Letter to the editor: Kristiana Johnson’s votes based on facts, not party

Our city council is supposed to be non-partisan. Ideally, while those we elect can have party affiliations they should be independent and collaborative when debating and deciding on policies. Sadly, with the last election, hyper-partisan politics prevailed and we have had to endure two years of incompetence, wasteful and painful decisions and embarrassing behavior by four councilmembers, Luke Distelhorst, Laura Johnson, Susan Paine, Adrienne Fraley Monillas, and Mayor Nelson. All Democrats, who sadly put partisanship above what’s really best for the citizens and businesses in Edmonds, now and in the future…
This election cycle we have the chance to right this sinking ship. I’m supporting Kristiana Johnson for re-election because, even though she is a registered Democrat, she is the only candidate in her race that is truly independent. Ninety-eight percent of her donations are from people who actually live in Edmonds.
Kristiana has accepted zero dollars from PACS. She has tri-partisan support and a proven track record of voting based on facts, not pressure from one party or the other.
Her opponent in this current campaign (and the opponent’s two prior campaigns for city council) is primarily supported by the same individuals, elected officials and PACS who helped get the current majority and mayor elected.
See the opponent’s website for a current list of endorsements: www.alicia4edmonds.com/endorsements.
Also, see Adrienne Fraley-Monillas’ current list: adriennemonillas.com/regional-political-endorsements.
Notice the imbalance? All one party. Kristiana is so balanced that she has pleased and offended both Republicans and Democrats.
Kristiana has always done her homework. She asks the tough questions. We need to do the same when choosing those to represent us and manage our tax dollars.
Susan Hughes
  1. Great points Susan and I completely agree with you. We need non-partisan, independent leaders who will do what’s best for Edmonds and not what’s best for their political party of choice or some other political/social agenda. That’s why I am voting for Johnson, Cass and Tibbott in this election!!!! These 3 leaders will help right what’s wrong with our city government today and bring power and a voice back to the citizens of Edmonds!!!!

    1. Absolutely. She is smart and she is always prepared. And if she needs to she will admit it and be prepared. I have been watching her for months now. She is very professional at these meetings and she answers questions and good ones. She has pointed out information others didn’t have or read most likely in their packets. I think she cares, truly cares about all citizens and I think she is as close to Bi partisan as this council can get. During this election period. The other candidates rather than our sitting candidates are doing ok so far. Please elect Kristiana to the position she belongs in and has held for a long time…must be a reason for that I think. She never complains about anything or anythings said about her. She doesn’t use FB as her own way to show her computer abilities…She doesn’t use advertising herself in businesses in the BOWL either. She Kristiana was meant for us. She will use her knowledge of council and Edmonds. Thank you

  2. I met Kristiana with a group of friends. I was impressed Kristiana took time out to have a conversation with citizens. Kristiana speaks highly of Edmonds and proud of her work on Council. Kristiana makes her decisions based on public comments and what is the right thing to do for Edmonds.

    The smart thing to do is to keep Kristiana on council since she is doing a great job! Vote Kristiana!

  3. Kristiana Johnson represents the residents of Edmonds. She has lived here all her life and her love of Edmonds shows in all she does. You can’t get that from someone like her opponent who moves to Edmonds less than a decade ago and runs in every election since they arrived. Not only does Kristiana know and love Edmonds and truly cares about the people here, she has a degree in city planning, always does her research and due diligence and makes independent decisions.
    Her opponent seems to be on a career path, has a history of irresponsible personal finance, and receives her majority of support from outside Edmonds and partisan politicians and organizations. The fact that her opponent receives support from the same people as the current bloc of 4, indicates more of the same division and voting for special interest rather than the people.
    I have never heard Alicia call into a council meeting. uring the primary debate, Kristiana Johnson said she had never even received an email from Alicia on any topic -EVER. How involved can she be if she doesn’t speak out at council meetings or address concerning issues with all the council members???
    I am casting my vote for the best candidate for Edmonds. I am casting my vote for Kristiana Johnson.

    1. You may want to check out the public records request that Mr. Landau submitted asking for all of my emails to any city staff dating back to 1/1/19. You will see there are several e-mail messages and correspondence on numerous issues.

  4. Great editorial. I moved back to Edmonds (from Bellevue) 4+ years ago and have been watching local politics. Kristiana has stood up to City Council group think many times over the years I’ve been watching. She votes based on principal, fiscal responsibility and with intelligent consideration of the issues. She is not a knee-jerk reactor but instead a thoughtful deliberator. I recently had the pleasure to meet Kristiana in person and was delighted to see how much interest she had in me as a person, my family and was more interested in learning about me than talking about herself. She exhibited a wealth of knowledge about Edmonds, our history, and most importantly, the people living here. She is highly educated, stable and reliable. Kristiana is truly a treasure and has my vote. She will continue to take the high road, the best road, not the easy or group road for the future of Edmonds.

  5. (Reply to Alicia). Please provide an email submitted to Kristiana Johnson, one if our longer termed councilmembers.
    Again, never have I heard public comments.

  6. If you are asking if I’ve emailed her directly, then the answer is no. I rarely email council members directly (but have responded directly to council members when they reach out to me) I always email the entire council at council@edmondswa.gov, so they all get it at the same time. Written form is the way I choose to make public comments, so that I have a record.

    Everything you are looking for (and more) can be found by going to this link, including emails to the entire council about creating hybrid council meetings. https://edmondswa.mycusthelp.com/WEBAPP/_rs/(S(p4sps3h0ue0nyildsalgedyq))/RequestArchiveDetails.aspx?rid=6048&view=1

  7. Kristiana Johnson has my vote too. I have met Kristiana and have been impressed that she wants to hear from Edmonds residents and she actually listens to concerns! She has been very thoughtful and deliberate in her voting and wants the best for Edmonds. So do I.

  8. Kristiana always balances her decisions and takes time to explain them.
    Very good competent council member, may she always want to be on the council to give her well planned opinions.

  9. Kristiana Johnson is a balanced, thoughtful, experienced Council Member who has lived in Edmonds since she was 2 yrs old. She truly loves this community and our city.

    I know exactly what to expect!
    There’s no risk of the unknown!
    No disrespect to Alicia Crank, but after living through the past year + of the debacle we call our local government, I’m voting for the sure-thing candidate whose track record and balanced approach is proven.
    She’s a keeper!
    I’m voting for Kristiana Johnson!

  10. I met Kristiana when I moved to Edmonds 18 years ago. Had the pleasure of working with Kristiana on several committees thru out the years and in Rotary, where Kristiana always puts service before self. Kristiana is non-partisan, independent leaders who will do what’s is best for Edmonds. Edmonds needs a level headed, devoted and competent council members. Kristiana has my vote

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