they are “helping” to get back them on their feet. Essentially, this will further victimize those people. This will lead to people coming from outside our area for the “benefits.”  It is happening in “Free-attle.” The mayor’s playbook and some council have interest to bring all of that here to spend the “federal dollars” in a similar fashion.

The Planning Department is on the mayor’s list for the task force. So why would that be? Will we be told what each group’s role will be? Hardly, we never seem to get answer from our electeds. Being taxed without transparency and without listening to citizens is unconscionable!

If it doesn’t already infuriate you that the mayor has selected Fraley-Monillas (recently called out about drinking on government business time) and rather than discipline her, he assigns her to a task force. Well, that says a lot about our government, doesn’t it? Did you run your campaign for mayor on these things you are doing in Edmonds? Hardly! Did you keep your promises to the people who voted for you? Doubtful.

It is important for constituents to note, the mayor wants options to revise the Edmonds City Code to address unauthorized use of public spaces? This is code (no pun intended but it does still apply) for allowing people to set up tents in our parks (it’s already called “outdoor camping”), ability to loiter on our streets, church parking lots (with their permission/tents) and other public spaces without prosecution. Sound familiar? Yup, you got it, Seattle/Free-attle.

Susan Paine said, “Edmonds will never be like Seattle.” Really? It certainly looks like a playbook scenario of what Seattle council have done to ruin the city of Seattle. We may not be the size of Seattle but even having a smaller scaled version of what’s going on there is nothing most Edmonds constituents would be happy about seeing here. But then again, you don’t care what citizens have to say.

The City Attorney and “Snohomish County Public Defenders Association social worker” will also be on this task force? “Public Defenders Association” Why? Are we planning on more crime here and potentially excusing away prosecution of crimes like it is being done elsewhere? Look at what a mess and disaster we will have. If we aren’t given answers then you can expect that your constituents will “presume” things.

If our city is going to provide shelter and it is meant to be “temporary” as you “suggest” for shelter and unhoused residents, that housing should come with qualifying stipulations to receive “benefits.” They should be drug-free and alcohol-free. There should be some training requirements for jobs (unless they are seniors). Each can be contributing members of society or perhaps some temporary community service, parks beach clean ups etc.. (Something to add to the betterment of the City of Edmonds).

When the mayor says the “task force will be broad,” but I see no allowed citizen voices on the “task force” I do not consider this appropriate. What you really mean is those you selected are on it! Your judgment doesn’t surprise me for many reasons. You don’t care what Edmonds’ constituents want and that is clear for too many reasons to list here. Will you allow a small group of citizens of Edmonds to join that task force? Or will our voices be silenced again as you attempted to suppress our voices on Aug. 3, 2021.

I also do not see any involvement of “work source” or any “training programs,” “Edmonds Community College classes” or anything that would suggest helping others become “independent” of government/taxpayer, federal money benefits. Why would that be?

Let me guess, if you get others to rely on government for their housing, food, necessities and create a dependency then that creates more government control. What! Government wants more control over others. You don’t say.

Constituents, write to your councilmembers and tell them you want this done right! This should be initiated by council (mayor needs to stay in his lane) and there needs to be a public hearing on this. Write to council@edmondswa.gov and you can cc: publiccomments@edmondswa.gov if you so choose. Voice your concerns.

Cynthia Sjoblom

  1. Cynthia, you are spot on with your concerns. I’ve been saying that the first tents will appear in Edmonds within a year but I think that needs to be revised to six months. Our family has seen the writing for some time and have taken the best course available…we are moving OUT of this state. We’ll be gone by the end of October and can’t wait to see Washington in our rear view mirror.

    1. Jeff, thank you for your comments. Of course we will be sad for a like-minded persons voice to be gone from here. It is understood why you and your family need to make the change! Before the mayor is done with his position here, there will be more destruction and that is truly pathetic. It should have been said in my letter that “anyone who gets in office (under false pretenses) and wins over the publics trust by lying to them is nothing more than a confidence man or woman. In essence, a “con” artist. People getting in office to “protect” the community and “serve” the needs/wants of the taxpayers and then do the exact opposite should all be removed!! Some current candidates that will be in lockstep with the mayor are Crank (wants density) Chen (density), Monillas (in my opinion she lacks serious judgement and stability, that’s a no-brainer)! The other’s that are already in lockstep with the mayor who aren’t fighting for their seats yet are Paine, and Laura Johnson. They also are not good for this city (always vote against the people in favor of the mayor/king. What they fail to realize is their own opinions should not matter. The job is to execute on carrying out the needs/wants of the taxpaying constituents. The city largely runs on these monies although the government is giddy to have the federal dollars (also from taxpayers) to ruin our once tranquil city. In closing this current government in my opinion is full of “con-artists”

      1. Cynthia – I DO NOT support a blanket approach to up-zoning, but I also won’t “con” you by pretending that there is no problem altogether.

        I believe that all of our community members add value to our city and as such I respect that they have opinions, and ideas and concerns. I am listening to the various viewpoints and multiple sides of this and other issues. Let me first make one thing very clear: to categorize or identify a candidate as “in support of density” without so much as having a conversation with that candidate, only demonstrates that the individual is not interested in finding solutions that benefit our city as a whole, but only their personal desired outcome. I will remind you that I voted against a blanket single family up zone of our entire city while serving on the housing commission because I do not think that an issue as complex as this should be approached with a one-size-fits all solution. We must find ways to work together, and constantly “picking a side” is why our city government is in a public struggle. I am not running to represent only one side of our community, or to approach policy making from a starting position of “this way or the highway.” Leadership is not demonstrated by furthering a partisan agenda. A Leader finds solutions by working with everyone, including all fellow councilmembers and the Mayor, and by listening to our entire community, not just the loudest, or most vocal or the ones that post the most comments on My Edmonds News. Solutions require collaboration. They require a commitment to addressing the issues and not the person. Finally, when it comes to planning for our future and the growth that is coming, it will require us to act! If we wait until the growth arrives to act, then we will fall further behind.

        1. Will
          What do you stand for other than “collaboration”? I am looking for candidates who stand for something and are willing to fight for it. What are you willing to fight for?

        2. I only have one question Will. I want to know if you are ok with letting homeless tent encampments in all Edmonds Public Parks. RV’s along any street they desire? What is your stand on this and what Parks would you recommend? I have intended to vote for you and have been a champion for you, but I want answers. We can’t get them thru our council or mayor so can you tell us. Be your honest self. That is all I ask. Deb.

        3. Mr. Chen, you basically wrote a lot without saying anything. “Collaboration” means what?
          I have a friend who has a very lovely home for sale, BUT it is across the street from Yost Park, guess what most every buyer is concerned with? Homeless encampment, tents, drugs, and all that go with it as potential neighbors moving into the Park across the street. With our Progressive far left mayor, and four council members parroting his wishes, it does not look good for this well maintained, recently updated home to sell, and he has lowered the price twice! This is just getting started here in Edmonds, and we need council members who will represent the people and not a far-left progressive agenda. Taking a stand is brave and decisive. What say you Will?

        4. Mr. Chen:
          Your closing sentence: “Finally, when it comes to planning for our future and the growth that is coming, it will require us to act! If we wait until the growth arrives to act, then we will fall further behind.”
          Fall further behind what?

          The only growth that will come is what our housing will accommodate. If housing density is increased then we are welcoming a higher growth rate. Is that your objective?

        5. Mr Chen, we did speak and apparently you didn’t recognize that. Therefore, this is not something that I imagined. Your comments that include working with “everyone” and the “mayor and council members” potentially implies that you too might end up representing their wishes rather than the public. It appears you also have enough supporters from outside edmonds that indicates you won’t be representing my edmonds!! This is dismal to say the least! Also, Please do not insinuate that because my voice is that of a strong, proud Latina woman, I should somehow curtail my viewpoint on my edmonds news!! it’s the only platform citizens have to let our law breaking government know how we feel and I’m not silenced after my 3 minutes like I am during audience comments at council meetings! Do you not realize that my first amendment rights are allowed in this country if I so choose? Sadly, You will be just another voice on council that will vote with the herd and ignore our voices rather than truly represent what’s good for existing taxpaying citizens of edmonds. Re: representation, every person that I have seen accepting donations from outside this city extensively enough, not surprisingly, seems to have no interest in representing the residents of edmonds! Right now, I’m talking about you! Voters need to stop accepting candidates who receive significant support from outside this city!! Now I’m including Monillas along with you! This tells me how a candidate will vote and it won’t favor the citizens! Re: housing, Mr Chen, why is it not good enough for you that there will be another 3,300 units on 99 that will substantially grid lock our traffic? You want to remove our SF zoning!! Increased density/ increased crime. Ask law enforcement! You observed this yourself as you have complained about increased crime already in those areas. Lastly, do not try to silence my voice or that of any constituent in our city!!! Mr Chen, you are not the right fit to represent edmonds!

        6. Mr Chen: “I do not support a blanket approach to up-zoning”………the key word here is “blanket”, in other words he supports up-zoning and he will decide how much up zoning AFTER you elect him. Rhetoric, progressive double-talk. I will never vote for Will Chen. Janelle Cass has my vote, clarity is Janelle’s way and no con job with her. Also the fact that she is a Veteran is a real plus.

        7. If you build it, they will come. Don’t build it! No to up-zoning. No to increased housing density. No to encampments.

        8. Mr. Chen,

          Some good advice for you and some of the other council members, candidates, and mayor is to listen to the people that live here, not force feed what you want.

        9. Mr. Chen doesn’t understand democracy. The Mayor’s duty is to execute the City Council’s policies as established by ordinance and created by majority approval. Our Mayor in the past and will continue into the future to overstep his authority and make new unapproved policy decisions on the fly without city council approval or knowledge of his actions. Mayor Nelson will not respond to citizens questions, nor will he respond to councilmember’s emails when his actions are questioned.

          As the duly elected policy makers, if the City Council wanted to form a task force to study any issue and make recommendations to them, the governing body, this would be acceptable and fine. For a mayor to usurp the Council’s democratic legislative authority for sole purpose of creating new city policy is misconduct.

          This is just another reason to not vote for Will Chen for the Edmonds City Council.
          Mr. Chen doesn’t understand democracy and his duty to the citizens. To me, he has demonstrated he will turn a deaf ear to those who post on My Edmonds News.

  2. Very well stated Cynthia. The need for Mayor Nelson and his ilk is strong to act like big city politicians and unfortunately he, being a progressive liberal, naturally drifts towards emulating the very worst examples i.e. “Freeattle”. Thank you for your letter.

  3. A new homeless task force reminds of General Glen, the Glanimal.

    The War on Homelessness is a lot like the War on Terror. Then more done, the bigger it fails. “Task Force” is fun, like “Cyber Ninja’s” or “Crowd Strike” ( the latter investigated the DNC server leaks, blaming on a happily confused Russia). Lets call the war on homelessness Operation Glamping. If we just make the situation worse, and make human beings more homeless, let’s just say they’re homeless because they hate our freedom.

  4. Cynthia,
    Thank you for your letter. It is well thought-out and covers the concerns and complaints many of us feel.
    My husband and I moved here 3 years ago from Seattle to escape the disaster the City Council there were imposing on Seattle. We are so happy we moved here as Seattle continued to get worse. You are correct that this Mayor and his group of 4 seem to be attempting to go down that same path.
    Yes, we need to help those that are willing to help themselves by providing them opportunities to succeed. However, we do not want to reward bad behavior and become a magnet for all that want a free ride in life. The impact is too much for taxpayers to pay…tents taking over public lands, needles and feces on our streets, lack of prosecution…the taxpayers become the victim.
    If the Council is the group that develops a Task Force, then they are the ones that need to be heard from regarding the Mayor’s action on this issue. Where are they in standing up to this overreach?
    I know we have at least 3 on the Council that stand for the community, so please confront the Mayor on this overreach and make it clear to the voters which Council members support the Mayor instead of the Citizens of this Community.

  5. As long as Edmonds uses the Strong Mayor/ Weak Council form of midsize city government these problems will never go away. Granted, this is the worst I’ve ever seen it, thanks to partisan politics having become the main hidden agenda in virtually all their decisions. I agree that the Democratic party four need to go as soon as possible and that neither Crank or Chen should be voted onto the council. They are both really good people, but too openly associated with partisan politics, IMO, to make really good Council Persons for all the citizens. Bottom line for me, though, is that as long as the Mayor and Council President have all the power, the Mayor and Staff will tend to make all the really big decisions for our town and the citizens will not be heard. Elections tend to just change the names and faces; but the personalities are always very similar due to the nature of the positions we have developed for our system of government. No one really to blame but ourselves if we don’t decide to look at reform of some sort.

  6. Some FOIA requests need to be made of the internal communications regarding the formation of this Task Force. The onion needs to be peeled back!

  7. The federal dollars that will assist the Mayor in creating a problem that does not now exist can be refused. Given the Mayor’s lack of ability financially, I fear that refusing money is not a concept that he can hold.

  8. Another swing to the left field by Mayor Nelson without any City Council approval for his Homeless task force. Predictable recommendations from the task force will likely be:

    1. Unlimited camping by the homeless in City Parks.
    2. Junker RV’s allowed unlimited parking on City streets.
    3. Free needle stations.
    4. Increased Tax dollars for “free” food and medical care of the homeless.
    5. Revised zoning to allow tiny homes and homeless camps on parking lots.
    6. Different and reduced or non-existent punishment for theft crimes “if you are poor.”

    So, this is what you get when you elect former SEIU Union Presidents as your Mayor and Council people like Adrienne Fraley-Monillas. If you want Edmonds to become Seattle keep electing them. If not, make the choices needed at this November general election; keep Johnson and elect Tibbott and Cass. SAVE EDMONDS!

  9. I agree with the comments and the letter. Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace being near the Light Rail are much better suited to build housing. Huge apartments are being built. Leave Edmonds as it is. If you cannot afford to live here, you cannot live here. Just ask our neighbors in Woodway if they agree with that notion.

  10. I just don’t understand how the voters in Edmonds elected such a far left mayor and City Council.
    Everything that has happened since the election is predictable. And I bet it is just going to get worse.
    As a sad former resident of Edmonds can anyone explain this to me?
    My wife and I tried to speak out about the future of Edmonds for 3 or 4 years but it seemed no one wanted to talk about it so we moved out November 2019 [We just drove through Edmonds on our way to Kingston yesterday-such a beautiful little city-I will always miss living there]. I hope the voters clean house asap.
    I would really like to know what happened to Edmonds.

  11. Thank you for the letter Cynthia. I agree with many of your concerns. Any mayor that asks about revising city code to ENCOURAGE homeless encampments should set up big red flags for everyone. That is dangerous and counterproductive.

    Still, the most recent homeless survey found that almost all of the hundreds of homeless in Edmonds are from here. With the utility and eviction moratorium ending this month, we are about to get a lot more people of on the street who are productive members of society now.

    What’s missing from your letter is solutions. If you don’t like the solutions that Mayor Nelson and his crew will come up with, than we need to have better solutions ourselves as an alternative.

    Here’s what I think
    1) Focus at least 90% of our services on local homeless
    2) Focus on people or families who are close to being able to provide for themselves
    3) Secure more temporary housing for homeless here.
    4) Continue working with low income housing groups to help get people back on their feet.
    5) Work with Lynnwood and other cities to secure space in their new mental health facility.
    6) Do not lower repercussions for theft or violence.

  12. “Still, the most recent homeless survey found that almost all of the hundreds of homeless in Edmonds are from here.”

    I have been reading this for many years, without any empirical evidence [self reporting does not count nor do self serving “surveys” from the homeless profit industry.]
    I for one immediately dismiss these kinds statements until I see some real proof they are true. Haven’t see any yet.
    The last news article I saw on the Seattle homeless stated that 51% of the homeless were from out of the area.
    I find it very very hard to believe that in a small affluent city like Edmonds there are “hundreds” of local residents who are now homeless.

  13. I want to thank all of the individuals who took the time to reply to my letter. I read each and every one of your comments. I appreciate that you too can see what we are up against. We have laws in this city that are being broken regularly! I believe some are serious enough they are recallable offenses. I am of the opinion that we should use all the strength we can muster to handle this. Yes, we must vote out those who aren’t truly representing us! They were mentioned in your comments. We must vote in those who will go to battle with us in their votes. Cass, k. Johnson, tibbot. Contribute to their campaigns, door knock, drop fliers, make calls. Whatever you can do. Please, show up at Casses upcoming event TBD. I want to meet you all !! I will be there. If others have events show up strong by attending.
    Thank you again,
    All my thanks and gratitude for your love of our city!
    Stay strong, stay hopeful!


    1. Cynthia, yes, you certainly have this correct. I believe that those who voted for Nelson and the band of four are now seeing what their real agenda is, and many regret having voted them into power. So please don’t make the same mistake twice, we want council members who are non-partisan, not supported by donations outside of Edmonds and who are NOT following the leftist policies of Seattle or nationally. This is not saying Democrats or Republicans are always bad, it is that our local control needs to be in the hands, minds and hearts of those who do not have an agenda other than doing what is best for Edmonds. Mike the mayor, Adrienne, Luke, Susan and Laura Johnson need to answer for going off the rails and be voted out, also don’t vote in new council members who do not want to fight to keep Edmonds clean and beautiful.
      Janelle Cass, Kristiana Johnson, and Neil Tibbot are who we need representing us.

  14. The mayor’s task force is there to turn edmonds into a miniature seattle. It is the only thing these secular leftist know how to do. To repeat the morals failures the left touches. There is nothing progressive in there worldview. No one with any sense of moral clarity should label them progressive.

  15. Former Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling formed the Mayor’s Advisory Task Force on the At-Grade Rail Crossings Alternatives Analysis in 2015. Current Edmonds Mayor Mike Nelson was named Co-Chair of that Task Force. The Mayor’s Task Force met for the first time on September 2, 2015.

    On September 1, 2015, I posted the following on My Edmonds News:

    I did find the following on MRSC’s website which makes me wonder even more if the Mayor had authority to form this Task Force without Council involvement:

    “Mayor-Council Code Cities – RCW 35A.12.090 provides that the mayor shall have the power of appointment and removal of all appointive officers and employees. Confirmation of mayoral appointments by the city council may be required by ordinance for positions where qualifications for the office have not been established. The members of most appointive boards and commissions of the city, such as the planning commission and the civil service commission, are considered to be officers of the city; therefore, the mayor has specific authority in RCW 35A.12.090 to make these appointments. The council can appoint ad hoc task forces with a specific task whose sole duty is to study a problem and report back to the council. When that specific task is completed, the task force is dissolved.”

    Here we are years later. An Edmonds Mayor has formed another Task Force rather than Edmonds City Council appointing an ad hoc task force with a specific task whose sole duty is to study a problem and report back to the City Council.

    On September 1, 2015, City Director Patrick Doherty emailed me an email that claimed:

    “In short, the City Council has no involvement in the establishment of such a task force. Pursuant to ECC 2.01.010, the Mayor has the authority to convene any group of ad hoc advisors he wishes to assist him in analyzing a complex issue of city interest such as this and help guide the public engagement process.”

    I informed Mr. Doherty that ECC 2.01.010 makes no mention of ad hoc advisors.

    Edmonds City Code does not contain the words “Task Force”.

  16. I lived in Seattle for nearly 70 years. My husband and I decided to move to Edmonds, since we have some family in the area and we are retired. Seattle has had all kinds of `professional’ input regarding homelessness, addiction, and non profits declaring about how they will take care of the leadership that has been lost and the programs that do not work.
    I have attended Edmonds’ city council meetings when there was debate about homelessness and the concern of residents that believe that affordable housing for those who cannot afford the continuing cost of housing in Edmonds is not possible. People stated that their adult children could not afford housing in Edmonds. It may be that all that has been created within this community is handicapped by the cost of real estate.
    I am not a city planner, nor an elected member of the city council, nor am I a lawyer.
    Millions of dollars have been invested in the commercial sector of Seattle and its waterfront, but the local communities were excluded from having participantion(City Council) regarding the funding for social services. Then there was the debaucle of the new accounting services that were intended to create better processing of unemployment claims …………………and there is not final resolution about what happened and how it could have gone on for so long. Seattle has three professional sports arenas (almost) and there were tons of money that was invested, and it was not all by private investors.
    Democracy can only succeed if communities work for the common good of their communities. Non profits should be required to state their donations in the local newspaper, rather than generic websites which hardly tell the story. Community matters and it should not be dominated by pointless arguments that will never be resolved.

  17. Thank you for posting the video William, it was featured on KOMO news only yesterday. Everyone should watch it, as this is what 30 comments are trying to say, for those that don’t have time to read the comments, just view the video, it says everything. Support (Votes) for Janelle Cass, Neil Tibbott, and Kristiana Johnson will prevent this from happening in Edmonds Parks. All the others, (Alicia, Will, and Adrienne), will be supporting Mike Nelson who has definitely run-off-the-rails.

    1. To all who have commented here recently– I would like to add that I would encourage everyone to talk about why you are supporting your favorite candidates rather than trashing other candidates. We have six weeks to go and it is getting somewhat tiresome already, at least to me. — Teresa

      1. Hi Teresa, I read these comments and see explanations of why people are supporting their candidate. Tiresome? I fail to see/hear that in these comments. Most elections are at least a 50/50 of what the voter “does not want”, and on this particular thread, this is definitely the case. We know what we have right now 100%, we have read it, heard it, and lived it. Therefore commenting that a person does not want the same type of power structure that is happening in our Edmonds city government is a very strong initiative to call it out and vote against it, because you don’t want to vote someone in that you believe will join this existing power structure. Also the contribution ratios are very telling, the old adage “follow the money” has to be considered. I don’t see that as trashing the candidate, it is a very pertinent fact that is/will be used to chose ones candidate. To judge someone by the company they keep is both prudent and fair.

        I truly appreciate you providing a wonderful forum for all opinions and facts. Thank you!

        1. I agree that all of that is important but I am not seeing a ratio of 50/50 these days. I am ever the optimist, though, that readers will rise to the occasion.

  18. Thank you for posting this video showing what is really happening in the Ballard neighborhood. I understand this reality must be uncomfortable others to watch. I think we all can agree that this is not what we want for our Edmonds Community.

  19. Teresa:
    What you are seeing is that the majority of your readers are tired of the city council’s partisan politics. They want citizens to stop voting for parties and to return to voting for people.

  20. May I ask how many subscribers there are for My Edmonds News? I am a huge fan because of its convenience and ease of sharing a response.

    Thank you.

  21. William, thanks for posting that link to Ballard. I personally know a couple that are getting out of Ballard for the very reason you posted here. It’s powerful! Thank you Ron, Linda and Brian as your sentiments are mine too! I feel strongly as you do. If we don’t bring our truths to the surface others may not know. They may have to rely on the articles here to get insight to particular issues. I have not been involved much with council prior to a few meetings since the 7/27 mischaracterization of citizens by electeds and I have been astounded at the disregard towards citizens. If government cared about what mattered to constituents, none of us would be having these dialogs. Sadly, if others tune in on zoom on Tuesday night at 7 pm you will hear our struggles. You can tune in with “raising your hand to speak. You can call in etc. We need as many people as possible tuning in, speaking, asking for things to be put on the agenda etc. At the bare minimum listen in and learn whether we have representation or we don’t. Better yet, come Tomorrow night outside chambers at 6:50 pm, some of us will be there joining on our cells phones to speak. Some come just to support citizens. There is a large screen set up! No rain tomorrow. Hope to see you there. There might be snacks too!

  22. Go to the PDC website and see what “local” politics meant to the Mayor when he ran for office and at AFM’s contributions in the current race. Over 50% of AFM’s contributions are OUTSIDE of Edmonds. I believe 25% are from political action committees (I don’t care which way they lean, they are PAC’s). We are all scratching our heads wondering why Mayor Nelson is doing what he is doing and why he and other councilmembers push their agenda (that ironically mirrors the actions of Seattle very closely). They are not acting as local elected leaders. They are flag carriers for an agenda they didn’t write, a position they have a hard time describing, and rhetoric that erroneously quotes stats and numbers and stuff they believe we are just too lazy to research.

    Sewers, streets, sidewalks and services are not a blue wave or red wave think tank idea. They have a material effect on the well being of our City. Listening to citizens (instead of proselytizing when you actually are challenged), isnt’ an admission of defeat, it is leadership.

    I am voting for local leaders that actually listen locally, work locally and regionally, and don’t sell themselves out to be pack mules and water carriers for Political Action Committees and ideology. Just go look, then read their political position statements, then compare those to local and regionally elected officials. I am all out of crackers from the Mayor and some Councilmenbers parroting positions not based in data, not practiced in their own offices, and when questioned on them, we are all rich, white, drunk, politically motivated people.

    How about a task force to get a Honey Bucket, some picnic tables, and a Gazebo to the Ballinger Park that Laura Johnson waxed poetic about? Maybe a task force to figure out why City Hall has not moved to Highway 99 yet? I volunteer to lead the feel good task force that (like this one) will have zero milestones, will mimic the PAC position statements, and ignore potholes.

  23. Our local politics have simply become a reflection of our sad national scene with no end in sight to the extremist rancor. There are very few politicians at either level that are truly looking at both sides of all issues and trying to come up with reasonable compromises that could be beneficial to the majority of our citizens. Our politics have become uber ideological and more like belonging to religions or cults than organizations of people trying to solve human problems. I think we are actually regressing and I can’t see anything that stops it. Nelson and friends are a symptom; not a cause I suspect.

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