Letter to the editor: Alicia Crank is all about community-building


I support Alicia Crank for Edmonds City Council. There has been so much bashing going on, untruths being spread, and opinions that border on slander about her. Enough.

Here is what I appreciate about Alicia: she is all about community and community-building. She has started her own personal “tabs” at various small businesses in our town for all to enjoy, and to promote small businesses. She is transparent and will answer anything you have questions about. She built community and offered a great learning opportunity with the Black in Edmonds series, inviting others to participate who held different views. She is not afraid of engaging someone with a different viewpoint. She is passionate about her work, as well as connecting people to others in the community.

I also know this about Alicia: she is not the mayor. She is not the other councilmembers who routinely are maligned. If you would actually talk to Alicia, you would know that she walks her own path. And she is really, really good at listening. She does not slander or sling mud about her opponent. She runs on her own merit and how she could make our city a better place.

I feel the need to also add that I am so tired of this notion that one has to be a lifelong resident of our town, a small business owner, or a veteran to be able to be a successful part of our community and government. None of these things alone are bad, and I respect lifelong Edmonds residents, small business owners, and veterans! And they are not the only ones who make up a community, or who are “allowed” to be contributing members of society. We are also stay-at-home moms who volunteer at our children’s schools, single people, people with families, retirees, transplants from other cities or states. In my opinion, it speaks great volumes about somebody who chooses to live in Edmonds and immediately gets involved in bettering their community. Alicia has been slammed repeatedly by some for being a more recent resident of Edmonds. This whole “I’ve lived here my whole life” business is ridiculous. I mean, good for you. But it doesn’t make you any better or qualified than someone who may be newer to town. There are probably plenty of lifelong residents here who have never been as actively involved as Alicia has been the last few years. I start to think that the people who are holding tight to the notion that you have to be a lifelong resident of Edmonds are not welcoming of “outsiders” to our town, and want things to remain status quo. I, too, want the Edmonds Charm to remain. But, I think the “charm” has less to do with being stuck in one’s ways and more to do with being good neighbors to one another, finding ways to transcend our differences, and work together. That is the type of person and candidate Alicia is.

Tanya Shoeman

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