Edmonds Police Blotter: Oct. 12-18, 2021


Oct. 12

1000 block B Avenue South: A man was arrested for prowling a vehicle.

8200 block 234th Street Southwest: A man was arrested for malicious mischief and assault against his parent.

24100 block Highway 99: A man was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. He and a woman were given referrals for drug treatment after police found drugs in their possession.

9300 block 244th Street Southwest: A vehicle was prowled sometime overnight and items were stolen.

7300 block 224th Street Southwest: Tools were stolen from a truck parked at a residence.

7300 block 224th Street Southwest: A rear license plate was stolen from a vehicle overnight.

8800 block 236th Street Southwest: A business owner reported their business social media account was compromised.

Oct. 13

8000 block 242nd Street Southwest: Police responded to a residential burglary.

8100 block 242nd Street Southwest: A vehicle was stolen from an apartment complex parking lot.

8500 block 242nd Street Southwest: A vehicle was prowled and multiple items were stolen.

9300 block 244th Street Southwest: A vehicle was prowled and items were stolen including a wallet containing credit/debit cards.

7900 block 212th Street Southwest: A vehicle was stolen.

21600 block 76th Avenue West: Police took a report regarding a possible sexual assault that occurred in Edmonds earlier in 2021.

8400 block 198th Street Southwest: A homeowner reported tools were stolen from a shed in the back yard.

700 block 7th Avenue South: A work truck caught fire from an undetermined source. Police said arson was not suspected.

21800 block 95th Avenue West: A man was arrested for assaulting his stepson.

Oct. 14

23800 block Highway 99: A woman was cited and released after stealing from a sandwich shop.

11600 block NE 195th Street: A subject was arrested for an Edmonds warrant.

22100 block Highway 99: A suspect was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle. Police also found narcotics in the suspect’s possession.

20600 block Maplewood Drive: A man reported unknown subjects pulled him off his electric bicycle and stole it a few days prior.

7600 block 212th Street Southwest: A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle parked in parking lot.

Oct. 15

23600 block Highway 99: A subject who called asking about assistance was arrested for an outstanding warrant. The subject had stolen credit cards in their possession at the time of their arrest.

7500 block 212th Street Southwest: Police responded to a verbal domestic argument between a dating couple.

21900 block Highway 99: A man was removed from a business after causing a disturbance with the business staff.

23900 block Highway 99: A subject was removed from a motel after prowling another tenant’s vehicle.

9200 block 217th Street Southwest: A vehicle window was broken and numerous tools were stolen from inside sometime overnight.

20500 block 76th Avenue West: A man was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and her sister at their shared residence.

8100 block 236th Street Southwest: A classic vehicle being restored was prowled. Tools from within and miscellaneous vehicle parts were stolen.

18000 block Olympic View Drive: A rear window was broken and a purse was stolen from a vehicle.

23600 block Highway 99: A subject was removed from a business after witnesses said they tried to open several vehicle doors.

23600 block Highway 99: A man was cited for theft and removed from a business after failing to pay for merchandise.

23900 block Highway 99: A subject was removed from a motel after refusing to leave.

23800 block 84th Avenue West: A man was arrested after he broke into a residence and was found asleep in the bathroom.

24300 block Highway 99: A traffic stop led to a driver being cited for driving without an interlock device and no valid driver’s license.

7700 block 199th Street Southwest: A man was arrested for domestic assault after police responded to a 911 hangup call. Police said the man stopped the victim from calling 911.

Oct. 16

22000 block Highway 99: A man was removed from a business after causing a disturbance.

7600 block 230th Street Southwest: A resident reported that their vehicle had been stolen and then located it in Seattle with new damage. The owner suspected a family member was at fault.

24000 block Highway 99: Graffiti was found on an abandoned building. 

20900 block 70th Avenue West: A new client at an in-patient facility was reported missing.

22500 block Highway 99: A woman was removed from a store after attempting to steal makeup.

8800 block 196th Street Southwest: A juvenile driver was briefly detained for failing to stop after police initiated a traffic stop. The driver was released to their parent.

Oct. 17

21400 block Highway 99: A driver was arrested for a warrant during a traffic stop.

21900 block Highway 99: A man was removed from a business after bothering customers.

22200 block Highway 99: A vehicle was stolen after it was left running in a parking lot.

20900 block 70th Avenue West: An in-patient facility client was reported missing after signing out to visit a store and failed to return.

21900 block Highway 99: A man was removed from a business after causing a disturbance.

21000 block 83rd Avenue West: A driver was arrested for DUI.

100 block 5th Ave South: A woman reported her boyfriend assaulted her and stole from her. The suspect left the scene prior to police arrival.

Oct. 18

18300 block 73rd Avenue West: A vehicle was prowled and rummaged through overnight.

600 block Main Street: A man reported his phone was taken by a man who borrowed it. He said the man struck him in the face before walking away with the victim’s phone.

21300 block 80th Avenue West: A vehicle was stolen and the title was transferred to another person’s name.

7300 block 213th Place Southwest: Police responded to a verbal disturbance between a dating couple.

1100 block 5th Avenue South: A vehicle previously believed to be stolen was recovered and determined to have been misplaced by the owner.

21900 block Highway 99: Two juveniles were detained by store security for stealing alcohol.

9400 block 244th Street Southwest: Social services requested a welfare check on a juvenile regarding a domestic incident. After investigating, police determined no crime had occurred.

21900 block Highway 99: Store security detained a woman for theft.

600 block Dayton Street: A driver was arrested for DUI after police found the person slumped over in a running vehicle.  


11 Replies to “Edmonds Police Blotter: Oct. 12-18, 2021”

  1. I think it is clear the EPD needs a substation and permanent presence on HWY99. Hopefully that is something that is being discussed particularly as the revitalization project gets underway.


  2. Absolutely agree substation on 99! 600 main st, someone borrowed a phone then punched the owner of the phone in the face and stole the phone and fled. Is this really happening now downtown Edmonds???

    In early August, I was just outside a restaurant in DT Edmonds. A man came behind me and sat on a bench and told us we needed to leave. “Y’all need to leave”. I said, “what”. He repeated his statement. He was clearly inebriated and or on drugs. I certainly could tell that much.

    I support the “blue”. Thanks for your service, without you, we are less safe in our communities.


    1. I think there are many many local and regional examples of people being surprised by the increase in crime in what was otherwise considered a “safe neighborhood.” Edmonds, and the downtown area, are in no way immune. Just look at the growing lists every time these are published. Unfortunately despite the EPDs best efforts, with the new police reform laws, it will probably get much worse before it gets better.


  3. I have advocated for a substation on Highway 99 for many years. The crimes committed in that area continue to increase.


    1. The property where I work offered the EPD a space we were not allowed to rent as a substation or lounge for them in 2014. It was for free too; just pay utilities. They declined.


  4. Maybe it’s time to look at moving the city offices to Hwy 99, lock, stock and barrel. The city hall/police fire /facilities’ grounds would make a very sizeable parking lot, which would fit in well with turning the downtown area into a walking mall with the streets and parking there being converted to park plazas, seating areas and dining rooms for restaurants. Those public buildings probably all need extensive repairs and upgrades and it might be cheaper to just knock them down and start over up and East of downtown. The city building on fifth ave. could certainly be sold off for private offices to get some funds for the rebuild on the 99 Corridor. The parking lot concept would work well for the ECA and the revamped Civic Field Park too. We could have a small satellite police and fire station on the West side of the tracks in the Port District to address the oft claimed safety issues in that area. Many people here (the movers and shakers types) want all this change to a more European model, so let’s just go big and get it done; if that is what most of the people really want?


  5. Clinton – In 2016-2018 the Edmonds economic development commission was given a clean slate & asked to generate ideas that could be drivers for economic development in Edmonds. A major achievement for the EDC was when we tested a theory put forward by Darrol Haug to help with parking efficiency. A limited series of painted hash-marks in parking areas showed that somehow people navigated the parking better and the number of parked vehicles increased in existing allocations. A set of theories & ideas put forward by me, George Bennett and Aseem Prakash were focused on the current location of Edmonds City Hall. We developed and asked a specific set of questions: 1) Is the current use of the city hall building the best use for that building? 2) Could the neighborhood around the newly acquired park property be better used as commercial space that created room for supporting businesses to the park, resulting in a new commercial district catering to park visitors? 3) Could city hall, Edmonds PD, & the public safety complex be more accessible & more financially reasonably situated on Hwy 99? 4) Would an infrastructure project of building a new Edmonds city hall, police department & courtroom on Hwy 99 provide any type of benefit to the overall development of the Hwy 99 corridor? On July 17, 2017 the EDC provided our analysis & documents to the Edmonds City Council at their business meeting. The EDC voted unanimously to recommend that the city council allocate some funding to study the basic real-estate arithmetic of this concept. At some point following July 17, 2017, council member Fraley-Monillas stated publicly that the issue had been evaluated and that it did not pencil out. However, to my knowledge there is no record of any work-product or evaluation of this concept.


  6. Matthew, great comments. Thanks for the plug on parking hash marks. Yes with a tape measure and inspecting how folks parked on Main between 5th and 6th for several hours the “theory” was offered. In a conversation last week with Phil Williams, director of PW, he estimated our gain is about 20%! Yes you and the others put some really great ideas about how best to serve the community And better utilize the city property and buildings DT. Some really great ideas that are even more valid today than when first proposed. Penciled out??? Public “things” more political than designed for cost effective delivery of services. Did Civic Park Pencil Out at $8m? How about $12m? and how about whatever the final number will be?? Water Front Center, same thing. The Connector did Pencil out and and most of the money came from others, but we did not move forward. (Still have no plans for an emergency with 2 tracks, not just one). These type of decisions are mostly political but the whole idea of moving city services “toward” 99. (Five Corners could be in play) is more than ever something to sort out. City Hall need $3m of work! Move those services out, make a DT hotel or something that drives the economy! Move Police out and use the space for a Year around Market!, and Parking, right next to the Civic Park and DT and Arts Corridor, and in the Creative District too!

    You, George Bennett and Aseem Prakash created some great ideas! George actually presented some proposed locations, some of which were on land the city owns. The notion of “penciling out” (plus politics) is even more important today. Gas to move Police cars up the hill to their work, city employees parking DT, citizens driving to DT to do city business, we could be much “greener” too!

    Matthew, new “theory”! Only small electric vehicles allowed in portions of DT! Takes less parking space and could be rented at the “park and shuttle” complex! Folks with disabilities can get right to their desired location!


  7. I think that a small-medium, ice-breaker idea for dt Edmonds relative to EVs is a great idea. It would begin the process of getting to a point where dt E becomes heavily biased toward EVs. Around here it seems, too much too soon becomes a divisive political hot-potato. A softer, measured approach could work.

    And, no catalytic converters to steal.


  8. If the economic rebirth and development of highway 99 are a high priority the city should, absolutely, move closer to 99. The current city hall and or related parcels can be converted to parking lots to accommodate downtown parking needs. We only have to look to shoreline to see a centrally located city hall and well maintained and updated highway 99 to appreciate would could be Edmonds future.

    That being said the city council and many employees have managed to work virtually so maybe it is time to just shut down the building permanently and go virtual but move other services to 99. Remember for city employees that don’t live in downtown Edmonds an extra 20 minutes is added to their commute everyday not to mention the gas pollution by having to drive all the way to downtown Edmonds (10 minutes both way).

    Instead of bringing Seattle to Edmonds, Mayor Nelson should focus on moving Edmonds closer to Seattle.


  9. I’ve dedicated much of my adult life of living in Edmonds to keeping the experience as “Deadmonds” as possible at the personal level. As soon as I get my 30Amp service installed at my recently built home camp ground, I’ll have my functioning illegal DADU (travel trailer/guest house) ready for our future use and possible economic gain. My flower beds do double duty as the veggie garden and I welcome people to park on my premises for the Art Show and various other events at the FAC. It’s all a good thing in Edmonds; one just has to be creative and stay one step ahead of the nonsense coming out of city hall most of the time. We still have some little cottages and some grandfathered in rental property in our near downtown neighborhood and we love it!


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