Councilmember Kristiana Johnson responds to comments made during Oct. 12 meeting

Edmonds City Councilmember Kristiana Johnson on Friday submitted the following statement in response to comments made about her health during the Oct. 12 city council meeting, as well as questions raised about her on-camera appearance during the meeting. (You can read a summary of the meeting here.)

I awoke Tuesday morning – council day – to pain and back spasms. Regardless, I had work to do. I figured I could handle it if I just stayed in bed and rested.

I decided to soldier on without drugs or medical attention. Apparently during the meeting I accidently turned on my video and revealed that I was on bed rest and in bed without makeup — looking as badly as I felt. I apologize for having a less-than-professional appearance. I am sorry that my appearance caused confusion.

Later Wednesday night when I finally got to the emergency room at the hospital, I learned that I had a compression fracture.

This brings me back to Tuesday night, as the council deliberated on whether or not to censure council member Adrienne Fraley-Monillas for her behavior listed in the summary of the council package — namely that she was seen drinking during a council meeting. And flashed a ‘loser’ sign to the citizen speaker during council comments.

During council comments, my past and unrelated health crisis was brought up by councilmember Laura Johnson. Therefore, I am willing to share that I was not suffering a health crisis Tuesday night, rather I was injured and in pain. It seemed that councilmembers Johnson and Fraley-Monillas were willing to harass and bully me as a deflection from the issue at hand — namely Councilmember Fraley-Monillas’ past behavior during a televised council meeting.

That evening Mayor Nelson denied my point of order that the discussion of my health was not germane to the code of conduct violation. That was a poor ruling. The mayor further elaborated that he would not allow points of order, but would provide latitude in allowing everyone to have their say. This was not leadership and is in violation of Robert’s Rules of Order.

This behavior violates the very Code of Conduct that this group were so very proud to bring forward for approval. What a bunch of hypocrites. I say — take care of your own house and leave me alone. I believe this was an orchestrated and opportunistic maneuver to bring political shade to my re-election campaign.

I resent that events and maneuverings of this type are allowed to happen, as they continue to disrupt the good governance that Edmonds deserves.

— Kristiana Johnson
Edmonds City Council Position 1


27 Replies to “Councilmember Kristiana Johnson responds to comments made during Oct. 12 meeting”

  1. Councilmembers Laura Johnson and Adrienne Fraley-Monillas exhibited
    heartless, cruel and vicious behavior to Kristiana who was suffering.  I repeat suffering and in pain. At the time of Tuesday’s meeting, she had an unknown compression fracture in her back. My own dear mother suffered from  compression fractures and I will NEVER forget how excruciatingly painful it was for her.
    Rather than be kind and care about Kristiana, they attacked her during a difficult time without knowing the facts and circumstances. Kristiana is one of the kindest people I know and she deserved sympathy and kindness from her colleagues. Mayor Nelson had an opportunity to step up and act like a leader but instead, facilitated some of the worst behavior a human being can inflict on another.  Shame on You ! ! !  Shame on All of YOU ! ! !

    Julie Johnson


    1. I am amazed that the petty bickering back and forth has reached a new low….and fortunately a lot of people realize it is going to far to be considered honest.
      Adrienne was not flashing a loser sign…..she was signing for deaf people….the sign she flashed was to tell people that the hard of hearing were having trouble hearing.
      This, I don’t take the lists of Democrats transgressions seriously. Stick to facts, not a fat list of inuendo. Honesty….plz.
      And, whoever is tearing down my Neil Tibbott sign in my yard….if I catch you, you will regret it.


  2. Thank you for your explanation when none should of been needed. The mayor will continue to defend and manipulate for his favorite council member’s no matter what the rules or ethics are


    1. Thank you Don. I usually keep my medical stuff to myself. However, in this situation, I was advised to explain what was going on. I did not know that my camera was on until AFM outed me during her censure debate. I felt that I needed to explain myself after her accusations. By the way, my health status has no bearing on AFM’s drinking on the job or flashing a loser sign. Kristiana


      1. She was not flashing the loser sign. That was signing for can’t hear you. Yes, she had a small amount of wine but she was also dealing with a medical issue. Facts dear


        1. The Fact is it’s not right to be drinking alcohol with or without medical issues, in public meetings. I love the rationalizations people come up with so they can’t ignore this fact. She has often shown her disdain for her local citizens and doesn’t need a loser sign to accomplish that behavior.


        2. Brian, I didn’t say it was good or bad. Personally, I feel that if you are not feeling well (extreme back pain where you can’t be seated and alert or any other medical issue/infection that makes it hard to be fully present) you should take the time off to get well. (Also, she was open about having a glass of wine, from what I’ve heard most people hide their booze in coffee cups on zoom meetings)


  3. The actions of a few on council towards Kristiana Johnson are truly telling – and lack compassion and empathy.

    But good governance, respect, and compassion left the city the moment Nelson was elected, and then his agenda became protected and coddled by Fraley-Monillas, Laura Johnson, Paine, and Distelhorst. These five have provided a clear picture of what partisan, ideologically driven politics looks like at the local level in positions that are to be carried out in a non-partisan and objective manner.

    And here it is, Ms. Kristiana Johnson has stated that she is a democrat – but clearly one that has not subscribed to the group think of the other four.

    I pray for your quick recovery.


  4. What is a health crisis if not a compression fracture?! Councilwoman Laura Johnson was actually pointing out that council members, and city employees, should be able and encouraged to prioritize their health and not feel the need to “soldier on” to the detriment of themselves and their community. There is no logic to the argument Councilwoman Johnson is making. I do hope she gets the care she needs – watching her in the meeting was disconcerting to say the least.


    1. Karin reading your heartless and arrogant comment is what is truly “disconcerting”.
      My vote will now definitely be for Kristiana Johnson.


    2. Clever trying to give sympathy to a really hurt person in public and then defending the person who insulted her, exposed things that had nothing to do with this meeting or anything to do with anything, that is not our business or councils.
      And also Yes watching her was hard as I knew she must be having an issues. I knew she wasn’t under the influence as her words were very clear not slurred or incorrect, What was disconcerting was the fact she was so disrespected by this Mayor and frankly some of the council. I saw no concerned looks on anyones face except Vivian Olsens. Not one looked concerned, not one asked are you ok what is wrong? Nope they just let you think she was incapable of communicating and left her screen on thru the whole meeting. I am enraged.


  5. Can you point me to the part of the meeting where you feel “The mayor further elaborated that he would not allow points of order,” because I did not hear that part. I did hear him ask people to stop improperly using the points of order.

    It is so disappointing that we have gotten to a point where all of our city council members have been made to feel they must attend the meetings while they are physically suffering, just to submit themselves to emotional suffering. When does this vicious cycle end?

    Get well. Be well.


  6. I said something about Alica Crank’s health issue she [had] and she sent me an email and put me in place so thoroughly that I left the situation thinking, “Ya… she plenty healthy for dis job”. -not that I am an arbiter of such things in the first place… and neither is anyone else here. Super respect to Alicia and Johnson. You can’t stop them.

    On the business side, this is why zoom meeting destroys a boardroom.


  7. Good Morning Kristiana Johnson. We wish you a very speedy recovery from your injury. Enough time and energy has been spent discussing the behavior of the colleagues you mention and their “it’s all about me” at any cost form of governance.

    A few positive simple things I have heard to try and live life daily may help here. How does one want to be remembered? Treat others like you want to be treated. Bad karma is seldom rewarded. These concepts are all in our control to improve.

    I know I will have built a good memory of you. A good person, passionate, caring about your community, and compassionate for others. How will the colleagues you mention be remembered? I know how I feel so far.

    Treat others as you wish to be treated. I have no doubt you do. Do your aforementioned colleagues practice this? Please take care of yourself and enjoy your next term on council. Bad karma is seldom rewarded.


  8. The behavior/attack by members of the “Wall” display a strategy to deflect. Don’t look at the behavior of our comrade…look over there. And the Mayor allowing this type of attack is certainly not a one-time event.
    Kristina Johnson’s contributions to the City are many and she brings knowledge and experience that we cannot afford to loose.
    Thank you Kristina for speaking out.


  9. This low functioning level that our city government administration has come to, is almost disgusting beyond words to discuss it. City government shouldn’t be this controversial; and personality traits and, just plain mean behavior, shouldn’t be any part of it. The people taking part in all this are really much better than their words and actions are making them look to the public, I should think. How can you expect to win elections when you label half your constituents as “old rich white people” living in a certain area or operate on the tactic of capitalizing on one unfortunate medical situation by bringing up another one as payback? How about trying a little dignity and compassion for a change? An occasional, “boy I blew that one, and I apologize to all for it,” would be a refreshing change. You all have a very good role model in Vivian Olson. Why don’t you try her approach to things for awhile. It might just save the day for us all, but mostly for yourselves I would think.


  10. Of course the far left members of the city council has “rules for thee but not for me”. The total disregard of the code of conduct just shows how they have decided what ever they do is fine, from bullying to unfounded accusations, to disparaging comments and foul language hurled at the moderate council members.
    The mayor refused to follow the code of conduct as it explicitly states: Personal, insulting, or intimidating language, body language and actions, are not allowed. Councilmembers may raise a point of order for ruling by the Chair or by the Body to address inappropriate remarks.
    Monillas was clearly impaired at the council meeting and also at previous council meetings. If she has an alcohol problem she needs to get treatment, not use alcohol for self medication as she stated she did. It is abhorrent that this behavior is sanctioned by the mayor and three council members.
    Kristina is a registered democrat but has always performed her duties as non-partisan, she is circumspect in her verbal and written comments. Kristina has always listened to Edmonds citizens to hear their opinions and concerns, and has even changed position when she realized that it was not what the citizens wanted. I am thankful that Kristina has always shown her support for her community, stood for inclusiveness of all and continually tried to stop the bullying, disparaging comments, and harassment by council members and the mayor. Kristina has been a sound and stable council member showing exemplary behavior.
    I will vote for Kristina based on how she has supported the residents of Edmonds, listened and acted on concerns from citizens, she has an amazing amount of experience and knowledge which will help our city immensely.


  11. Kristiana has earned my vote. She has a proven record during some difficult and challenging times. Last minute cheap shots will not sway anyone but will expose the hypocrisy of those trying to cling to power.
    As for Alicia Crank its hard to believe she is a non partisan when her financial disclosures clearly show she has received partisan donations and her expenditures to partisan consulting firms clearly show where she stands. If that is your cup of tea then she is your candidate but for me I would rather someone be honest and up front then to pretend to be non partisan when clearly she is not. I want a City Council that puts our community before partisan politics. Fortunately, I don’t have to guess with Kristiana. She has a record and has my vote.


  12. Don, I appreciated your thoughtful comment. This is exactly how/why our family will vote for Kristiana Johnson. We know what we are getting with our vote. You are 100% correct on the reasoning, Alicia’s money comes from the gang/wall of four as well as known democrat PACS.


  13. The central feature of Narcissism, is to discount and attack any experience , until and unless it happens to the narcissist.
    When Adrienne was in pain recently, she practically demanded that we stop the clocks, cut off the telephone, and give her respect for drinking on the job that night, and a blanket pass for having routinely acted like a bully in general, because. she. WAS.IN.PAIN.

    She and some of her cohorts showed who they were ( again) when Kristiana when was in pain, and clearly showed their attitude: unless you walk in lockstep with me, I will do all I can to degrade, discount and bully you. As to the Mayor, he again demonstrates his despotic attitude of “ rules for thee but not for me”, when throwing parliamentary rules to the wayside because that’s the fastest way to get his points across.

    It’s sobering to see part of our City Council act like the Gang of Four , tag-teaming against what they deem as an opponent, not a fellow member of the Council, and for showing no compassion for someone in pain. But then, their overt campaign against Kristiana has been obvious for some time.

    My household has 4 voters, and we see clearly who we should vote for.


  14. I have not been deeply involved in “city politics” here in Edmonds since my wife and I watched the city surrender completely to the developer who built 27 new homes directly behind ours. We were content to just follow politics through the electoral process, on line information, and voter’s pamphlets. Now we are following this unending “crisis” that seems to have devoured all other public concerns. We agree that the behavior of MANY of the participants has created serious problems BUT the responses often seem eerily like the convoluted logic of the former President and his ilk in jumping on any incident or “faux-pas” which can be bent to serve their needs. On the other hand we understand that the “super-do-gooders” who are motivated by good intentions may be busy building an unintentional “road to hell” as they have done in parts of Seattle and elsewhere. There seems to be enough “deception” here to satisfy the most demanding readers of political fiction. Can we get both factions to stop the “ultra drama” and return to some semblance of focus on the problems of EDMONDS?


    1. I couldn’t agree more with Ira. Our local political climate has devolved into some sort of national playground of rhetoric and ignores the largest problems that actually can be solved through effective local government. Right now, we have ineffective government. The Mayor refused to break a tie. The Council now votes in blocks that speak out of both sides of their mouths. The problems that Edmonds faces are fiscal responsibility, local access for all, and getting rid of the ironic bias and speech displayed by The Mayor and, most of the time, 3 or 4 Council members. Councilperson Johnson lambasted the citizens about accessibility in a diatribe that can only be compared to a Feiffers People skit, then votes against her Shakspearian dialog. Councilperson Fraley-Monillas paints us with a broad brush and refuses to acknowledge her errors. She places blame on everything except 11 years of her service. I cannot fault Councilperson Distlehorst, he at least comes prepared and responds to citizens. He still lines up as quickly as possible to vote for his financial supporters.

      In local politics, the biggest sickness we face is the sickness of ideologues and charlatans who preach what they’ve been told to preach.

      It’s time to get away from this mockery. Vote Tibbott, and remember in the next Mayoral election all the beautiful words we hear, but all of the feckless action, the reckless misstatements of “statistics’ and the bully pulpit that we all get to witness.

      Sewers. Streets. Services. Sidewalks. Last time I checked there isn’t a political movement that can argue with that.


  15. Wow. As a long-time Edmonds resident trying to become more engaged in the city’s political life, I’m not sure whether the Councilmember’s statement or her supporters’ reactions are more astounding. If an explanation of what occurred at the City Council meeting was necessary, the first four paragraphs of her statement would have sufficed. The balance of her statement and the responses were filled with insults, personal grievance, and failure to clearly identify any problems or their solutions. This exchange demonstrates vividly why fresh perspectives and attitudes are desperately needed on the Edmonds City Council. Candidates and their supporters who demonstrate this divisive behavior have persuaded me to vote for their opponents.


  16. Of course the Politics of Personal Destruction didn’t originate with the Edmonds City Council, but a couple of our council members appear to embrace this sad practice, and Kristiana Johnson has become another of their victims.

    Edmonds City Council is painful to watch these days. I actually had to turn it off during the censure “debate.” I yearn for a time when civility, kindness, and mutual respect are the rule in city hall. Council members (and mayor!) should be mature enough to disagree without becoming so disagreeable. They should be able to vigorously debate an issue and retain enough conviviality to go out for a beer together.

    I’ve followed city council pretty closely the last few years, and Kristiana Johnson always seems to take the high road. She has no private agenda, and perhaps that helped make her a target. Kristiana only wants what’s best for Edmonds.


  17. Not to hi-jack this topic but in total agreement with Clinton Wright’s comment regarding Vivian Olson as a ‘role model’. Her ability to not engage in the sometimes devisive and meaningless comments within the council has in my mind catapulted her toward a higher calling in our city leadership. Her dignity and community service should be commended and is a true asset for this still wonderful city. Hopefully all the sarcasm and backbiting within the council will end and you can carry on with your elected duties. Regards, Bruce Green


  18. As we decide who to vote for, I encourage citizens to view my Public Comments found in the City Council Meeting Minutes for the August 4, 2020, City Council meeting.

    In my Public Comments, I provide City Council an email dated October 29, 2009. I tell the 2020 City Council that I believe the email provides an example of conduct the 2020 Council may want to consider as Council studies updates to the Council Code of Conduct. Conduct including:

    1. The use of personal email addresses by elected officials rather than official City email addresses;
    2. The impact of financial contributions to Candidates on subsequent conduct;
    3. Discussion about the Council President, citizens and others in an email without copying those people on the email so that they know elected officials are talking about them, and;
    4. Efforts to ”rally three other votes” outside of an Open Public Meeting.

    The October 29, 2009, email provides an example of elected official conduct in Edmonds.

    It is critical we make well informed decisions on who we vote for. I hope all do so. It is critical we elect the best people to represent us.


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