Man wounded during Monday night gunfight in Edmonds’ Hwy 99 neighborhood

Emerald’s Best Motel, courtesy motel website

An attempted robbery at a Highway 99 motel in Edmonds late Monday night led to a gunfight that sent a 24-year-old Seattle man to the hospital, Edmonds police said.

A 24-year-old Seattle is in stable condition at Providence Hospital in Everett with multiple gunshot wounds after attempting to rob another man Emeralds Best Motel, located at 22201 Highway 99. The other man, a 34-year-old from Lake Stevens, was questioned and subsequently booked into the Snohomish County Jail for two counts of violating a no-contact order. As officers and detectives investigated the shooting, these violations were discovered. They are not directly related to the initial robbery attempt, police said.

Officers first responded to the area around 11:30 p.m. for a report of shots fired and people running, according to Edmonds Acting Assistant Police Chief Josh McClure. When officers arrived in the area, they located the 34-year-old man — who claimed he had been shot at — a few blocks south of the location.

Meanwhile, officers found the 24-year-old man a few blocks south on 224th Street, west of Highway 99. The younger man “had suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his lower extremities, and responding officers applied a tourniquet and rendered first aid until medics arrived,” McClure said, adding the man “was not cooperative and would not provide officers his name or any helpful information.” Officers were able to use a field fingerprint scanner to determine the man’s identity, and determined he had a current warrant out of the Department of Corrections for robbery. The man is currently under police guard at the hospital.

Edmonds detectives responded to the scene to assist patrol officers with the investigation. “Thus far, it has been determined that the 34-year-old male was in a room at the hotel, actively violating a court order,” McClure said. “This order also prohibits the male from possessing guns. The 24-year-old attempted to rob the older male at gunpoint but was unsuccessful. A foot chase ensued through the parking lot of the hotel and southbound along Highway 99. During this chase, multiple rounds were fired.”

Detectives are still working to determine who fired when and how many rounds were fired in total, McClure said.

While the investigation is ongoing, police don’t believe that any suspects are outstanding. All roadways in the area are open, but there will be a police presence for several hours, McClure added.

If you have information about this incident, call 425-407-3999 and ask to speak with an Edmonds police officer. A request for contacts or tips can also be sent to

  1.” Is this the Portal everyone is talking about… A bit confusing. I have never seen that in quotes in print. I am sure I probably just missed it, but I think people should be told here today that it is the Portal as many probably do not know…Thank you.

  2. This is yet another very sad example of why not working to thoughtfully develop the HWY99 corridor through Edmonds is a very unwise decision. The current state of that stretch of road and the business that occupy that area are a magnet for crime, of which the motels are probably on the top of the list. Redevelopment would essentially price these business owners out (to their benefit), replacing these derelict structures/businesses with thriving multi-use buildings with residents who call that area home, is to the benefit of all in the city. The location of the shooting is 1.7 miles from one of my children’s schools and 1 mile from my home. We need to wake up to the reality of what our city is facing. Thank you to the police and other first responders for their work to keep our neighborhoods and families safe.

    1. “Redevelopment would essentially price these business owners out (to their benefit), replacing these derelict structures/businesses with thriving multi-use buildings with residents who call that area home, is to the benefit of all in the city.”

      Do you really think that everyone who didn’t go to an Ivy League school and doesn’t wear an Armani suit and drive a Rolls Royce is dumb? No, stealing people’s land and giving it to rich developers to gentrify MY neighborhood, thus kick out all of the people of color and middle class and working class, isn’t for “our benefit.” Anymore than it was for the benefit of the First Nations peoples whose land this actually is when they were subjected to genocide and the survivors brutally relocated to impoverished, resource-poor hinterlands for their “benefit.”

      You can take several seats with that classicist malarkey.

      1. Well, actually a lot of what you said I’m saying is not what I said at all, so I don’t feel like I need to clarify too much further. But simple economics would state that if a current motel owner (maybe even said motel owner of where the crime was committed on Monday) was offered some amount of millions of dollars to sell to a developer, probably a good deal for them and for the community if that was replaced by working class housing and provided a safer community for the businesses on HWY99 that add to our culture and community (many of which I frequent). But clearly I’ve offended you and we don’t know each other, so not sure what else to say. Thanks for your additional thoughts.

      2. “Do you really think that everyone who didn’t go to an Ivy League school and doesn’t wear an Armani suit and drive a Rolls Royce is dumb?”

        Hyperbole and false dichotomies make weak arguments, as does putting words in other people’s mouths. And none of them are going to solve a problem or lead to useful dialogue. They do, however, fan anger and misunderstanding, both of which injure community.

      3. Hysterical and unwarranted comment Ms. Nand. Tom said nothing of the sort that would equate to your nonsense.

      4. Jenna, thank you for your bizarre comment. This reinforces my decision to not vote for you “again” should you make another run for City Council. You have jumped on the crazy train of the progressive arm of your party, that backed you in your last UNsuccessful election. This is very telling to actually see/ read your lack of reading comprehension in your own words. This “bizarre” behavior is exactly what we are trying to get rid of in Edmonds.

      5. Patrick Doherty said that businesses who are struggling to afford the BID “dues” could move to Lynnwood. NIMBY. The correlation between high crime and under development is non-sequitur. There are plenty of poorer and underdeveloped communities that are lower crime. Notwithstanding the BooHan market shooting, typically poorer Asian communities are very low in crime for example. Developing areas oft means displacing people, not improving people’s station.

        1. Hi Matt – sure, I think there are examples that could support both of our arguments in real-world implementation, but I think it comes down to many other values that you want associated with your community when speaking about redevelopment. I am NOT advocating for NIMBY as you have described above as far as the many, many businesses located on that stretch which add to our cultural richness (I think I made that clear in my 2nd post). But I really struggle to see an argument that if you leave everything completely unchanged as it is now on this corridor, that that is the ideal situation for everyone. So lets say that we do nothing as far as redevelopment, as some want, then what do we do to reduce crime in that area and support the surrounding communities, also something people want? And, importantly, be politically palatable in our current climate. I live in an adjacent neighborhood (Lake Ballinger), so I am quite aware of the real effect HWY99 has on our family and our neighbors, so I am not speaking from a position of a resident in Edmonds that has no personal experience. I have lived here long enough to see the difference in Shoreline pre and post redevelopment, and I suppose I do not see any positives of having left Shoreline’s stretch of Aurora completely untouched.

        2. I grew up poor. All a progressive government can do is move poor around, and make poor worse off. Poverty finds it’s own way out through environment that allows economic mobility. Poorer neighborhoods need empowered landlords who are capable of dealing with people who use and deal drugs. They need a business climate that encourages people to start and run a business without a lot of taxes and bureaucracy. They need police and private gun ownership. Edmonds can’t “invest” in the 99 corridor any more than Oprah can start a girls school in Africa. Edmonds could force those there out – that’s about it. Businesses are started by companies. Edmonds could do a “Bail-In”, give businesses a stay on taxes for [say] 10 years if they open their business there.

  3. Have to agree with Mr. Brown on this one. Assuming that buying up run down motels and building nice apartments or condos in their place will attract only the upper crust elites of our society is a pretty big jump to a conclusion. Mr. Kozaczynski’s response was also very measured and admirable I think. Might just lead to some very valuable good communication and true community outlook between a couple of good, well meaning folks here.

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