A happy ending for rescued kittens found under Edmonds home

“Do you want to see our new babies?” asked Erin Comstock when I wandered into Comstock Jewelers in downtown Edmonds the other day.

“New babies?”

“Yes, they’re in the back room.” And this is what greeted me!

Brian Comstock had heard it first – the odd sound after he parked the car. His wife, Erin, joined him – and this time, both of them heard a faint, forlorn “meow.” It echoed from a 3-foot-deep landscape well beside the garage of their Edmonds home. They peeked over the edge, down into the gravel bed, and heard it again. This time, the tentative meow came just as they spotted a fuzzy little head poking out from under the house. A tiny kitten inside a small opening in the foundation.

There was no way they could wiggle down into the landscape well to reach the fur ball. It was past 9 p.m., cold and getting colder. Erin Comstock told us “I called animal control, they had no one available at that time, and to call the non-emergency 911 number. That dispatcher said she would send an officer.”

Click to watch video of Officer Josh Hwang rescuing kittens. (Videos courtesy Erin Comstock)

That officer was Josh Hwang, who volunteered to wedge himself down into the well, shine his light into the crevasse and stretch just far enough to grab the kitten. But as Josh brought up the animal, he told the Comstocks, “Wait, there’s something else.” Back down into the opening… another long stretch… and up came kitten number two.

The first two kittens rescued.

That’s when officers Tanner Locke and Erik Sanchez stopped by to see what Hwang was up to. They were just in time to form a rescue brigade and help haul out kitten number three.

Every time Hwang focused his light, another kitten appeared way in the back of the cramped opening.  That’s how they found and rescued kitten number four.

But they weren’t done yet: another meow – another kitten – number five. And then – only then – were they done.

The rescue squad: Edmonds police officers (from left) Sanchez, Hwang and Locke.

Erin Comstock said that all of them “were surprised.” They were then concerned that the kittens were OK. “Were they hungry? What do we feed them? We need to get them warm… and that they were so small and adorable,” she said.

“The police were terrific,” she added. “They were so happy to have been able to help us.”

Five kittens, each no bigger than a can of soup, all pulled out of that dark hole. Sadly, there was no sign of the mother cat. The best anyone’s been able to guess is that mom was a feral cat and left the kittens after weaning them, or that a coyote had gotten her. The Comstocks left food, just in case, but momma cat never showed up.

One, two, three, four…and then, there were five kittens.

Dr. Ann Brudvik and her team at Woodhaven Veterinary Clinic checked them all out. When the Comstocks found them, the kittens were about three weeks old, and each weighed only 11 or 12 ounces. Brudvik and her team, along with Lynnwood’s PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society), gave feeding and care advice, with support from Jessi Gilginas with Edmonds police animal control.

Four of the rescued kittens.

They were too small to be adopted out at that point. So, Erin and Brian and daughter Sara got a portable crib from friends, cat-proofed it, and that’s been home ever since.

Click here to see video of kittens at play.

Bear, Buddy, Joey, Mable and Penny’s “to do” board.

During the day, they pack their brood – Bear, Buddy, Joey, Mable and Penny – off to the jewelry store since the kittens need around-the-clock care.

Erin Comstock with one of the kittens.

At night, they’re back with the Comstocks. The family is going to keep three of the fur balls and hasfound loving homes for the other two.

Brian Comstock with some of his new brood. Click here to see video of Brian with kittens.

I asked whose idea it was to keep three. “Brian’s,” laughed Erin. “He fell in love with them; took one look in their little faces and he was ‘kitten smitten,’”

A strange noise outside the house… a man with a keen ear…. an Edmonds police rescue squad… five kittens saved… a Christmas Kitty Kaper that ended “purr-fectly.”

— By Bob Throndsen



  1. Just the kind of story I need to hear right now! Thank you Erin, Brian, police officers Sanchez, Hwang and Locke. And thank you Bob Throndsen for great story telling!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. Truly a holiday heart warmer! Great job Brian, Erin, Edmonds police and the Kitty Kapler team. These are some lucky kitties!

  3. I am a really strong supporter of anyone who’s heart has been captured by those darling fireballs!They are so defenseless.

        1. This is one Beautiful Post thanks for sharing them with us and and Thanks to all who helped

    1. Thank you for that great rescue. God will bestow many forthcoming blessings on all of you that rescued those precious baby kittens. And, you never know what the kittens may do in the future to help you. Again, people like you make this a better world.❤️

  4. What a great Christmas story! Thank you Brian Comstock and Edmonds Police, saving those sweet kittens. They are so precious. Merry Christmas

    1. What a beautiful story on the day we celebrate children all over our world, on the day we celebrate the birth of Christ. My wife and I rescued a precious Lynx point Siamese, all champagne color.(Silki Sue) Her collar was growing into her skin and she was skinny. She was being fed milk at a small motel. A trip to vet and learned she was VERY young & very pregnant! A month later, I built a birthing box and mom was in labor. Many hrs later, 6 precious, beautiful babies (Beauti, Gigi, Greyboy, Brad Kit, Joe Joe & Cali). Mom was very accepting of help w/feeding, corralling them, baths & snuggly-wuggley time. 9-wks & baby Cali passed; they all have a congenital heart/lung defect, so we decided to keep them all! Such a journey, I never had pets. 1st Christmas & they were ornaments, precious! 9 yrs now, just list Grey to cancer, devasting! I miss him sitting beside me, paw around my neck staring deep into my eyes and sharing about his day. TRUE!!! I praise all rescuers, fosters and adoptive petparents. It’s a lifelong commitment of time, energy and $. 8K for Grey’s last 2 wks. I would’ve paid more, our bond so deep. God Bless u all for taking care of God’s creatures.

  5. What a beautiful story. Kitties are so healthy and will have life for a long time. Thanks to all the loving people who made this possible.

  6. What a heart warming Christmas morning story! Dr. Ann Brudvik at Woodhaven Vet is the BEST!! And Thanks to the help from the Edmonds Police!!
    And congratulation’s to the Comstock’s for adopting 3 of the precious fur balls!!
    Please call me if you need a larger home!! Cheers to a Happy New Year!

  7. Thank you for the beautiiful story. With the way this world has more and more hate against people and animals, thank you for helping us know that good people and good will still exist.

  8. What a heart warming story. Thank you Brian and family, fire dept, police and all involved in the “Great Kitten” rescue of 2021. God Bless.

  9. Adorable furbabies. Who is getting the remaining 2 kittens? It’s great that 3 will stay together. Will they work the jewelry counter? I’d buy from them

  10. It is so amazing and wonderful that they were all savable. Wedged down inside a crack in the foundation/siding.
    And that they were actually very healthy looking, not so thin or sick.

    That mommy cat really took excellent care of them for as long as she could. Too bad she was not able for whatever reason, to be rescued herself and given a good home.

    I do so love Kitty Kats and grateful for the police who were able to extract them from the odd spot that was keeping them warm. And grateful to the Comstock family for hearing that faint mew and getting help. Also I am grateful that they were happy to care for the five and so smitten to keep three of the furry wonders.
    Thank you all, blessings to you all. Merry Christmas.
    Happy New Years to the kittens!

  11. Such a beautiful heartwarming story. Thanks to all you fine people for the part you played in turning what could have been a terrible tragedy into a perfect Christmas story! Those five little kittens are so lucky!!!!

  12. Thanks to these wonderfully kind people, 5 baby cats survived. This story goes to show that there are still good people in this crazy world we live in. Truly heartwarming story.

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