Letter to the editor: Crank a moderate candidate who forms own opinions


I am writing to voice my support for Alicia Crank for City Council, Position 1.

I have watched the debates and have taken advantage of attending public events that Ms. Crank has hosted and found she makes herself incredibly available to the community. The misinformation that has been shared about her has motivated me to write this. While opponents have chosen to use negative campaigning, Ms. Crank has taken the high road.

Ms. Crank is a moderate candidate who actively reaches out across the aisle to have the difficult conversations so she can form her own opinion. I would encourage you fellow neighbors to read about her priorities: www.alicia4edmonds.com and come to your own conclusions.

Ms. Crank has been accused of having a majority of her donations come from outside Edmonds — public disclosure has proved that not to be true.

A citizen filed a public records disclosure request for every email that was sent between her and the city council. Interestingly no other candidate has had the same request made of them, makes you wonder why. Surprise! There was no smoking gun there.

Her campaign signs seem to be mysteriously disappearing from major intersections around the city including my yard. My only conclusion is that her win in the primary has some folks on the other side scared.

She has a fierce loyalty to the Edmonds community and is constantly promoting our local business owners and how we can support them, including paying it forward by leaving open tabs around town to highlight hidden gems that some may not have even heard of.

We all understand that Edmonds is more than the downtown Bowl (amazing as it is!), and promoting the growth of Perrinville, Westgate, the 99 corridor, etc. is vital to the future success of Edmonds. Ms. Crank has an impressive list of endorsements from community members, local business owners, elected officials, and organizations including South County Fire, SEPAC Snohomish, Snohomish Labor Council, the Everett Herald, and many others that can be found here: www.alicia4edmonds.com/endorsements. I can assure you there is nothing scary about Alicia Crank. If service to others and a true love for Edmonds is scary then sign me up! Alicia, you have my vote.

Christie Morris

  1. Please help me understand what misinformation is being spread about Alicia Crank because honestly I haven’t heard anything about her or more importantly from her. Whereas, I have heard from the incumbent, Kristiana Johnson.

    Looking at Ms. Crank’s website, it is lacking details, especially around housing and fails to mention which if any of the recommendations out of the housing commission she endorses.

    However, let’s put things into context in terms of housing. Edmonds is point blank an expensive city, no question about it. This listing proves it. 1945 sq ft 4 bedroom/2.5 bath home on 1/20 of an acre is $930K. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/8609-244th-St-SW-6-Edmonds-WA-98026/2068890861_zpid/

    And here is the biggest problem of this letter. All of the seats on the council are non-partisan, yet Ms. Morris is talking about “reaching across the aisle.” Wish the “Gang of Four” did that. The fact that council members can’t even get items on the agenda speaks volumes to the problems facing Edmonds as a result of its current administration.

    Ms. Crank has a disclosure on her website saying that she did not seek endorsements from current council members, but considering the fact that the council president did endorse her as a citizen, I just have to wonder.

  2. The mere fact we are even talking about party affiliation is a bad thing. That’s why I’m voting for K.J. What does “reaching across the Aisle” have to do with fixing potholes, maintaining parks and sewer systems, and keeping the waterfront safe, accessible and useful to all? If the town is going to be all about political ideals, party purity, and voting in blocs, then the rules will have to be changed. (Forming blocs against the mayor is just as bad as far as I’m concerned. Blocs just shouldn’t exist period in city government). Four to three votes should not be the norm, it should be the exception.

    Cities’ governments are supposed to be non-partisan in nature by State Law. Alicia has done herself no favor in aligning so much with the Democratic Party Ideology as a candidate for city office. If she decides to run for state legislature or county commissioner, then she’d probably get my vote without much question. She’s a very good person in my opinion and very capable of being non-partisan, but she is trying to have it both ways in this one,. The same goes for Will Chen, in my opinion. If both or either of you win, you will get my humble apologies if you govern unbiased; sticking to real city problems; but, if you lose, I’d hope you think twice about what I’m asserting here.

  3. Council President Susan Paine who endorses Alicia also endorses Adrianne Frayley-Monillas. That in and of itself is a reason to question Ms. Paine’s endorsement of Alicia To add to that, Luke Distelhorst also endorses Alicia. If you connect the dots, the entire gang of 4 who also support the Mayor, support Alicia.

    That is why I am voting for Kristiana in this race.

  4. Ms. Crank, how would you have voted concerning the move to censure Ms. Fraley-Monillas for the two incidents of misconduct?

  5. First, great question Ms. Stewart. I hope she gives us an answer to that.

    Second, I question the practice and wisdom of any city council person endorsing any other council person or mayoral candidates. Your independence of thought and open mindedness about all issues should be your stock in trade and the minute you endorse you are beginning to form a possible voting bloc, whether you realize it or not. At best, it just doesn’t look good to independent minded constituents who seem to be on the rise in numbers of the electorate.

  6. I like Alicia as a person but as a candidate I don’t feel she has the experience Kristiana brings to Edmonds. Additionally, I think Alicia feels she is moderate, but she surrounds her self with the far left. I appreciate the good Alicia has done in Edmonds and for Edmonds, but my vote goes to Kristiana, for her fair and balanced representation she has given Edmonds.

    1. Where do you see her aligned with the “far left”?

      I wrote this LTE and I still fully believe that she listens to all sides and listens to the will of the people of Edmonds.

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