Election 2021: Candidates’ leads remain in latest election results for Friday

The three candidates who have been leading in the Edmonds City Council general election races maintained their advantage in the latest results released by the Snohomish County Elections Office Friday afternoon.

Position 2 candidate Will Chen picked up nine votes in Friday’s count, and now has a 132-vote lead over opponent Janelle Cass, who received an addiitional seven votes.

Snohomish County Auditor Garth Fell explained earlier this week that mandatory recounts occur when the difference between the votes for the top two finishers are less than 0.5% of the total voters for both candidates. If the percent difference is less than 0.5% and greater than or equal to 0.25%, the recount is conducted by machine. If the percent difference is less than 0.25%, the recount is conducted by hand. The Chen-vs.-Cass race is out of the mandatory recount range.

“A candidate can request a recount if the results do not meet the requirements for a mandatory recount,” he said. “They will be required to provide an initial deposit of $0.25 per ballot to be recounted and ultimately be responsible for the entire cost of the recount if the outcome does not change. If the outcome changes (a new winner is determined), the county will refund the deposit. Even small recounts run a couple thousand dollars for staff time and supplies.”

In the other two city council races, Position 1 incumbent Kristiana Johnson held on to her 53%-to-46% advantage over challenger Alicia Crank, and Neil Tibbott maintained his lead over Position 3 imcumbent Adrienne Fraley-Monillas by a 63%-to-37% margin.

The next vote count will be released at 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15. The election will be certified on Nov. 23.

  1. The “Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds” need to stop with their door to door post-election campaign, trying to convince people that there was voter fraud in our election. It’s pretty obvious what their motive is, since they carry Janelle Cass campaign fliers with them. If there’s a problem with signatures on our ballots, the Snohomish County Elections will call or email voters to let them know. Nobody should open their door to these folks.

    1. We appreciate Ms. Goodman trying to remedy her previous error below. The Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds (ACE) is a longstanding community organization and does not endorse candidates for public office. Never has. Never will. Individual residents may support or oppose candidates. That is their constitutional right.
      Wouldn’t this be the perfect time now that the election is over to focus our energies on things to help Edmonds improve as a city.
      Let’s congratulate the winners and move forward.

      Dr. Michelle Dotsch
      President of the Alliance of Citizens for Edmonds (ACE)

  2. How quickly we learn to play political games that seem to work on the gullible. This was most probably just a close election – nothing more and nothing less. I voted for Ms. Cass; I think she lost fair and square; and I think Will Chen ran for Council to position himself to run for Mayor against Nelson or whomever runs next. You don’t spend the kind of money Chen raised and spent just to become a part-time low power city council person. Always follow the money and where it came from and you will learn all you need to know about darn near anything.

  3. This is in response to Cindy Goodman’s accusation that ACE is trying to convince people that there was voter fraud in our election. Cindy, what evidence do you have of this? did they come to your door? did they identify themselves as ACE? did someone else tell your about this and you are just relaying the information? This is a serious accusation to make without providing information on its basis..

  4. This was posted on My Edmonds Neighbors yesterday. I am not the one who posted this and it is not my place to name them, but I believe this is what Cindy Goodman is referring to.

    Does anyone know anything about the “Concerned Citizens of Edmonds” making sure everyone’s ballot counts?
    They just knocked on my door asking me about the issues with my ballot from this last election and questioning me if I fixed it. They had my name & address. They had a Janelle Cass flyer in their hand.

  5. Post-election campaign trying to convey the message of there was an election fraud was the tactics done by some political party that we have seen in the past presidential election. I am very surprised that it is happening right here in Edmonds, for a city council position, which is supposed to be a non-partisan position. What has happened to our local politics?

  6. Doug, I never said anyone came to my door, but I do need to humbly apologize for calling out the A.C.E. because, after speaking to friends and neighbors again, the group(s) they encountered gave a different name(s). It was actually a group calling themselves “Concerned Citizens” and several variations of that, including one that called themselves an “alliance”. They carry election fliers for their preferred candidates, even though the election is over.
    Between this and the letter sent out in October by “Citizens of Edmonds for Good Government”, I’m very disgusted. The point is this: NOBODY should be going door to door, post-election, giving false information about voter signatures that sews the seeds of doubt in our election integrity, and I hope all of the candidates come forward and condemn this activity.

    1. Cindy, this is called “curing the ballots”. Yes, this is allowed and is part of the democratic process.

      “Under Washington State law, whether or not a voter has turned in their ballot and whether or not they have a signature issue is considered public information. Candidates and other organizations can request this information to see which voters have outstanding signature issues. Some of these organizations then use this information to try to help voters fix their signature issues so their ballots can be counted.”

      1. Matt, yes “curing” signature problems is absolutely legal and proper, but it’s not clear that’s what’s happening, from the original problem statement above. I hope this is a lesson to all~ don’t go spreading second- or third-hand rumor on comment threads or social media. It’s as disservice to the Edmonds community and to our civic conversation.

  7. Mr. Wright,

    We agree on one statement and that is that it appears Janelle did lose the race.

    What I find amusing is your hypocritical comment trying to make it appear that Will ran for some ulterior motive other than to be involved in his community.

    Janelle and Will’s campaigns both have disclosed about the same amount of expenditures for this race. As of 11/14/21, Janelle Cass spent $40,711.63 and Will Chen spent $41,986.87. So your comments are lopsided at best.

    I am glad to see Will is still in the lead and I hope that the people who didn’t sign their ballot and voted for him are able to correct it so that the margin is even more significant when they declare the winner.

    I for one can’t wait to watch Mr. Chen be seated on the Council on the 23rd.

  8. Mr. Cong. Thanks for your thoughtful rebuttal to my comments. I would ask what makes my comment about Mr. Chen actually running for mayor hypocritical? It is simply my opinion and not meant to be hypocritical or anything more than just my opinion. I respect your right to disagree with me but question my comment being hypocritical and your understanding of what hypocritical actually means. I am not against Mr. Chen in any way and congratulate him on his obvious but very close win. When I say I think he’s really running for mayor, I’m venting my frustration with the crazy top down government we put up with in this town. I sincerely hope he is better than what we had as a C.P. in that position.

    As to your amounts spent comment, what was Ms. Cass supposed to do, just let her opponent outspend her and take the election that way? She was not the candidate who admittedly asked for partisan support in running for a non-partisan position. I’m more interested in where campaign funds come from than how much is spent. It is interesting. though, that C.P. K. Johnson spent a fraction of what the other candidates spent and still won by a nice margin against a good, very likeable, and formidable opponent.

    Congrats to the winners and hope for better times ahead. I would like to see the Council positions become full-time with some administrative power and be rid of the Strong mayor system and will continue to advocate and make myself available as a volunteer with any group that should be in favor of this change.

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