Letter to the editor: Supporting idea of vaccination requirement for restaurants


We continued to follow My Edmonds News while away in Ireland. So I was glad to read and agree with Terry Anderson’s letter suggesting a vaccination requirement for Snohomish County restaurants. Way back on Aug. 22, I voiced similar concerns. I handed out copies at several restaurants we use in Edmonds, without apparent results. I was particularly surprised that the Waterfront Center did not consider that option, at least for their own restaurant, if not reserved events.

Snohomish County has a different perspective than King County (and certainly San Francisco ), so I don’t foresee government mandates coming. However, I’m still of the belief that there are several Edmonds restaurants that would come out ahead if they offered what Terry, I and others (not just us “elders,” but families and immune deficient individuals) would greatly appreciate. They could even try it on a limited portion of dining hours.

We can only hope,

Kevin O’Keeffe


  1. Terry Anderson’s letter to the editor was an opportunity for her to share how safe she felt going to a vaccinations only restaurant and to encourage Snohomish county to mandate in the same manner as King. I have noticed a lot more recently citizens feeling perfectly safe with making these requests. But what I don’t see is the other side of the coin.

    Restaurant owners really should be the ones driving this request or demand. After all it is their livelihoods we are going to impact. What do they want? My hunch is you will have some that support mandates and some that don’t. Both types are fully capable of requiring vaccination cards to dine in their restaurants without bringing government in to force it on them.

    I believe Terry’s letter was more about her safety and less about the livelihood of restaurant owners and I am ok with that. I just hope before Snohomish county runs out and mandates vaccine cards they talk to the owners of the restaurants first.

    If you don’t feel safe going out stay home and invite your vaccinated friends over for dinner. You will probably have a much more enjoyable time serving others in the comfort of your own home anyway.

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