Letter to the editor: Supporting non-partisan candidates


Do the Edmonds city councilmembers support the residents of Edmonds? Do they endorse policies that preserve the qualities of Edmonds, the qualities that its residents support and love? The answer to that question is “no.” When I moved here from Oregon, I chose to live in Edmonds because of the qualities of our city that our city council should endorse and support. I have been a resident of Edmonds for 46 years and have had a business in Edmonds for 25 years. I have seen our city council go from a non-partisan council with all member who supported and loved the city its residents love. Now, we have members who not only do not support the residents of Edmonds, we have members who name-call the residents and label us as racist. Several of the members have a political agenda and have endorsed a specific political party. City councilmembers are supposed to be non-partisan representatives of all of the people of Edmonds, not just the members of one political party. I am supporting Janelle Cass, Neil Tibbott, and Kristiana Johnson, who listen and support the residents of Edmonds.

Gwen Lewis

    1. The local Republican club did this two years ago. They go down the ballot and “endorse” or recommend every candidate who’s running against a known Democrat. Has nothing to do with the endorsees true party affiliation. No questionnaire to fill out, no interview to endure~ candidates get the Republican nod whether they want it or not!

  1. Susan, did you make this up yourself, or are you being manipulated? static1 and squarespace are both website building platforms/IT ifrastructure sites that will say whatever someone wants them to say. Good heavens.

  2. The ballot with endorsements that Susan posted is linked on the Snohomish County Republicans website. https://snocogop.org/new-page-2
    Click Sample Ballot and it takes you to the link she posted.
    That said, they don’t explain their endorsement process and criteria but perhaps might if asked by the right person.

  3. Here’s the problem when people go party line. They forget what they are voting for.

    Who cares whether or not they are Republicans or Democrats!!

    City Council has not and is not a partisan body. The fact that the current administration and the “Gang of Four” are preventing items from even getting on the council’s agenda should be a wake up call for both Dems and Reps. Do what is right for the city.

    The Mayor as a candidate stood on my door step and basically lied to me saying he would look into the speeding and pedestrian safety. (If you’re not aware. Two people have died in the past 7 years that I know of and there has been four or five accidents at the corner of 9th and Walnut because of the lane changes. One accident I know totaled a vehicle.). Yet as mayor, Nelson has not responded to email or phone messages.

    Who cares what party is endorsing someone? I’m more concerned if the candidate can clearly articulate what they stand for. And in this election I know of one that could not.

  4. K.J. stated outright that she is liberal on social issues and conservative on economic matters. I suspect she is an Independent or a right of center Democrat, but the great thing about her, is I don’t know for sure, which is as it should be for what she is running for. Same goes for Cass and Tibbott. Not true of the other candidates running based on their own admissions and requests for party support. The possible action that 10 or 15 Republicans got together and said they liked Johnson, Cass and Tibbott is totally irrelevant. It will be just as unfortunate, in my view, if an anti Nelson and Staff bloc of four develops as a result of this election and I think there is a big possibility that will be the result. Continued 4 to 3 votes of any nature will confirm my suspicion that city government in Edmonds is just broken and can’t be fixed in it’s current form. I hope I’m wrong about that and will admit it publicly, if I am.

  5. Janelle Cass is a far right repub.
    I always check social media pages to vet the candidates views which I did when she ran for Edmonds City Council. The posts have since been deleted but she seems to have very extreme right wing views.
    2 current Edmonds City Councilmembers (Tibbott, K Johnson) endorsed her so so much for that non-partisanship you speak of.

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