Letter to the editor: How about a vaccination requirement for Snohomish County restaurants?


I’m a senior who is hesitant to eat at restaurants indoors because I don’t know whether people are vaccinated or not. Take-out or eating outdoors worked fine during nicer weather, but now that winter is approaching, eating inside makes more sense.

Yesterday I went to a birthday lunch with friends in Seattle, and it was reassuring that everyone was asked for proof of vaccination. The place was crowded, and even though those vaccinated could conceivably be carriers, it was one more safety precaution in place. This one reassurance helped to make the event fun and relaxing.

I wonder if there’s a way to know how restaurants in Seattle are doing, and if they are doing well even with the regulation. Might it make sense to have a similar regulation in Snohomish County? Well over 50% of people here are vaccinated, and it could help more people feel safe enough to go out to eat. The sooner we stop the spread the sooner we’ll all be able to do more of the things we used to enjoy.

So I’m wondering.

Terry Anderson

    1. I am very curious as to where you are getting your information. Could you please share your source? Thank you.

      1. Karol, several studies prove that the vaccine(s) does not prevent infection or communication of CV-19. The UC Davis link is there. The vaccine(s) are effectively just therapeutics, in that they do no generate immunity or prevent communication of the virus. The CDC says that the vaccines and boosters are essential to “reducing symptoms”. Can you think of another vaccine that doesn’t generate immunity, where boosters are recommended to reduce symptoms? How are you immune, but also need something to reduce symptoms when you get the infection you’re supposed to be immune to? That’s just a therapeutic. There are many therapeutics already readily available.

        Dr. Fauci has said plainly that the vaccines do no prevent the spread [(at all) according to the data]. Here is the absolutely brutal data behind my statement:

        So people thinking they can be more caviler, dine indoors without masks if vaccinated are spreading dangerous misinformation in that the science says, “The sole reliance on vaccination as a primary strategy to mitigate COVID-19 and its adverse consequences needs to be re-examined, especially considering the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant and the likelihood of future variants.”

        1. Matt, you’ve been “doing your own research,” meaning you’re looking for stuff on the internet that fits your own biases. Please don’t pass this off as scientific information about vaccine efficacy.

  1. We’ve been spending time in King County on family matters, and the vax card-check is honored in theory but not in practice. Fumble with your phone for a few seconds looking for that card photo, mutter “fully vaxxed,” and you’re waved in every time, at least at restaurants and coffee shops.

  2. I looked at the “science below”, Matt, and I did not read anything about vaccinated people taking less precautions. 750,000 people and counting have died from the virus, I find your facetious comments about health regulations not only crude but callous.

    1. Mike, this LTE is about unvaccinated people not being able to eat indoors while vaccinated people are not required to take that precaution. You are literally reading an example you never heard of.

  3. The conclusion from the UC Davis study quoted above:

    “Our study does not provide information on infectiousness”

  4. Other states are lifting and ending mandates completely and we are talking about more mandates? This is ridiculous.

  5. I agree with Matt and Nick…Enough, already!
    Also, a great time to clean out the street shacks.

  6. Vaccines are a science based attempt to stop (ideally) or slow (not, ideal but mostly good until herd immunity can occur) the spread of a communicable virus. That is all they are. An attempt to solve a very real problem. That’s all this vaccine is. Beyond that, this is a pointless discussion with no resolution. You can find evidence for anything you want to believe on the internet including the firm and proven evidence that up is actually down.

    1. This topic always brings out many opinions and I am now closing this discussion before we continue to go in circles.

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